Simple Ice Cream Cake With Coloured Cream

Ice cream cakes are awesome, especially if you’re not much of a cook. You can make them for desserts or parties and they cost a fraction of store-bought cakes. All you need is a tub of ice cream (whatever size and flavour) whipped cream, food colouring, sandwich-sized zip-lock bags (if you want to try piping) and a serving platter which will fit into the freezer. Kids love it and most dads will even go back for seconds!

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To prepare the “cake”, take the tub of ice cream out of the freezer and have your platter ready. Put some warm water in the sink and place the ice cream tub in the water for 20-30 seconds at a time, lid off. You want the edges of the ice cream to melt slightly so it will slide out of the tub when you flip it. If you try to flip it and it stays put, it will need more time in the water. You might need to help it out with a spatula or knife.

To flip it, place the platter on top of the tub where the lid would sit. When the edges have melted slightly, the ice cream will slide out. Try not to get the platter or cake wet as this will turn to ice. The edges might look a little messy, but don’t worry, the cream covers it. If it’s really bad smooth the edges but don’t be too fussy. Quickly place it back into the freezer to harden before decorating. This can be done when the ice cream is hard enough to sustain it’s shape and texture while it’s out of the freezer.

While this is happening, whip up a large bowl of cream, separate it into several smaller bowls and add a different food color to each. The more colors the more applications, so it can be as complicated or simple as you like. Mix the colour in well and set the cream aside until it’s time to decorate. Either leave it in the bowls if you want to flick the cream on or load it into individual zip lock bags if you want to pipe it.

If your unsure of your ability to pipe cream or just prefer not to, get a spatula, flick the cream onto the middle of the cake and gently smooth it toward the edges. Don’t aim for a super smooth finish because ice cream and cream are a difficult combination to work with.

You will need to apply the cream rapidly before your cake melts. You can apply a single colour or several, depending on what you want and how creative you want to be. This is also when you add other condiments like, smarties, hundreds and thousands or even try a drizzle of melted Nutella! YUM! The results can be quite stunning when it’s done with a bit of flair.

If you do want to try piping, snip a small hole in the bottom of the cream bag and test it to the side of the cake. This gives you a feel of how it flows. When you are ready, squeeze the bag and pipe the cream onto the cake. Make whatever design you like or apply it randomly. Lines are fairly easy so pipe cream around the edges of the cake and work your way toward the center.

Tip: If you see the ice cream beginning to melt as you apply the cream, replace it back into the freezer before adding the next colour. This can be done as many times as required.

When you are finished decorating, place your decorated ice cream cake back into the freezer and wait for the cream to freeze. It will have an unusual texture, but compliment the ice cream. This indicates that it’s ready to serve and enjoy. If you have some left, place it back into the freezer before it melts and you can enjoy it another day.

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Simple But Effective Kids Birthday Cakes

Do you have a child’s birthday coming up and you’re dreading making the cake? If you’re not creative and you’re looking for something easy that will still please the kids, check out these easy kids birthday cake ideas that are sure to impress.

Kit-Kat and M&M cake

This effective cake is so easy!  All you need to do is bake a round cake, cover it with butter cream frosting then stick Kit Kats all the way around the outside.  Fill the top with M&M’s, tie a ribbon around the outside and ta-da!  If you want a larger cake consider baking two round cakes then adding a filling in between them (you could use jam or icing) and then place them on top of one another before you apply the butter cream over the both cakes.  I made this cake for my daughters 3rd birthday but made the cake in the shape of a 3.  It went down a treat!

Simple But Effective Kids Birthday Cakes

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Cupcake balloons

The cupcake balloon cake is so simple.  Using your desired flavour bake your cupcakes and then divide your butter cream icing into four bowls.  Colour each one a different colour and then apply to the cupcakes.  All you need to do is arrange them on a large platter and using a small piece of Sellotape, attach one strand of ribbon underneath each cupcake (they still have their cases on).  Gather all the pieces of ribbon together and tie a bow.

Simple But Effective Kids Birthday Cakes

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Sports jersey cake

You need to bake two cakes and then cut out two rectangles so you have the t-shirt shape.  Cut a half circle from the side of one rectangle for the neckline and then decorate with the appropriate coloured frosting (depending on what club they support).  You can either pipe the sleeve decorations, number and name onto the cake or consider cutting these shapes out from coloured fondant.

Simple But Effective Kids Birthday Cakes

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Racing grid cake

This cake may look hard but its really quite easy, prided you have the time.  I made this cake for my son Jack’s birthday and it did not disappoint.  I baked two cakes and placed them on top of one another with a chocolate ganache between the two and then also covering the entire cake.  Once it had set I then smoothed down the entire cake before I laid white fondant over it.  I then cut out squares from black fondant and placed them around the outside in the grid pattern as well as the number 1.  Although it did take a few hours the number of ingredients you need to decorate it is very minimal.

Simple But Effective Kids Birthday Cakes

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Dinosaur cake

For this effective dinosaur cake you need to bake two round cakes then cut out the shapes for the body, tail and neck and arrange them on a plate before you ice it with coloured frosting.  For the dinosaur’s spots, use chocolate drops and brown M&Ms, it’s that simple!

Simple But Effective Kids Birthday Cakes

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Rainbow cake

This rainbow cake is super easy, but it just takes time.  You can use any shape cake you like and ice it with white frosting before strategically placing the coloured M&M’s in a rainbow pattern over the cake.

Simple But Effective Kids Birthday Cakes

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