5 Great Sex Positions for Lazy Days

We’re all guilty of having (preferring?) lazy sex at one time or another. An early morning wake up call, a rough day at work or being a parent zaps our energy and sex is often the last thing on our mind.

But just like pizza, lazy sex is better than no sex at all. These lazy sex positions are perfect for the end of the day, or  spicing up an early morning surprise when you can’t be bothered breaking a sweat. So get your groove on with these great sex positions for even the laziest of lovers.

Spooning Get into your favourite cuddle position and make it sexy. Start off slow and relaxed, and enjoy a closer fit by propping your leg onto his. Be attuned to the feeling of his warm breath on your neck to add to the intimacy.

Lazy Doggy As a variation on the fan favourite, lay down flat or with a pillow propping up the pelvis. As he climbs on top, he can comfortably lay down and still have full control. This is one of those great sex positions that can be incredibly sensual as well as relaxing.

Couch Cowgirl Feeling drowsy after a movie night on the couch? Stay on the couch and enjoy this nice quickie. Have him relax and sit back while you straddle his lap. He’ll love the view being propped up in the sitting position.

Elevated Missionary A cleverly placed pillow under the butt allows your guy to do all the hard work without holding himself up. This position gives a better angle for both partners, with more grinding than regular missionary.

Shower Doggy Hop in the shower together and enjoy some hot and steamy sex with a wet doggy-style session propped against the shower wall. Bend over and rest against the wall, and prop one foot on the side of the tub or shower wall to provide stability and resistance.