Hollywood’s Most Epic Wardrobe Malfunctions

We all have bad days, even Hollywood’s most elite – and yesterday was no exception with Lenny Kravitz making a dick out of himself during a performance in Stockholm.

Rocking out to a crowd of 17,000, the 51-year-old accidently exposed his manhood when his tight leather pants split after attempting to do a squat like move. His blinged up penis has since been doing the rounds on social media reminding us all that you can never predict if, or when, a gig is going to be a ‘flop’ (all puns intended).

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Fortunately for Kravitz, it happens to the best of us. So let’s take a look at 6 of the most epic celebrity wardrobe malfunctions from over the years.

Janet Jackson

Possibly one of the most famous wardrobe malfunctions, but certainly not the worst, Janet Jackson was left red faced during a performance at the 2004 Super Bowl when Justin Timberlake accidently pulled off a part of her costume, revealing her right breast. Rumour has it the incident was planned, however Jackson clearly wasn’t in on it after taking legal action.

Hollywood's Most Epic Wardrobe Malfunctions

Nicki Minaj

At last year’s VMAs performance with Ariana Grande and Jessie J, Nicki Minaj walked out on stage holding together her botched LBD. Blaming the malfunction on a quick costume change in the dark, the singer later confessed: “I didn’t have any underwear on — no underwear, no bra — ’cause I had just taken off the ’Anaconda’ outfit, so I was butt-ass naked.”

Hollywood's Most Epic Wardrobe Malfunctions

Tara Reid

Lenny might have made a ‘dick’ of himself, but Reid certainly made a ‘tit’ out of herself in 2004 when she didn’t realise that her dress strap had fallen down while posing for photographs at Diddy’s birthday bash. Possibly one of the most humiliating malfunctions, it was good while before the mishap was brought to the American Pie star’s attention.

Hollywood's Most Epic Wardrobe Malfunctions

Katherine Heigl

Unlike Tara, the Grey’s Anatomy star managed not to make a ‘boob’ out of herself when her dress broke during an acceptance speech for ‘Female Star Of The Year’ in Las Vegas. Luckily for Heigl, she caught the dodgy strap before it revealed her asset.

Hollywood's Most Epic Wardrobe Malfunctions

Jennifer Hawkins

Australia’s sweetheart and former Miss Universe, Jennifer Hawkins, got a bit too arsey in 2004 during a fashion parade in Sydney. While strutting her stuff down the runway, Hawkins’ skirt fell to the ground mid-walk to reveal a red g-string. Caught off the guard, the model was quick to run backstage but not before the media caught the whole ordeal on tape.

Hollywood's Most Epic Wardrobe Malfunctions

Rumer Willis

Ladies, if you’re going to wear a cut out dress that could potentially expose your pink bits, take a tip from Rumer Willis and don’t wear pink panties. Worst. Decision. Ever.

Hollywood's Most Epic Wardrobe Malfunctions

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Who is the Sexiest of them all?

Who is the Sexiest of them all?

Decisions, decisions! Who would you choose if you had to pick between Brad Pitt, Ashton Kutcher, George Clooney, Lenny Kravitz, Justin Timberlake, Hugh Grant, Russell Crowe, Hugh Jackman, Denzel Washington, Colin Farrell and Johnny Depp? Well according to People magazine in the US, Johnny Depp is the Sexiest Man Alive 2003! Hello! Depp has been seen most recently in the Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl and has two young children with his unconventional French girlfriend, actress and pop singer Vanessa Paradis. Apparently, the actor, known for his ‘brooding eccentricities’, has mellowed since becoming a father. The 40-year-old film actor was bestowed the title for being “a little dangerous, having a secret and great warmth”. “Because he arrived at his new, happy place without selling out, without becoming slick or packaged or politically correct, he is a hero to his fans and an idol to his young costars,” says the magazine in its December issue. The actor, who launched into our lounge rooms in the 80’s with the hit series, 21 Jump Street went on to star in films including Edward Scissorhands, Chocolat and more recently From Hell. “Depp is known for hiding under layers of hats and blankets in his private life and behind oddball characters in his films,” said People but it added “he is finally coming to terms with his own charisma.”

Party over for Paris?

The videotape that won’t go away! Seems now our favourite hotel heiress, Paris Hilton, has taken the drastic move in canceling all press appearances – at least for the time being. The party princess was supposed to be out and about in the promoting The Simple Life, an upcoming reality TV show about her and a gal pal shot on a farm in Arkansas. But it appears the spotlight is a little too hot for Paris at the moment. The high-profile blonde has even cancelled a date on David Letterman’s Late Show. Paris professes to be “embarrassed and humiliated” by the skin flick doing the rounds on the Internet, but one would have to think the damage is done now so why not give the people what they want Paris? Partygirl Paris is also claiming the video is too embarrassing for her to watch, “I haven’t seen the tape yet,” Hilton revealed to US Weekly, when asked about the three-minute clip. “I don’t want to.” Seems this is one party Paris just wants to forget! “I can’t walk the streets,” she said. “It’s too embarrassing. I don’t want to go out anymore. I don’t want to party. This has really made me think about changes I want to make.” Boo hoo Paris! Perhaps she’ll just console herself with a little retail therapy, courtesy of her family fortunes? That should cheer her up!

Cruise no plans to marry Cruz

Tom Cruise has dropped a bombshell, revealing to UK paper The Mirror that he has no plans to marry his girlfriend Penelope Cruz. “I love Penelope and I have a lot of fun with her. She’s a beautiful human being but in terms of marriage there are no particular plans at this time,” he said. In another blow, that will no doubt have Penelope reeling, the 41-year-old actor, who shares custody of his two children with Nicole Kidman, has also revealed that he still loves his ex-wife! “I have always loved Nic and I always will. Always. That will never change – the times that we have had together,” he said. “I have always just wanted her to be happy and enjoy her life. That is what I want – I want her to be happy.” Would love to be a fly on the wall when Penelope gets wind of this!

Crudup walks out on pregnant girlfriend

And the ‘Rat of the Week’ award goes to Billy Crudup, the actor who was made famous by the film Almost Famous. Reports say he has dumped his longtime girlfriend Mary Louise Parker. No surprises there, this is a Hollywood couple after all, but what is surprising is that Parker is seven months pregnant with the couple’s first child! The pair have been together since 1996 but never married. While rumours abound about Crudup and Claire Danes, his co-star in an upcoming period piece, Crudup’s rep says “They’re old friends. Billy and Mary Louise have split up but that doesn’t mean anybody else is involved.” And Claire Danes’ rep echoed this sentiment with a statement that the pair “have been friends for 10 years and are not romantically involved.” Meanwhile, mother to be, Parker, a regular on The West Wing, is said to be “taking care of herself and her soon to be child.” Isn?t Clare Danes still with our very own groovy Bondi lovin? Ben Lee?

Nicole Kidman, face of Chanel No.5

Nicole Kidman, face of Chanel No.5

Nicole Kidman is the new face of legendary fragrance, Chanel No.5, the top selling fragrance in the world. Chanel introduced the much loved luxury scent in 1921. “Ms. Kidman was chosen because she represents a unique standard of elegance and embodies the spirit and modernity of Chanel,” said the official press release. In a further coo for creative Aussies, Baz Luhrmann, who directed Nicole in the musical Moulin Rouge he has been hired to create, direct and produce the ad campaign, which will be launched in autumn 2004. Kidman’s three-year deal with as the face of the glamorous perfume is reported to be worth over $12 million dollars. Nice work if you can get it!

No news on Nicole’s nuptials

Still no confirmations the rumours of Nicole’s alleged engagement to rocker Lenny Kravitz. Watch this space as rumours has it Nicole will make a pre-Christmas announcement about this hot relationship! Perhaps the funky musician will set foot on Sydney soil this summer, when Nicole joins her family for Christmas down under?

Shakira shakes it for the kids

Pop diva Shakira wants to shake booty for a good cause – she’s the latest celebrity to be appointed by the United Nations as a goodwill ambassador. Instead of pushing soft drinks like some of her colleagues, this Colombian songbird will be pushing for better lives for children. “UNICEF has done tremendous work in my home nation,” Shakira said in a statement Friday. “I have seen firsthand the difference UNICEF makes.” UNICEF executive director Carol Bellamy revealed that Shakira had been selected because of “her compassion, her involvement in global issues, her deep commitment to helping children, and her appeal to young people around the world.”

Celebrities doing it for UNICEF

Shakira, the youngest person and first Columbian to be appointed a goodwill ambassador, follows in the footsteps of fellow celebrities Geri Halliwell and Angelina Jolie. “It’s rewarding to know that I join such a great list of stars supporting UNICEF, and can personally contribute to improving the lives and futures of children.” In her role as ambassador, Shakira will use her high profile around the world to spread the word about UNICEF programmes and visit developing countries to witness the plight of the children she is aiming to help. Great to see celebs using their powers for the good of others and not just for their own material wealth!

Affleck flick gets the flick

Poor old Bennifer! It seems like his wedding is not the only thing being cancelled at the last minute! The Walt Disney Company announced last week that it will not be going ahead with it’s matrimonial comedy flick Ghosts of Girlfriends Past just four weeks before it was due to begins production. The movie was to star Ben Affleck as a bachelor who attends his brother’s wedding and is visited by the ghosts of his past girlfriends. Even though Disney declined to comment on why they had axed the movie, The Hollywood Reporter suggested that the film’s extremely high budget combined with Affleck’s slightly tarnished image were possible contributing factors. Wonder if Jenny from the Block and Gwyneth were pencilled in for cameos?


Are Uma and Ethan over?

Are Uma and Ethan over?

Despite rumours that divorce is imminent for glamour couple Ethan Hawke and Uma Thurman, Hawke?s spokesperson is still denying that the star hooked up with a younger beauty. However, a report in The National Enquirer has alleged that Ethan’s had a relationship with 22-year-old Canadian model Jen Perzow. This follows rumours that Hawke locked lips with Tomb Raider star, Angelina Jolie whilst on location filming Taking Lives in Canada. As recently as last month, Hawke?s spokesman Robert Garlock denied all reports of a separation, claiming, “They’ve been spending every weekend together, so the idea of another woman sounds ridiculous to me.” But US tabloids have been rampant with reports of a split, The Star, paper claiming Thurman already knows about her hubby’s extramarital activities with the young model – and it’s over. One source told the paper, “When Uma first got wind of Ethan’s cheating, they talked and she decided that maybe a one-night fling could be just a mistake and they could work through it. But when people told her that he was having an affair and was with the same girl more than once, it appeared as if it was instantly over in her mind. It seemed like there was no talking, no forgiving, no third chances.”

More Kidman wedding rumours?

It seems that the most recent potential beau for Nicole Kidman, is none other than dreadlocked US rocker Lenny Kravitz. Recent reports from New York newspapers suggest Our Nic and Kravitz have become secretly engaged, after he recently joined her while she was on the set of her new movie The Stepford Wives. But are they really an item? Or could it be that the pair are ?just good friends? and that she has been sharing his NYC apartment out of convenience, while her multimillion-dollar apartment is built near by.

The New York Daily News reported this weekend the two were “mighty cuddly” on recent outings together. The US paper cited sources close to Kravitz, some blabber-mouthed friend who refused to named, of course, stating the pair wanted to get hitched. However, Nic?s US agent has denied that there is any truth to the hush-hush engagement rumours and any plans for a future wedding.

Are Posh and Becks heading for splitsville?

Victoria and David Beckham have issued a joint statement denying reports their marriage is in trouble since his move to Spain football team Real Madrid. The couple?s statement, issued in a bid to put an end to rumours that life in Spain was putting pressure on their relationship, insisted they were “extremely happy together”. “Contrary to newspaper reports our marriage is not in crisis,” they said in the statement released through their management team. “We are extremely happy together as a family. Our only difficulty has been finding a house in Madrid that meets our needs. Since we first met, our careers have always meant we have spent time apart.? Becks went on to assure his fans that his wife?s absence has been due to her musical commitments in the UK, not due to any strife at home. “This is not a reflection on the strength of our marriage and we are very much enjoying our new life in Spain.” Becks still hoping that eventually Spain will become a permanent home to his superstar wife and two boys.

Muso Robert Palmer dies

Musician Robert Palmer died of a heart attack in Paris late last week aged 54. The British star was huge in the 80?s, famous for his hits Addicted to Love, Some Guys Have All the Luck and Didn’t Mean to Turn You On. He had been on a much-needed break with partner Mary Ambrose, after a busy time recording TV appearances in the UK. His manager said he suffered the heart attack in the early hours of Friday morning. He will be fondly remember for his ground breaking video Addicted to Love where he featured a band of identically dressed, identically made-up women. Rock journalist Paul Lester, from Uncut magazine, said Palmer career went from playing clubs in the north of the country, to becoming “elegant and sophisticated” and a master of several styles. “He was kind of a pioneer of blue-eyed soul, which is white men doing black music and R&B pretty well.”

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