Fun Flirty hair

Fun flirty hair

Whilst she may no-longer hang on the arm of super spunk Leonardo, no-one could doubt that Gisele still has the sexiest curls on the catwalk. To create a similar beach-like look, work curl-enhancing Andrew Collinge styling moussing gelle through towel dried hair. Split the hair into 8 sections (4 on each side) and one by one twist each section into ‘ropes’. Allow the hair to air dry, or blow dry with a diffuser, and then separate each section with your fingers. For lasting hold rub a small amount of shape up controlling wax between fingers and apply lightly to finish.

shape up controlling wax

Think 70’s and follow in the footsteps of those sex¬†kittens, the Charlie’s Angels, by flicking out the ends of your current style. Apply Andrew Collinge no kinks straightener and blow dry your hair as normal. Complete the look by blow drying the ends with a round brush away from your face, and finish with shape up controlling wax for lasting definition.

no kinks straightener

Add ‘vampish’ volume to your hair by using a volumising shampoo and conditioner such as Andrew Collinge thickening shampoo and thickening condition. Towel dry hair and spray the roots with Andrew Collinge instant body thickening lotion. Blow-dry with your head tipped upside down to encourage as much height as possible.

For a fun, fuss-free style try a loose version of the fishtail braid. Apply a small amount of Andrew Collinge supple hold styling cream and split hair in half down the middle. Starting from about ear level take alternating small pieces from the outside of each half and place on the inside of the other half. Keep the hair loose, allowing pieces to fall, and continue until all of the hair has been braided and then fasten.

supple hold styling cream

For a naturally tousled effect, start with wet hair and work through Andrew Collinge styling moussing gelle. This dual action product combines the strength and hold of a gel with the body and volume of a moussing and provides a good surface to accept further styling. Blow dry the hair fairly straight, then, dividing the hair into 10-12 sections, use tongs to curl each section. Release every ringlet intact and when the whole head has been curled and has cooled, rake fingers through the hair to loosen.



April 1, 2003

City Girl Hair


It’s the city girls ‘Holy Grail’ – finding the solution for straight, REEEAAALLY straight, super sleek hair. Well look no more. The answer lies at hand with Andrew Collinge no kinks straightener guaranteed to combat curls and frizz, leaving hair super smooth with a silky shine. Apply no kinks straightener to damp hair, and then blow dry section by section starting at the back using a round brush and pulling the hair taut. Blow dry down the hair shaft for greater shine.

Everyday blow drying and exposure to city pollutants takes its toll on hair. Treat your hair with nourishing products

no kinks straightener

which will protect its natural beauty and keep it in perfect condition. Perfect for dry, frizzy or coloured hair, Andrew Collinge Salon Solutions have incorporated leading edge technology and ingredients into their moisturising shampoo and moisturising conditioner, designed to replenish lost moisture and re-hydrate for great condition and shine, without heaviness.

The ponytail is the ultimate city hairstyle – quick and easy, weather resistant, and perfect for shopping, lunch or the gym. For a more modern take on this classic style, pull your hair back into a ponytail just below the crown. Dampen the hair in the ponytail with water,

moisturising shampoo & conditioner

work through a small amount of Andrew Collinge messed up moulding gum and use a hair dryer to create tousled waves.Synonymous with all that is chic in the city is Sarah Jessica Parker’s curly bob. Girls with a slight curl to their hair can achieve this look very easily. Start with damp hair and apply Andrew Collinge styling moussing gelle. Separate hair to create a messy side part, and then gently scrunch the hair and dry with a diffuser until nearly dry. Rub a small amount of Andrew Collinge shape up controlling wax between hands and apply gently

styling moussing gelle

shine and a separated, piecey look.For those (lucky) girls with straight hair achieving SJP’s sexy style is still possible, however you will need to enlist the help of a pair of tongs. Apply Andrew Collinge styling moussing gelle and rough dry hair. Section the hair into 10-12 sections and tong each section holding the tongs vertically and taking care to tuck in the ends (you don’t want those tell-tale ends letting you down). Leave the curls intact until cool, then gently separate and apply Andrew Collinge shape up controlling wax to separate and define.

For more ways to get

shape up controlling wax

hair, check SheSaid Fashion and Beauty next week!

March 4, 2003