Fun Summer Party Ideas For Kids

Keep the kids amused this summer by throwing a small party with their friends at home or the local park. If you’re stuck on party ideas or themes, try a few of our favourites below which are ideal during the summer.

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Water balloon stations

Isn’t this every kids fantasy? An entire box filled with a bunch of water bombs for the party. Keep them out of direct sunlight since the suns rays can pierce through and pop the balloons before the party.

Fun Summer Party Ideas For Kids

Lucky there are handy tools that can help to fill up to 100 balloons per minute!

Fun Summer Party Ideas For Kids

Water guns

Fill a few empty bottles with water, then place a ping pong ball over the top. Guests will have to shoot their water gun directly at the ball – first to do this wins a prize!

Fun Summer Party Ideas For Kids

Life-size Jenga

Get crafty and make your own life-size jenga game using 2×4 pieces of wood. This is easy enough to carve at home and the kids will never tire of it.

Fun Summer Party Ideas For Kids

Outdoor twister

Take a classic game of twister to the next level with food colouring! Simply colour small portions of the grass to emulate a Twister board. Plus, it won’t ruin the grass!

Fun Summer Party Ideas For Kids

Pool decorations

Decorate the pool with waterbombs, plastic swans and noodles ready for the party. It will make any pool like fun and inviting for all guests.

Fun Summer Party Ideas For Kids

Noodle flowers

Chop up an extra noodle to make these stunning flowers which will also float in the pool! Hang them from the doors, along the windows, or from the ceiling as wind chimes.

Fun Summer Party Ideas For Kids

Sunscreen station

Don’t forget a sunscreen station where guests can re-apply and stay out of the sun for a while. Their parents will certainly be thanking you for this helpful idea at the end of the party.

Fun Summer Party Ideas For Kids

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July 31, 2015

How To Host A Party And Still Have Fun

How would you like some professional hosting tips for your next social gathering? I’ve organized and hosted a bucket load of social events in my time, ranging from big community functions to small backyard barbecues. The planning guidelines are basically the same, so if you use the tips I’m about to share with you, regardless of the event, you’ll be able to enjoy yourself instead of being a slave to the festivities.

Now the first thing you need to organise is a plan. Jump on your computer, get a spreadsheet happening and brainstorm. There are some templates available online or make up your own. Do you want decorations, music or a bar area? What about the food? Jot down everything you want at your party, right down to the smallest detail like bins, serviettes and ice. Make sure you have extra columns to mark off when items are ordered, organised and completed. Print this out and remember to keep it updated as you go along. This will not only be a guide for you, but will also help you allocate jobs to willing volunteers.

Next is the shopping list. Shopping for parties or events takes valuable time which you no longer need to spend in store. Jump online, order all your items and get everything delivered. It might cost a little extra but when you consider the time factor of physically sourcing everything, trust me, it will be money very well spent.

Now that you’ve got that organised, if the event is at a private residence, head back to the computer and get some decorative signs made up that lead to the toilet and bathroom. Plus, if you have areas you want to keep off limits, put together some no entry signs. Get creative and make up signs for the bar area, coat storage, can and bottle recycling or whatever you like. These will add to the decorations if you spruce them up a bit.

Speaking of decorations, make sure you get these delivered about a week before the event. If the event is in your home, spend some time each night setting the house up. Arrange the bar area with large containers for ice, plastic cups, etc.

Set up the music and speakers. Using an iPod, mobile phone or something similar is easy. Get your playlist together and make sure you have enough tunes to flick on the music before your guests arrive and forget about it. Just a tip, guests may ask for music requests during the party. Unless you want to start being the DJ for the entire event, let them know that the music is preset. If you have a volunteer who is willing to DJ and take requests, that’s great. Allocate the job to them if they are willing.

Now if the party is at home, don’t be too fussy about having a spotless house. It will look a lot worse afterwards. If you are concerned your home isn’t being presented the way you’d like, give it a quick vacuum and dust as you set up. Mopping floors are a waste so don’t bother.

If the event is at a different location, enlist the help of others to assist with decorations and preparations. Ask the facilities staff or management if you can have some time to prepare before the event. Most will agree to allow you limited access so plan decorations which you can set up within that time-frame. If you are having balloons, order a cheap pump with the decorations or opt for helium. Blowing up balloons is time consuming and there are easier ways to make it happen without running out of valuable oxygen!

The night before your party, prep any food which can be done early. Keep it as simple as possible and try not to make extra work for yourself. If possible have a reasonably early night and get a good rest.

The day of your party all that should be left to do is the final food prep. Cook anything which needs cooking, get out serving implements and you should basically be ready for an awesome event. If the event is at a catered facility you won’t have this concern. Spent some time during the day with your feet up relaxing and give yourself plenty of time to have a shower and get yourself ready to receive your guests.

Doing all the preparation prior to your party will really pay off. Instead of being the type of host who is rushing around ignoring guests, you can actually spend time with them and enjoy yourself. Plus, the more entertaining you do, the easier this gets. Save any documents you’ve created on the computer in a separate file and re-use them.

These tips and techniques are ultimately what professional event organisers do everyday. They plan, organise and prepare. It’s that simple! It doesn’t matter if it’s a small gathering like a BBQ, kids party or a big event like a wedding; these guidelines are super flexible.

Good luck and enjoy your festivities!

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December 27, 2014

Kids Limo Parties

Everyone checks out limos as they cruise down the street. You can’t help it. There is just something incredible about them. Not everyone has had the opportunity to ride inside one. So, imagine the lasting impression this experience is having on the lucky kids who have! No wonder limo parties are the hottest thing to hit the kids and teens party scene in years. Everyone wants in and gender is irrelevant. Limo companies are offering unique experiences, for boys and girls. So, lets take a closer look at what’s around.

Regardless of the type of party, the main focus is on the limo. It’s usually a stretch vehicle that has been meticulously decked out with any of the following options; multiple LCD screens, illuminated dance floor, mirrored ceiling, karaoke, playstation, Ipod player or sophisticated sound system. Plus there is usually some superior lighting effects inside using lasers, strobes or neon changing lights.

If you are lucky enough to be around Melbourne you may have seen the one of a kind, Batman Hummer or the Transformer Chevy Camaro Bumblebee limo cruising the streets. Stunningly decked out in their selected themes, these vehicles have been custom built to turn heads. Kids have the opportunity to cruise around in these luxurious limos. You can even hire characters like Batman, Bumblebee or Optimus Prime as an entertainment option. This would seriously be a dream come true for any child. Batman seats up to 16 and the Bumblebee seats 10. You pay be the hour, not by the guest, so be sure to invite the entire crew for this very unique experience.

Then there are pink limos, which are available in most capital cities. What girl doesn’t love a splash of pink and a ride inside a luxury limo? Girls love the chance to take snaps to brag about their experience or take charge of the karaoke mic, to belt out some popular tunes. Imagine how hiring a limo for an hour or so, could turn a simple sleep over into something totally unforgettable.

When it comes to feeding and watering guests, different companies provide different things. Some companies only supply entertainment and leave the food and drinks to you. Others have gone with healthy food, while others haven’t.

Some companies are affiliated with venues which provide entertainment or meal options. You can organise the limo to pick up a group and take them to the movies and afterwards, drive them to a restaurant or home for a BBQ. Unless you have a couple of people movers on hand (which aren’t exactly “cool”), getting a bigger group of kids around can be tricky. Limos are a perfect option and can work out cheaper than hiring people movers.

Prices are very competitive, which is great news for anyone looking for a unique, memorable experience. There is an enormous amount of flexibility and variation, which is perhaps why this industry is booming. It’s suitable for kids and teens of all abilities, so it’s perfect for children who have spent considerable time in hospital. If you look online, some companies offer more information than others. You can check out different packages, look inside the vehicles or open up a live chat, for all the information you’ll need.

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By Kim Chartres

July 17, 2014