10 Cooking Essentials Everyone Needs In Their Kitchen

Starting your kitchen from scratch can be a terrifying but exciting time, especially since there is so much variety both in-store and on the internet. There is a chance to start fresh and invest in kitchen and cooking utensils which reflect your own aesthetic, but also need to work well.

We have outlined the top ten items everyone needs in their kitchen, without resorting borrowing from family and friends.

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1. Mixing bowl

While this is probably self explanatory, a mixing bowl should be one of the first things you need in your kitchen. Why? It can be used for almost anything; baking, marinating, and even storing leftovers such as watermelon and other large fruit. A medium sized bowl is perfect for a growing kitchen, and will be used more than any other size.

2. Measuring cups

If you don’t want to guesstimate each serving size, then measuring cups are probably a good idea for your kitchen. They come in a variety of colours and sizes which are suited to your particular aesthetic. Make sure your measuring spoons are both microwave and dishwasher-safe before purchasing.

3. Wooden spoon

Another must-have for the modern kitchen is a wooden spoon; inexpensive and will always find its place. Not to mention how easy they are to clean and store away!

4. Silicone spatula

A good spatula is a cooking essential because it helps to scoop, scrape, and mix together almost anything. Invest in a silicone or rubber spatula if you want to use it with hot mixtures since it won’t shed, unlike wood.

5. Cooling rack

Don’t go past a cooling rack or tray if you love to bake, since your kitchen will be lost without it! A stainless steel cooling rack is the best option since they are really easy to clean (by hand, and in the dishwasher), and won’t rust over time.

6. Measuring spoons

Measure anything from spices, and other ingredients with these easy-to-wash utensils for your kitchen. Available in a number of different sizes and finishes to suit your particular aesthetic.

7. Cutting board

Get your kitchen organised by using a wooden chopping board which is so easy to maintain. Clean it regularly with olive oil to maintain it’s shine, and keep from discolouring with extended use.

8. Can opener

Have you ever tried to open a can without it? This is an absolute must-have, especially if you are constantly using canned fruit and vegetables for your meals. Better safe than sorry!

9. Springform pan

If you enjoy baking cakes, brownies or even the occasional casserole, then a springform pan should definitely be on your list. The round tin is ideal for beginners, since it creates an even looking mixture with minimal effort. The sides can also be removed from the base, so it can be easily transferred onto a cooling rack.

10. Rolling pin

Similarly, if you love to bake desserts and other sweet treats, don’t miss out on a rolling pin. Our favourites are the French which are small and compact, but also come with handles for easy grip.

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January 19, 2015

How To Give Your Kitchen A Stylish Makeover

Is this the year you give your kitchen a much-needed makeover? Interior stylist Lucy Weight of the Cool Edies shares her top tips for creating a stylish and personalised kitchen.

1. Begin by selecting a neutral base colour
Whether this is dark and moody, white and fresh or even a warm, natural cream tone, the neutral base will harmonise the finish of your appliances.

2. Add feature colours
Selecting a feature colour or a combination of colours can be daunting so only commit to items that are changeable around home or can be put away such as vases, fruit bowls, platters, pitchers or linens.

For example, when the Cool Edies styled the Electrolux Inspiration Kitchen, we established our neutral base and then selected a complimentary colour palate. We then hunted for cushions, table decorations and moveable accessories in our colour palate. Remember, a pop of colours are fun but shouldn’t feel permanent.

3. Take your colour little further by incorporating a natural element
Wooden accents can range from a pale, modern blonde, to silvery driftwood or dark walnut. Elements like stone and marble can also be cooling when the heat gets too much in the kitchen. Stone and marble can be incorporated underfoot in a kitchen work surface or as large serving boards.

4. Add a metallic
A metallic can really lift the mood of your kitchen and you probably already own some pieces; think copper cookware, modern stainless steel utensils or nostalgic brushed aluminium vintage cake moulds. Showcase key pieces on your shelves, hanging, or on bench tops.

5. Flowers and produce
Flowers belong everywhere in the house and the kitchen should be no exception! To keep arrangements in the kitchen relevant and organic you can create fresh produce bowls to celebrate what’s in season at that time. A blossom or gum branch all work well, and air plants like succulents are sculptural and striking. The best thing about using produce is that you get to reinvent your creation every week as you eat the produce on display.

6. Keep a 1:1 ratio of decorative to functional items in your kitchen
For example, choose one beautiful appliance to showcase that serves both as a functional item and a decorative piece. Or, if you want to keep all your utensils out on the bench, choose a beautiful vessel to hold them.

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February 4, 2014