Throwback Thursday: The Language Of Love

April 8, 2003

Lonely Planet helps you get to grips with the language of love with these extracts from their popular phrasebook series. Try these on for starters…


He’s a babe!

C’est une nana! (Pronounced: sayt ewn na-na)

Would you like a drink?

Si on buvait quelque chose? (Pronounced: see on bew-vay kel-ker shoz)

What star sign are you?

Tu es de quel signe? (Pronounced: tew ay der kel see-nyer)

You’re a fantastic dancer.

Tu danses vraiment bien. (Pronounced: tew dons vray-mom byun)

Do you come here often? 

Tu viens ici souvent? (Pronounced: tew vyun ee-see soo-von)

Will you take me home?

Tu veux bien me ramener ? la maison? (Pronounced: tew ver byun mer ram-nay a la may-zon)

Can I kiss you?

Je peux t’embrasser? (Pronounced: zher per tom’bra-say)

I want to make love to you.

Je veux faire l’amour avec toi. (Pronounced: zher ver fair la-moor a’vek twa)

Let’s go to bed!

On va se coucher. (Pronounced: on va ser koo-shay)

Oh yeah!

Chouette alors! (Pronounced: shwet a-lor)

That’s great.

C’est sensationnel. (Pronounced: say son-sa-syo-nel)

I love you.

Je t’aime. (Pronounced: zher tem)

From French Phrasebook, Lonely Planet Publications

November 13, 2014

The Language of Love (cont)

ItalianDid you check out that guy?

Hai adocchiato quello?

Pronounced: ai a?do?kya?to kwe?lo/a

Do you have a light?

Hai d’accendere?

Pronounced: ai da?chen?de?re

Shall we get some fresh air?

Andiamo a prendere un

Pronounced: an?dya?mo a pren?de?re oon

Can I dance with you?

Posso ballare con te

Pronounced: po?so ba?la?re kon te

You have a beautiful body

Hai un bel fisico

Pronounced: ai oon bel fee?zee?ko

Can I take you for a ride on my bike?

Ti posso portare a fare un giro in moto?

Pronounced: tee po?so por?ta?re a fa?re oon jee?ro een mo?to

I want to make love to you.

Voglio fare l’amore con te.

Pronounced: vo?lyo fa?re la?mo?re kon te

Kiss me.


Pronounced: ba?cha?mee

I want you.

Ti desidero.

Pronounced: tee de?see?de?ro

Oh my god!

Oh dio mio!

Pronounced: o dee?o mee?o

That was amazing!

? stato stupendo!

Pronounced: e sta?to stoo?pen?do

I love you.

Ti amo.

Pronounced: tee a?mo

from Italian Phrasebook, Lonely Planet Publications.

Italian Phrasebook

2nd edition

ISBN 1864503173

256 pp


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April 8, 2003