Ashton and Demi’s dilemma

Ashton and Demi’s dilemma

Will Ashton be the only baby in the relationship?
Hollywood has been gossiping for months about the impending engagement of Demi Moore and her young lover Ashton Kutcher. But now a source close to the pair has revealed the reason why Kutcher, 26, hasn’t popped the question. While the Punkd star adores Demi’s kids, he’s admitted that he too would like to have children with the 41-year-old Charlie’s Angels star. The trouble is, Demi doesn’t know if she wants to add more children to her brood of three daughters, with ex-husband Bruce Willis. Guess they better get this one sorted out before they consider tying the knot…

New dad Charlie Sheen
Hollywood baby news
Actor Charlie Sheen, 38, and wife Denise Richards, 33, have become parents! Baby daughter Sam Sheen arrived on March 8 in LA weighing in at 3.3kgs. This is the couple’s first child together. Sheen also has a 19-year-old daughter, Cassandra, from his first marriage. Also on the baby front, rumour has it that mum-to-be Gwyneth Paltrow is expecting a baby boy! Insiders have reported that the actress served up a cake with blue icing at a recent tea party in her London home.

Don’t mess with Jude!
Jude’s girlfriend a real mess
Hunky actor Jude Law,31, is apparently set to ditch new girlfriend Sienna Miller – because she’s too messy! Sources say that Jude is fanatical about order and loves the sight of his wardrobe sorted out with all his clothes in colour order! He’s likes to keep his desk neat at all times and has a penchant for freshly sharpened pencils. Sienna doesn’t cut the mustard when it comes to organisation – missing appointments, losing things and forgetting her purse and mobile phone. Seems like Sienna, 21, needs to get things in order if she wants to hang on to Mr Tidy!

Happy Anna & Enrique
Enrique and Anna still paired up
Tennis pin-up girl Anna Kournikova and her Latino pop prince boyfriend Enrique Iglesias appear to be very much a couple, despite persistent rumours that their relationship is in trouble. The pair are in town for Enrique’s tour for new album 7.The couple were photographed in Brisbane last week, looking every bit the happy couple, Enrique revealing that Anna, who’s been Down Under before, was acting as his tour guide. “She loves Australia and I have never been, so she was really keen to join me,” he said.

March 16, 2004

Sadie gives Sienna the thumbs up

Sadie gives Sienna the thumbs up

Jude’s new flame Sienna Miller
A far cry from the tantrums and tears of recent times, it appears now that Sadie Frost and Jude Law have made their peace with one another following their highly publicised break-up. What’s more, Sadie has apparently Jude’s new love, Sienna Miller, her seal of approval. In an interview with Glamour magazine, Sadie, 37, declared that she still loved her ex-husband and would have done anything to make their marriage work but she has now accepted the split. Frost also revealed that she was very happy with her new partner, 22-year-old flamenco guitarist Jackson Scott. She even went on to give Jude’s very own 22-year-old lover the thumbs up: “I’ve met her, and she was really lovely. I’m pleased he’s happy.” Yeah sure Sadie!

Not some crinkly old woman
Sadie: I’m not some crinkly old woman
Chatting about the age difference between herself and her new beau, Sadie said
“I don’t feel like some crinkly old woman next to him. It would have been better if he’d been older, but what can I do? He’s not.” And on she went “It’s nice to be with someone who’s so unjaded and pure. And he’s very sexy. The pictures don’t do him justice – he’s gorgeous,” she said. Sadie also spoke of the depths of her post-natal depression last year following the birth of baby Rudy. “It was horrible. I had mood swings, was insecure, hating myself, feeling like I was in a hole. You think you’re going a bit mad,” she said. “I couldn’t eat, I couldn’t sleep, and obviously my husband should have been giving me a hug. But that didn’t happen, so it felt 100 times worse.” Ouch! Perhaps all is not forgiven with Jude after all?

Ethan says ambition not adultery
Ambition to blame, says Ethan Hawke
Another actor speaking about his disastrous marriage split is movie star Ethan Hawke. Hawke is alleging that it was the big ambitions of ex Uma Thurman that caused the breakdown of their marriage and not the fact that he reportedly screwed around. In an interview for US TV show 20/20 the actor has claimed that he was married to a “a woman that wants to be a movie star” and emphasised how difficult this can be. Oh Please! In the revealing interview, Hawke insists he still feels “beaten up” by the failure of his five-year marriage, admitting it was a tough period of his life. He says, “It is very difficult for any couple who are married if both people are very ambitious.” Hawke also revealed that being famous has made the break-up extremely difficult. He adds, “While I’m sitting here my marriage is not working. Everybody knows it. You hate to have your grandfather read about it. That’s what makes you feel ashamed, you know. It’s like, this is our marriage… and now there’s all these other voices in the room.” Maybe Mr Hawke needs to remember that old adage “you made your bed now lie in it?”

March 9, 2004

‘Sex and the City’ Heads to the Big Screen

‘Sex and the City’ Heads to the Big Screen

Sex and the City
Sex and the City

Jude Law still believes in love
It has been reported in the UK (The Sun newspaper) that Jude Law says he’s still close to his ex-wife Sadie Frost despite their bitter split. The star of Cold Mountain believes the break-up was a “positive” experience that has made the couple “stronger”, says The Sun. In a real about face, the actor has gone on to say that “I still consider myself a part of a very loving family. No one will ever take that away from Sadie and me and our children.” Pity they didn?t remember that when they were both slagging one other through the worlds media outlets last year. Law, 31 and actress Sadie, 38, who were married for six years, got divorced last October. But the good news for new young girlfriend, actress Sienna Miller is that Law says “I still have great faith in love.” Bet her mum will be happy to hear that!

Meg Ryan longing for love
Meg Ryan has told a German Magazine Das Goldene Blatt that she wants another child, preferably a girl, and she’s still looking for Mr Right. “I’m enjoying being single and I’ve met a couple of interesting men,” 42-year-old Ryan “But I’m still looking for Mr Right.”

Ryan then went on to list the characteristics her ?ideal man? should possess, she said the man of her dreams had to have certain qualities: “He should have integrity. He should do what he says he’ll do. I find that sexy.” The actress called her 11-year-old son Jack “the centre of her life” but also admitted that she would like to have another child. “I would really love to have a little girl. But if it doesn’t happen, that’s okay,” said Ryan. The actress also revealed that in her private life she was nothing like her squeaky clean image: “Okay, I admit I’ve played a lot of blonde sweeties, but there’s a huge difference between my film image and the real Meg Ryan.” Bet Rusty Crowe could enlighten us as to Meg?s darkside and just how far from her ?America?s Favourite Sweetheart? she really is?

February 24, 2004

Frosty end to Jude Law’s marriage

Frosty end to Jude Law’s marriage

Jude Law, the Oscar-nominated English spunk is finally and officially on the singles scene again. After months of speculation his split with wife Sadie Frost is finally official, with the couple divorcing after nearly five years, three children and one booming film career. In a statement, the designer, wife and mother Sadie Frost said she has “very reluctantly [come] to the decision that my marriage to Jude is over. We have agreed that divorce is the only way forward, but we have equally agreed that we will do everything in our power to make certain that this is as painless a process as possible for the benefit of the children,” she said. The high profile Brits have three children together; daughter Iris, 2, and sons Rafferty, 7, and Rudy, 11 months. Frost also has a son, Finley, from a previous marriage to Gary Kemp of the 1980s pop group Spandau Ballet. It?s a sad end to a tumultuous 12 months for the couple who met in 1994 and married in 1997.

Sadie?s young beau

Sadie Frost has great mates, in her time of need fashion guru and best buddy Kate Moss has really come through for her this time. According to reports out of the UK Sadie Frost the 37-year-old mother of four has hooked up with 22-year-old flamenco guitarist Jackson Scott, a mere 48 hours after announcing her divorce. Apparently Sadie has been finding comfort in the arms of the young musican after she was introduced to him in Spain by Kate Moss. Funnily enough the only other woman to comment on this latest union is Scott’s mother, who was quoted in the UK Sunday Mirror, saying “I bet like most 22-year-olds dating a woman in her thirties, he’s having the time of his life. “So what if Sadie is older than him? If it makes them both happy then good for them.” Well if his mother says it?s ok it must be ok!

Tony Blair’s karaoke wife

The wife of British Prime Minister Tony Blair has spawned an unlikely club hit. Cherie Blair‘s impromptu karaoke rendition of The Beatles’ When I’m 64 has been remixed into a dance track and is a hit in Ibiza and Cyrus nightclubs, according to the BBC. Apparently Prime Minister Blair sang to Chinese students in Bejing last month after he was asked to sing by the students. Music industry experts are predicting this could be a huge hit for Cherie Blair. Just what the PM?s wife needs to add to her resume – dance party icon! No doubt the British public will love the PM?s prim and proper wife being a major hit on the European dance scene. You bet we can?t wait for that one to reach down under!

Kylie still Ollie’s girl?

Rumours doing the rounds currently regarding Kyles (aka Kylie Minogue) and Olly (Oliver Martinez) have them either breaking up or him on bended knee about to propose to the 35-year-old Australian songbird. Fueling the break-up rumours were comments Martinez made on US TV. In a recent interview he described our Kyles as “cute, nice and interesting”. Isn?t that like saying ?ugly but bearable?? Seriously, is that the best the famous French lover could come up with? Surely could have done better than that! Also notably absent from the interview was any mention of the dramas of recent weeks involving American actress Angelina Jolie. Jolie and Martinez have been steamin? it up in Canada while they have been filming Taking Lives to the point where Kyles had to dash to Canada to ?rescue? her relationship and make sure the Tomb Raider chick wasn?t racing off with her man! Now that doesn?t sound like a man about to propose does it?


August 19, 2003