18 Sex Positions You Really, Really Need To Try

I’ve already road-tested them all. You’re welcome.

Kama Sutra Tips for Better Sex

The Kama Sutra is more than just circus-like sex positions. The most referenced and oldest guide to sexuality, the Kama Sutra describes how couples can enjoy true intimacy lovemaking – yes, with a few spectacular sex positions to try, too!

Here’s how Kama Sutra techniques can give you a better sex life tonight.

Slow it down
The first lesson from the Kama Sutra is to slow down and explore each other. Most couples enjoy a fairly routine sex life – but here the teachings focus on sharing slow, deep kisses and caressing your partner all over the body, except the genital areas. Allow for a build-up of anticipation, instead of just jumping in.

Uncovering your own desires
The Kama Sutra is all about the art of foreplay. The opportunity to kiss, lick, scratch, and nibble each other awakens the senses and uncovers what turns you on. Allow yourselves an afternoon or evening of uninhibited play. Begin with a sexy massage and slowly test new pleasures on each other.

Not your average sex positions
Most of us associate the Kama Sutra with its complex sex positions involving a lot of flexibility! Kama Sutra sex positions do take practice, but what could be more fun – and sexy? There are a lot of sensual ideas to explore, including the Jrimbhitaka (Yawning Posture) that involves the woman pinned into sexy submission.

Total mind and body satisfaction
Feeling an emotional connection with the one you love is the key to mind-blowing orgasms. Make sure that your partner feels sexy and appreciated. Quickies are fine when pressed for time, but set aside one night a week to take the time to experiment with these Kama Sutra techniques.

Have you tried any Kama Sutra techniques?