6 Hacks For Growing Out Your Short Haircut

Growing out is hard to do (but there are ways to make it easier).

22 Hairstyle Ideas For Long Hair That Are Perfect For Work And Play

 So you’re always ready for those after work drinks.

5 Easy Ways To Style Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are a fun way to switch-up your look, add some volume and give your hair some extra length without committing to just one particular style. Make the most of your extensions this summer with some of the hottest hairstyles that emphasise your long locks, rather than drawing attention to the tracks.

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Ballerina bun

One of the best parts about having hair extensions is the extra volume it gives. Brush hair into a slicked-back ponytail, then wrap it around the elastic to form a sleek, ballerina bun. Feel free to use extra bobby pins to keep shorter layers and stray hairs away.

5 Easy Ways To Style Hair Extensions

Voluminous curls

Wear your hair down for a special event by creating some instant texture with the help of a curling wand. Take small sections of hair, wrap them around the wand for 7-10 seconds, then release and shake the strand of hair. This creates instant volume without the use of hairspray!

5 Easy Ways To Style Hair Extensions

High ponytail

For a day at the gym, keep hair away from your face with a high ponytail. This style is also friendly for extensions, since you can easily hide any tracks.

5 Easy Ways To Style Hair Extensions

Half-up half-down

Who else feels like this hairstyle is a not-so-subtle nod to the nineties? Make the most of your extra length and volume by dividing hair into two sections and making the top into a high ponytail. It gives the illusion of extra hair without getting into your face!

5 Easy Ways To Style Hair Extensions

Fishtail braid

Keep your extra hair looking tangle-free in a popular protective hairstyle – the fishtail braid. If you find it rather difficult to master (YouTube tutorials are always easy!), then a standard braid is also ideal.

5 Easy Ways To Style Hair Extensions

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Get The Look: Lauren Conrad’s Faux Bob Hairstyle

Are you thinking about taking the leap and chopping off your hair into a bob?

For some of us, not only is this a huge step style-wise, but it’s actually kind of emotional!

If you just can’t commit to the idea of short hair, try this faux bob hairstyle which celebrities such as Lauren Conrad love to wear.

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  1. Part your hair with a thin comb from back to front, creating a small bun with the strands at the nape of your neck.
  2. Curl this up, and clip it away with a few bobby pins.
  3. Repeat this step on the very top of your scalp by parting your hair in the shape of a triangle. Start with one side, then work in sections to make it easier and cleaner.
  4. Work with each section, and simply curl the hair and curve inwards. You might require more than a few bobby pins for this step! Use as many as you need until your hair feels secure, and work from top to bottom.
  5. If you have shorter layers, let this be your guide to create a flawless, faux bob.

Image via Hairstyle Twist

Get The Look: Victoria Beckham’s Updo

Nowadays Victoria Beckham is known for her remarkable fashion design as opposed to her hair. But she always looks refined, and wears her hair in very flattering and appropriate styles for the occasion. Her classic updo is easy enough to achieve, all you need is a handful of bobby pins and an extra-strength hairspray to recreate this look.

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1. Start with air-dried hair, and work with the natural texture of your hair. Not only will this save you some time, but it’ll also guarantee that your hair will stay in place all day.

2. Carefully comb through the ends of your hair, and apply a shine serum from root to tip. This will leave your hair looking beautiful and healthy.

Get The Look - Victoria Beckham's Updo

Goldwell Elixir Oil Treatment, $28.50

3. Pull your hair up and away from the jawline at a slight angle – this look is flattering for all women, regardless of hair texture or bone structure. Then secure with an elastic band. Brush through the pony tail to give a little extra thickness.

4. Curl the hair around the base of the ponytail, then secure with bobby pins. Carefully pull out individual hairs to make this hairstyle look lived-in. Set with hairspray.

Image via Style Bistro

Tried And Tested: Minikin Hair Extensions

I’m generally pretty reluctant to make dramatic changes to my hair, especially something risky like hair extensions. We’ve all heard – and seen – the horror stories (sorry Britney Spears, we’re thinking of you). Inevitably, though, I got so fed up with my hair stubbornly refusing to grow that extra two inches that I decided to try hair extensions for the first time.

Before taking this big leap of faith, I was determined to do my research. I firstly learned there are two types of human hair extensions. Virgin hair extensions are 100% human hair, cut off in one ponytail, and have never been processed in any way. By comparison, remi (or remy) extensions – the most common type across Australia – have been chemically treated to achieve a different colour and/or to set all hair follicles in the same direction.

Further research taught me the different ways hair extensions can be applied. My hair is already quite damaged, so I wanted to avoid tapes and glues that would need to be removed with acetone. Meanwhile, weaves are more suited to people with shorter, coarser hair. That made microbeads (or microrings) the best option for my new do. The latest innovation in this type of extension is the minikin bead, which is about one-tenth the size of a regular microbead.

Like a virgin

At my initial consultation at Lady Boss Hair in Sydney’s Newtown, it was recommended I get a full head of minikin extensions, to add both volume and length. The actual application process took just under three hours, including hair colour matching (Lady Boss Hair claims to use only virgin Russian hair) and a cut and style at the end.

Minikin Hair Extensions

A month down the track, I’m pleased to report that my experience with minikin bead hair extensions has been mostly positive. I’ve certainly received lots of compliments from loved ones about how healthy my hair is looking, how much it has grown, etc., so the virgin hair was obviously a good call. Personally, I’m also pretty pleased to be rocking my favourite styles with longer, thicker hair that everyone else thinks is my own.

Keepin’ it real

Some specific maintenance is required to naturally integrate the minikin extensions. For example, your own hair needs to be strategically styled to mask the beads, especially with ponytails and other up-dos. (This is probably partly why stylists won’t apply extensions to hair shorter than 10 centimetres.)

The virgin hair extensions also need to be washed with non-sulphate products, which may be an added expense for some. And whilst the extensions can be blow-dried, straightened, and curled like your own hair, a wide-tooth brush or comb is required to avoid tugging at the extensions. That’s fine if you’re happy to wash-and-wear, but a proper blow-dry takes longer than normal because individual sections need to be carefully separated and lifted to limit pull on the beads. Even with these precautions, I found that individual extensions started dropping out after a couple of weeks. So far, it has only happened when I’m washing my hair, but I am returning to the salon to have my extensions re-fitted/adjusted after just four weeks – well ahead of the prescribed six-eight weeks – to avoid any embarrassing situations.

Minikin extensions? Yes or no?

I’d certainly recommend minikin bead extensions if you’re looking to add natural-looking volume and/or length to your hair, but do beware of the time and costs for ongoing maintenance. You’d also better sign up with a stylist you like because you’ll be undoubtedly be spending more time in the salon chair each month.

By Deanne Jackson

Hair Growth Supplements – Would You Try Them?

Want to grow super-long and thick hair without waiting months or even years? Now you can get the hair of your dreams without turning to often expensive extension pieces, or even waiting up to a year for your hair to grow.

Hair supplements are widely popular, some of which even endorsed by Kim Kardashian – so exactly what are these products made from, and do they actually work?

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What ingredients help hair to grow?

If you want some extra assistance in the hair department, look out for these three ingredients which will help to make the process a lot smoother. They include:


Most hair supplements include a special little ingredient called Biotin, which encourages the production of protein. Used for both hair and nail growth, biotin protects the hair follicle against dandruff, dry patches and hair breakage. Used best on men or women who are suffering from damaged hair and brittle nails.

Omega-3 fatty acids

Taking a fish oil supplement or simply indulging in some smoked-salmon on a weekly basis will help to control any hair problems you might be experiencing. Why? Salmon is a fatty fish which is packed with omega-3, and helps to hydrate your hair from the inside out. Pretty remarkable, isn’t it! This awesome nutrient is also found in avocado (which you can layer on top of your salmon, yummy!).

Vitamin B

The last ingredient which is usually found in hair supplements is vitamin B. This essential vitamin is important in regards to hair growth, since it actually helps in preventing hair loss. Did you know that vitamin b12 helps the body to absorb iron, which counteracts any iron deficiencies you may be suffering from.

Do hair supplements work?

Although hair supplements seem to appear to good to be true, it’s because they probably are. They probably won’t make your hair grow much faster, but they will encourage a tiny bit of hair growth – although you won’t be able to control where. This means hair on your arms, face, legs and other unmentionables gets thrown into the mix – so is it really worth it?

The good thing about hair supplements is that they work from the inside out – that is, they will help to keep your hair shiny and free from damage. Otherwise, you can always include foods such as salmon, avocado, almonds and even eggs into your diet and eat your way to stronger, healthier hair!

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How To Get The Chop: Long to Super-Short Hairstyles

Have you ever wanted to cut your long hair into a short and edgy hairstyle, but are too afraid to take the leap of faith? Many celebrities such as Miley Cyrus and Natalie Portman have both chopped their hair for various reasons – and look amazing with their new style. Below is all the information you need to know if you’re considering changing up your hair in a big way.

It grows back

If you’re thinking about giving your hair the chop – why not just go out and do it? Decisions like this are often difficult to make, but remember that it is just hair at the end of the day.

Step by step

Instead of going to the hairdresser and getting a super-short haircut in just one session, take it one step at a time. Someone with really long hair might want to cut it up to their shoulders, then return back to the hairdresser once more for the cropped hairdo. Go back home and wash, style your hair and see how it works within your lifestyle. Before Miley Cyrus went for the big chop, she cut her extremely long hair just above her shoulders to make sure she really wanted to commit to this style.

Does it suit my face?

Before contemplating any radical hair change, make sure that it will suit your face. We have previously outlined the best hairstyles for your face shape before, so this guide should really help you to make that final decision.

Short haircuts by face shape

Pixie: This very short hairstyle works well with a fringe, with hair slightly shorter in the back and longer at the front. Best for oval, square, round and heart-shaped faces.

Wavy shag: Choose a shaggy bob which is perfect for softening the harsh edges of your face and chin. Pair with a light fringe if you want to frame the top-half of the face. Best for squares faces.

Blunt bob: A blunt bob helps to take the focus away from the structured areas of the face, and looks sweet when is slightly shorter in the back and longer in the front. Add some subtle highlights at the front of the face to highlight the cheekbones. Best for heart-shapes and square faces.

Messy chop: A soft, layered cut is a low maintenance hairstyle which is best for women who constantly want to avoid using heat products. Add a little bit of thickening spray at the roots for some texture, then scrunch product into the ends until it dries. Best for round faces.

Image via Mindful Trends

How To French Braid On Long Hair

Long hair can be quite difficult to style yourself since it’s often too much to handle for one person. French braids work well for every hair type, since they are easy to learn and will hold hair for hours on end before untangling. All you need is some hairspray, a little patience and a good technique.


1.  Brush your hair out carefully so there are no knots and tangles. Decide whether you want to leave out your fringe (if you have one) or side layers, and quickly pull that hair to the front so it won’t interfere with the rest of the braid.

2. Then start by taking a small section from the top of the head. Then separate it into three main strands – this will be the foundation of your french braid.

3. To start off, use the right strand and cross it over the middle, then cross the left side over the middle. This will begin to look like a normal plait.

4. Switch the braid over to your left hand, then take a small section from the right and add it onto the strand. This will make the braid thicker and longer as you keep plaiting it. Remember to keep the braid nice and tight to the scalp so it won’t fall out.

5. Keep braiding until you have reached the nape of your neck. By this stage, the braid should feel tight and as close to the scalp as possible. If you have made a mistake along the way, now is the best time to fix it before finishing up.

6. Now onto the easiest part! Simply braid the rest of your hair as usual, then secure with a hair tie. Spritz some hair spray onto the hair to hold it into place, or even some sea-salt spray so it can develop some nice curls until you choose to take it out.


  • As with most hairstyles, this technique will take lots of practice before you achieve an easy braid. Keep a mirror behind if you are finding it difficult to see what’s happening back there.
  • Make sure to brush your hair well before starting. This will make it so much easier to finish the french braid, since no hair will get caught along the way.
  • If you’re finding it difficult to master the technique, why not try it on someone else first! This will allow you to improve the braiding technique, while you can also see what you’re doing before attempting the hairstyle on yourself.
  • People with many layers may find it difficult to keep a neat french braid. This all comes down to personal preference, since many braids look even better when they’re slightly undone.

Image via Women Hairstyles

By Felicia Sapountzis

The Beginner’s Guide To Hair Extensions

Are you after longer locks or just want a thick set of hair to work with? Hair extensions suit a variety of needs and can look amazing if you know how to treat them right. Regardless of which colour and style you choose, hair extensions are usually defined as various layers of hair which are meant to be applied onto the scalp in either clip-in, bonding, weaving or micro-rings. Below is just a short guide for choosing the extensions which are right for you and your hair.

Clip-in extensions

Probably the most popular and inexpensive form of extensions, clip-in’s are the best option for beginners since they are easy to put it and take out of hair if you change your mind. These come in a variety of colours, lengths and sizes which you (or your hairdresser) can style and flawlessly fit into your own hair. Perfect as a semi-permanent look for a night out or a special event.


This process involves taking the hair extensions and bonding it onto the existing roots of your hair. A great option if you want to invest a little more into your hair, since it’s better for the longterm and will give you a flawless finish when completed. Bonded hair extensions can last up to six months, but require many hours to complete depending on how thick and long you want your hair to be.


Weaving is an extremely popular way to achieve long locks without harming your own hair. Natural hair is styled into cornrows (with the fringe and layers at the front usually an exception), then a weave is sewn onto the hair to hide any tracks. This method is usually much quicker than bonding, and is a great option if you want your hair to grow without waiting it out. Despite this, weaves are usually heavy and inconvenient so it’s best to weigh out the options before considering this method of longer hair.

Micro rings

Probably one of the most comfortable ways to achieve longer and thicker hair, micro rings are the most popular tool salons use at this present time. The small micro rings are made from a combination of plastic and silicone which are usually coloured to blend into your natural hair line. The extensions are then attached onto your real hair and flattened so you can brush, shampoo and style your hair with ease. You will have to go back to the salon every few months to get the micro rings tightened since they will drop every time your natural hair grows.

Image via DKW Styling

By Felicia Sapountzis

4 Tips For Healthy Hair

Thick, long hair isn’t always due to genetics as some might suggest. Eating correctly and receiving the necessary vitamins and nutrients from food can help achieve healthy hair before you know it. If you aren’t getting these nutrients from food, supplements are also available to help in this battle for long locks.

Don’t overtreat it

How often do you wash your hair? There is always a great debate over how many times a week women should wash their hair. Washing too often could lead to scalp problems and drying which are a terror to deal with. Only wash your hair when it needs it, and be sure to alternate shampoo’s since hair does get immune to the formula. Regularly let your hair air dry, and limit the use of straightening or curling products since this does damage hair.


Diet is a large factor which contributes to healthy hair, and an overall healthy wellbeing. Foods which are high in Silica help to renew hair by stopping breakage at it’s source. These include oats, rice, cucumbers, lettuce, potatoes, strawberries and avocados. Similarly, the key to eating the way to great hair is all about the vitamins that the body requires to keep those locks healthy. Iron, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, and Omega -3 are all imperative steps to luscious hair which can be found in easy to find foods such as meat, vegetables and fruits.


There are many hair oils on the market that promise to deliver shiny hair after just one application. The most popular include Moroccan Oil and Macadamia Oil, which if used in moderation can dramatically change the appearance of hair over time. Treatments like this should be used once a week, and applied at the ends of the hair. If used too much, hair does become dependant and could dry out if you choose to eventually stop using it.


There are many hair, nail and skin supplements that can work wonders on improving hair growth and shine. Look for products that include Silica and Blood Orange which help to form healthy bone tissue and collagen. As we age, the amount of Silica in the body is not as easy to replace, and should be topped up by a supplement or eating foods with this nutrient.

Image via BBC Good Food

By Felicia Sapountzis

3 Office-Friendly Hairstyles For Long Hair

Having long hair can be difficult to tame on the best of days, so creating a go-to hairstyle for work should be effective and time efficient. Put away hair straighteners, curlers and simply roll out of bed and try one of our top three hairstyles for long hair.

Donut bun

A more sophisticated way of wearing your hair in a high bun, without the fear that your hair will distract you or fall into your face during the day. The foundation of this hairstyle requires you to use a donut bun, or sock which is circular and hollow in the middle. This is a chic look for the office or a night out.

  1. Firstly brush your hair so it’s free from any knots, then put it all behind your shoulders. Tie into a low or high ponytail, depending on where you want the bun to sit, or where is most comfortable.
  2. Take the donut bun, and put it through your hair.
  3. Try to cover the donut bun with your hair, and then tuck it in so no strands are visible. Pin any loose strands of hair with bobby pins if they don’t fit into the donut bun.
  4. Remember to pick a bun which is the same shade as your hair, so it doesn’t stick out if your hair moves out of place during the day.

Side ponytail

A side swept low ponytail is perfect if you’re short on time. Simply let your layers or bangs out, tie hair loosely and position to your preferred side. This is a great look if you have naturally curly hair since it gives the hairstyle body. Some hairspray would be ideal to hold the entire look together all day long.

The pouf

If you choose to wear your hair down for the day, try incorporating the pouf to give the hair some amazing volume. This look only requires a few bobby pins, hair spray and playing around with the hair until you find what suits you.

  1. Take the top strands of your hair into a half-up, half-down hairstyle and spray with some sea salt.
  2. Pin back these strands of hair, and create volume by teasing at the roots if you have the extra time. If not, simply use hair spray for some faux volume and let your layers out at the sides for a fun look that works just as well for the office.

Image via Obiter-Dicta

By Felicia Sapountzis

5 Long Celebrity Hairstyles We Love

Struggling for ideas on how to style your long hair? From Elle Macpherson’s signature long locks to Isla Fisher’s bombshell waves, we’ve chosen our favourite long celebrity hairstyles to inspire you, with tips on how to recreate the looks at home.

Elle Macpherson’s beachy waves
Elle gives us serious hair envy, and there’s good reason why she’s rarely sported short hair – with locks this long and luscious, you’d be mad to chop them off. Beachy waves are effortlessly beautiful, and a favourite celebrity hairstyle of everyone from Elle to fellow beach babe Blake Lively. This is a great style if you’re growing out a fringe, just brush it to the side and let it blend in with the waves.

To recreate Elle’s beachy waves, blow dry wet hair on low heat. Add a tiny bit of styling gel, and then ruffle the hair with fingers. We also love spraying hair with sea salt spray with gives it a natural, just-back-from-the-beach vibe. 


Sarah Jessica’s Parker’s super straight hair
Another fabulous after 40 celebrity rocking gorgeous long hair. Who says you have to cut your hair when you get older? If your hair is long and strong, bravo! Sarah transitions from big waves to super straight hair, and looks gorgeous in her current incarnation with shiny golden hair with a centre part and layers around the face.

As long as your hair is in good condition, poker straight hair is one of our favourite long hairstyles. Blow dry your hair, mist with a heat protection spray, then smooth and straighten with a flat or straightening iron. Finish with a light hairspray to tame flyaways and protect from humidity (the enemy of straight hair!).


Kim Kardashian’s loose waves
Kim Kardashian is the queen of celebrity hairstyles, changing her hair colour and cut every other week it seems, and she’s just gone back to brunette after a blond phase (for her first Vogue cover). We love the caramel highlights to stop the hair colour looking too flat.

Kim’s thick, slightly wavy hair is easy to achieve if you have straight or naturally kinky hair. Blow dry your hair straight, and gently curl a few strands around the face and back of the head, brushing out to keep the curl soft and loose.


Isla Fisher’s 1920’s curls
Isla Fisher’s soft, bouncy curls never go out of style. It’s such an elegant, feminine look that compliments any outfit from your favourite summer dress to evening glam. Isla Fisher has worn different variations of glam curls to nearly every red carpet event, never better than at this year’s SAG Awards cascading over one shoulder.

Long curls are easily compatible with a fringe, layers and different hair textures. Luckily, you can achieve the same look at home with a one and a half-inch curling iron and a smoothing serum to tame flyaways.


Abigail Breslin’s half updo
We love Abigail Breslin’s half updo is a less formal hair up style that’s perfect for parties, weddings and weekends. It’s just the right side of a 1960’s hairstyle, not too bouffant, and frames her face nicely.

Recreating this hairstyle at home is not as tricky as it seems. All you need is a curling iron, a backcombing brush, bobby pins, and a firm hold hairspray. Just curl the hair all over, take two sections from either side of your face and pin  in a chignon or bun high at the back of the head. Secure with hairspray and you’re set!

Which celebrity has your favourite long hairstyle?

Elegant Formal Hair Styles for All Hair Types

You may not be walking the red carpet at a gala Hollywood premiere, but at some point, a dressy occasion will come up and you’ll have the need for formal hair styles. Whether it’s a wedding, a work event or a holiday party, you want to do something elegant and glamorous with your locks. Here are a few formal hair ideas for long, curly and short hair.

Long hair

Of today’s style icons, none has the flair of Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, when it comes to formal hair styles. This royal beauty wears her long, silky locks down on most occasions, even the most official ones. To add polish, she curls the last few inches for a look that’s polished and sophisticated.

When she does wear her hair up, the Duchess avoids getting too severe by braiding the hair on the sides, then pulling the braids back and wrapping them around a soft, low bun at the nape of her neck. This trend-setter also has been seen wearing her hair half up, half down, with a small bun at the back of her head.


Short hair

Victoria Beckham usually wears her hair in a short bob that’s longer in the front, and for red carpet occasions, she spices up her style several ways. One style involves curling strands at the crown and around her face for a softer look. Beckham has also been seen with her short hair side-parted and slicked back behind her ears.

Other short-haired sirens dress up their formal hair styles with glam accessories like headbands, barrettes, flowers and combs. Why not add a tiara for extra sparkle?


Curly hair

One totally feminine and beautiful way to dress up curly hair is to pull the front part away from your face, clip it with an ornament and let the curls fall down your back. Alternately, part it on the side and let the curls fall over your shoulder, or pin up your hair in a romantic bun like Taylor Swift.

Curly hair also works well in flowing movie star styles—think Rita Hayworth or Veronica Lake. If your curls tend to have a mind of their own, tame them a bit by wrapping around a curling iron to form loose, soft waves.

What are your favourite formal hair styles?

3 Ideas For Wedding Hairstyles

On your big day, you want to look amazing, so you’ll want to spend some time choosing between wedding hairstyles. This is not the time to experiment with a radical new look, but you do want to glam up the style you already have. Here are a few tips for picking the perfect hairstyle for your wedding.


Up or down?

To wear your hair up or down is the number one question when it comes to wedding hairstyles. The common wisdom held that the updo was the most elegant way to go until recently, when Kate Middleton wore her silky brunette locks cascading down her back for the Royal Wedding. If you love the way your hair looks flowing over your shoulders, and wearing it that way makes you feel beautiful, go for it!

On the other hand, there are definitely pros for the updo, since it gets your hair up and off your face, letting you show off your beauty—and your earrings—to best advantage. For a true princess look, add jewelled combs or barrettes, or weave a tiara into your headpiece. If you can’t make up your mind, wear it half up, half down!

boho bride

Take a cue from your dress

You want your wedding ‘do to coordinate with your gown, so go with a similar theme. If you’ve chosen a boho-style dress, opt for a style that’s not too fussy, such as beachy waves. Add headbands, flowers or even feathers to carry out the look.

If you’ll be wearing a glamorous gown, go for the movie star look, with tons of volume. Try a fabulous updo and top it off with a glittery tiara.

For a dress that’s simple and elegant, you can go all out with lavish curls or softly straightened hair – just avoid anything too stylised. Your hair can be up or down, as long as it flatters your overall look.

short hair bride

Wedding hairstyles for short hair

Just because you usually wear your hair short doesn’t mean you should make a drastic change for the wedding. Give your bob a bit of glitz with a jewelled headband, or use volumising mousse to pouf up your pixie cut. When Anne Hathaway wed soon after cutting her hair ultra-short for her role in the film Les Miserables, this fashion conscious celebrity covered her crop with a super-glamorous headpiece designed specially to work with her ‘do.

Whatever ‘do you choose, make it yours. This is your day, so pick a style that suits you and makes you feel like the most beautiful bride in the world!

What are your favourite wedding hairstyles?