Makeup Trend: Sheer Lipstick

Want your makeup to look polished without the constant upkeep of lip liner and stain throughout the evening?

Sheer lipsticks offer the best of both worlds since the colour is shiny and pigmented without requiring too many touch-ups throughout the day or night. If you want to start on your own collection, a blushing pink is a must-have since it’s interchangeable for every occasion, and will never go out of style.

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We have found four of the best sheer lipsticks on offer at the moment, and have listed them below from luxe to less.

Yves Saint Laurent Volupté Sheer Candy in #12, $52

No other brand does a signature lip shine such as Yves Saint Laurent, and this collection certainly won’t disappoint. Boasting 10 signature pink shades, the Volupté formula keeps lips hydrated for up to 8 hours, perfect!

Chanel Rouge Coco Shine Hydrating Sheer Lipshine in #54 Boy, $51.95

A luxurious product if you’re looking to splurge on something big, is definitely a lip colour by Chanel. The Rouge Coco Shine collection offers a water-light texture which hydrates the lips, and glides on effortlessly.

Nars Sheer Lipstick in Roman Holiday, $39

Packed with vitamin E for ultimate hydration, there’s no going past Nars for the ultimate lip colour. The translucent formula is perfect for creating a subtle glow without the need to re-apply every few hours.

Lipstick Queen Chinatown Glossy Pencil in Crime, $29

Don’t forget to pack this jumbo lip pencil in your makeup bag or clutch, since it’s such an essential for creating luscious, pink lips. Coming in at $29, the pencil also comes with a complimentary sharpener to always keep it in shape.


  • Before applying each lipstick, it is essential to prep your lips with an exfoliator. Gently rub a clean toothbrush over both top and bottom lips, then finish off with a nourishing balm.
  • Since these lipsticks are all sheer, they don’t require a lip liner. Simply apply a thin coat to top and bottom lips, and you’re ready-to-go!

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Tips For Applying Dark Lipstick

Whether you’re attending a dress-up party or simply want to try out a new look, nothing beats dark lipstick. You can pick one up almost anywhere, and they are guaranteed to easily transform your look in seconds.

However, before you can apply a dark lip, read our tips on how to prep your lips first!

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If your lips are chapped or slightly damaged, it’s best to carefully exfoliate your lips to remove these dead skin cells. The best way to do this without causing more damage is with a clean toothbrush. Carefully run the toothbrush over your top and bottom lip and move it in circular motions.

If you feel like your skin is getting a bit dry, apply a moisturising cream with the toothbrush. Wash-off with tepid water, and pat dry with a paper towel.


Apply equal parts of sugar and water and mix to achieve a fine paste. Carefully run this back and forth over your lips to remove any additional dried-up skin. For best results, leave on for 3-5 minutes, then carefully wash off and dry. Your lips should feel super-smooth!


Keep your lips moisturised by applying a thick formula before using a lipstick. This step is extremely important because it won’t leave any lipstick residue between the lines of your lips (which is a nightmare to remove). Wait for the moisturiser to settle in your lips completely, and then jump to the next step.


Carefully line your lips with a sharp lip liner. This makes it so much easier to apply a dark lip, which can be quite tricky! Take care when you’ve reach the top lip (near the cupids bow), and use a cotton tip to remove excess product.


Use a lip brush to carefully colour in the rest of your lips. This step should be relatively easy if you have lined your lips well in the previous step. After you’re done, take a tissue and press it over your top and bottom lips. Use a setting powder and brush and press over the tissue – this will keep your lips looking matte all day long!

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Makeup Mistakes You’re Making

Applying your makeup should be considered an art like no other – after years of trying to master a cat-eye flick, my eyes (unfortunately) never seem to match, let alone my technique.

Have you ever seen someone else apply their makeup and thought to yourself, have I been doing that wrong the entire time? Below is just a simple list of tips to make sure you’re left with a flawless application every single time… fingers crossed!

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This is different depending on the shape of your face, but most women seem to apply way too much blush in the first place. If you just can’t seem to control your brush to blush ratio, use a cream product and blend it in with your fingers. The heat from your fingertips will gently push the product into the skin, making it look natural in no-time.


Under-concealer if you want to be really specific. Many women want to hide their bags and veins by packing on concealer (which is usually too dark or too light) all around their eyes. Take a step back and follow these two steps to achieve a perfect finish.

1. Go and get your concealer matched in person. We all know it’s mighty tempting to buy products online, sure they’re probably cheaper and it’s like getting a present delivered to yourself (who doesn’t love that?), but in matters of makeup, it’s best to get yourself matched.

2. Apply the product with your fingers or a damp Beauty Blender. It might take a little longer, but a Beauty Blender or any other cosmetic sponge will make the concealer look flawless on your skin – without clinging onto any dry patches.


A highlighter should come with a little disclaimer: do not use on all areas of your face. Although even I have fallen victim to this makeup faux pas, there really is no reason to apply a highlighting shade all over your face. Unless of course you want to look like a disco ball?

Concentrate the product on the very top of your cheekbones, and brushing it outwards into your hairline. This will give you the most natural, and sun-kissed look (trust us). Use a powder or cream if you find it hard to stick to this golden rule – pun intended.

Lip liner

Who doesn’t want larger looking lips? There is a way to make your lips plump and juicy without the need for cosmetic surgery, and a lip liner will discretely contribute to this cause – if you have a light hand.

Please avoid over-drawing your lips; not only is this painfully noticeable but your lip liner also runs a risk of rubbing off after extended periods of wear. Carefully line the corners of your lips with a sharp pencil (and a steady hand), then apply a light contouring shade over the perimeters of your mouth.


Do we even need to mention the dramatic over-use of bronzer? Try and choose a shade which will give your natural complexion a subtle glow, and apply carefully with a contour brush to give cheekbones a bit of life.

Less is always more, and you can always build-up the level of bronzer, rather than being stuck with an overly contoured face. Remember to blend the product well into your jawline, perimeters of your forehead and well into the hairline for a sun-kissed glow! Blend, blend, blend, don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time.

Have you fallen victim to any of these makeup faux pas? Let us know in the comments below.

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How To Wear Dark Lipstick

Perfecting a dark lip can be a tricky one, especially if you are new to the look. The secret is to be bold and brave, don’t be afraid to refresh your look with dark plums and passionate reds that stand out on your face. Wear your strong, statement lip colour with confidence and enjoy the enviable stares your pout can create. Here’s some simple steps to help you perfect the dark lipstick look.

Keep it simple

If you are going for a bold lip, keep the rest of your makeup subtle and simple. For a fresh look that really makes your lips pop, pull hair back into an easy ponytail and keep your cheeks and eyes quite bare and minimal, let your makeup revolve around your lips. Think about your outfit choice as well, making sure it doesn’t clash with your lippie shade. Stick to neutral tones if you want to keep it safe, or go all out and match your outfit or accessories to you lips.

Line those lips

lipstick, lip liner, lip definer, makeup,beauty products

Before you apply your gorgeous shade of dark lipstick, line your lips with a matching shade of lip liner, drawing around the shape of your lips to give them a natural border. Jane Iredale Lip Definers are soft enough to fill in your lips easily, but durable enough to provide a long-lasting base to the colour you layer over them. The great news is, they are gentle so can also be used on other areas of the face!

Colour match

lipstick, lip liner, lip definer, makeup, beauty products

Sometimes it can be hard to find the confidence to try a new colour, so a little friendly advice from an expert might be just what you need. Jane Iredale stockists around Australia offer expert advice and will help you find the perfect shade to suit your skin tone and hair colour. Jane Iredale PureMoist Lipstick leaves a luxurious feel on your lips that is hydrating and soothing – the perfect addition to brighten any outfit!

Maintenance is key

Harsh winter winds can damage your lips and leave them feeling irritated and unhealthy. We exfoliate most other parts of our body in order to remove dry and dead skin cells, so why not apply this rule to your lips? Sugar&Butter Lip Exfoliator/Plumper is your new bestie for the winter months, restoring moisture to dry, chapped lips for a smooth and nourishing finish.

lipstick, lip liner, lip definer, makeup, beauty products

These makeup tips are brought to you by jane iredale Australia. For more information and inspiration visit us at on Facebook at Jane Iredale Australia and on Instagram @janeiredale_australia.

The Day Dress

Remember Daisy in The Great Gatsby?the alluring and impeccably dressed protagonist in one of the greatest novels ever written? Every dress she wore was a precious and ultra feminine piece of work. She was not afraid to look pretty and act strong at the same time. It?s time to embrace the femininity in yourself and start wearing your dresses. We know they are tucked at the back of the closet somewhere, so bring them out and move with the spirit of Spring Carnival or those balmy ever-looming Christmas Parties. After all?it is our right to look pretty and the day dress is the way to do it. If you want to make a purchase, our picks are:

  • Red patchwork paisley and liberty print shoestring straps. Available at Go. ($90)
  • Refreshing strapless denim and white with large eye catching blue flowers. ($220) We think strapless is making a comeback. Available from Ru Mu.
  • Lisa Ho knows how to design a dress. Our pick for this season is a yellow and pink print dress covered in beautiful flowers. Princess shape neck-line with little ties makes it very feminine ($179)Hot tip: For that fantastic, smouldering, glossy eye look, mix lip-gloss with a neutral or pale brown shadow.

    Best kept beauty secret: The Body Shop?s Lip Liner in Beech. ($12.95) The ultimate colour and a product some of us can?t leave home without!

    The Wedge is Back!

    We?re talking taller than ever before to give you supermodel height. They make your legs look hot and give you the calf definition you?ve always wanted without having to put the hours in with going to the gym. As comfortable as Dr Scholls and not as painful as stilettos, they are a beauty must. You can wear them anywhere, anytime, anyhow. They look great with this season?s minis. Go wedge sister and never look short. Here is our top five for under $80.

  • Target?s striped St Moritz wedge is our favourite ($24.95)
  • In second place is Sportsgirl super chic slip-on wedge ($69.95)
  • Coming up bronze is Witchery?s brown African holiday wedge, ($69.95)
  • Fourth and heading West, which is definitely a current look, ($89.95) from RMK
  • Olga Berg Wedge is our final Seventies Pucci style, ($79.95)
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