The Bad Skin Habits You Need To Ditch

The first step to achieving healthy, glowing skin, is ditching your bad skin habits. From popping pimples to sleeping in your makeup, these seemingly harmless habits are preventing you from achieving a clear complexion.

To do this, you first need to identify your problem habits. That’s why we’ve put together some of the worst skin habits that we’re all guilty of.

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Smoking causes premature skin ageing, makes sun damage more noticeable and can cause skin lesions. On top of this it worsens the appearance of wrinkles and can give your skin a yellow discolouration. Smoking can be incredibly difficult to quit, so we’ve started with a hard one! But quitting could put you on a road to a healthier body and mind, as well as decreasing your risk of noticeable skin damage.

Sleep deprivation

While you’re sleeping your body is actively working to rejuvenate itself and a lack of sleep can result in grey, sagging skin under your eyes, frown lines and redness around the eyes. Although this isn’t harmful to your skin as such – it’s also not giving you the bright and fresh complexion you want.

Picking and scratching

Every time you pick or scratch at any form of skin irritation or insect bite, you’re increasing your need to scratch and harming your skin in the process. It will also slow down your healing process, leaving your skin irritated for longer.

Not removing your makeup

Leaving your makeup on, especially while you’re sleeping or exercising, can build up a layer of dirt on your skin that blocks your pores. This often leads to breakouts or oily, irritable skin. Making sure you wash your face before bed and remove any makeup before you hit the sack, or the gym is really important if you want clear and glowing skin.

Not wearing sunscreen

Sun damage from Australia’s harmful UV rays can cause premature ageing, dry your skin out and most importantly, it increases your risk of developing cancerous melanoma. There are plenty of scent free, moisturising sunscreens available on the market, so there’s really no excuse to skip your slip, slop, slap.

Popping pimples

As tempting as it may be to squeeze that unsightly pimple, you’re actually doing more harm than good. Popping pimples, especially if you’re a pop-aholic, can cause permanent scarring and your pimples will take longer to clear up than if you just let them be.

We know it’s hard, but these really are the bad skin habits you need to ditch right now!

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August 15, 2015

Healthy Habits Made Easy

Making a strict DIY weight loss routine and diet, although good in theory, can be hard to stick to. Now that we’re over halfway through 2015, it’s time to get realistic about our health and fitness goals and that includes re-evaluating our plan of attack.

Whether it’s about skipping breakfast or reaching for a 3pm sugar-fix to beat the arvo slump, we’re all guilty of indulging in these not-so-great patterns. Here’s how to break the cycle.

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Make it fun

Adopting good practices can be difficult when it feels like a chore, that’s why choosing a workout you enjoy is the only way to kick the ‘why bother’ attitude. Your exercise and eating habits shouldn’t feel like hard work, on the contrary it needs to be enjoyable enough that you forget you’re actually working.

Taking up a team sport, or working out with friends are two of the easiest ways to make exercise fun. Likewise, experimenting with new healthy recipes and ingredients will make you look forward to meal time, not fill you with dread at the thought of snacking on lettuce leaves.

Visualise your goals

Bad habits are easy to keep because they’re easy to do. After all lazing on the couch is effortless; hitting the gym isn’t. However, picturing long-term effects can help you break the dodgy cycle you’ve slipped in to. Imagine how you will feel in one year, or even two if you stick to your goals. This will help you focus on why you’re making the changes.

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Meal prep

We all have those days where we can’t even be bothered turning the oven on – making that take-out menu look oh so sweet! Nutritionists and personal trainers swear by cooking ahead and for good reasons. Cooking large amounts of healthy foods and freezing them ensures there are plenty of nutritional dinners available even when you’re in a slump. Particularly good are stews, soups, low fat chilies, and curries. It won’t take much more effort and helps you to avoid commercially available sugar- and fat-laden meals or takeaway when you’re tired.

Zap your cravings

Increasing your protein intake will help you resist the 3pm cravings and stop you from snacking on sugary treats throughout the day. Healthy habits made easy, means incorporating protein filled meals and snacks to keep you fuller for longer and ensure a slower release of energy. If you must eat chocolate, try small squares of dark chocolate or chocolate-coated Brazil nuts. If you’re hankering for a croissant, try an almond version so the protein from the nuts will keep all your cravings at bay.

Make sure your healthy goals last the distance by making friends with your new healthy habits.

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July 28, 2015