Note to self: Don’t always offer second chances.
When I realized at age 23 that I was attracted to women, I felt panic and terror.
… and had the longest sex of my life. The fourth story in the “Tales of a Fuckgirl” series.
I didn’t have one of those coming out moments that involves hugs and tears and “I love you no matter what,”.
My memories of our encounter are fragmented into snippets of heavy petting and bra-flinging, but I do remember one thing clearly: going down on her.
There’s no test to pass when it comes to your sexuality.
Empowering doesn’t even begin to describe it.
It’s offensively wrong to paint an entire community with one brush.
Let’s be honest here: watching a dude in action is not really a sexual turn-on.
Whenever I mention the name Ruby Rose, the reaction is a distant look, a half-smile and a sighed repetition of those two delightfully alliterated words. The 29-year-old has firmly carved her niche....