Why Healthy People Are So Miserable

Turns out being skinny isn’t everything.

Lose Weight And Never Diet Again

Yoga teacher Zali Nash explains how to lose weight for good in this extract from her book Enough Already! How To Lose Weight Once and For All and Reclaim Your Life.

I was fed up with dieting. I was frustrated and bemused seeing my friends, colleagues, students and myself go on a diet, lose weight and then put it all back on with a dollop of extra fat on the side for good measure. It doesn’t matter if you are trying to lose three kilos or one hundred, studies from universities such as UCLA have shown books and programs that just deal with diet and exercise will help you lose weight, but they won’t keep the weight off long term. In fact, numerous studies suggest, you will end up putting extra weight on.  The catch is, that until you address the issues behind the weight gain …I mean the real, meaty bones of the issues, you can try every program and read every book, but you will still find yourself putting on the weight again and then some.

As a yoga teacher, I have worked with scores of people who are struggling with their weight. I have witnessed and felt the pain, the frustration, the anger and the blame that comes when they keep self sabotaging their own attempts to lose weight. What I am always really listening to, is an unsatiable hunger to come back to the true self, a desire to shed the kilos of pain that they may be sheltering behind; to drop the layers of guilt over deeds gone wrong. For many  I am listening to an ache to strip off once and for all the drudgery of an unfullfilled life.

The inspiration for this book came from a beautiful young woman. Let’s call her Sarah. I worked with Sarah for about eighteen months as her boss in my corporate life. She was immensely over-weight. She was always on a different diet. Slurping away at different green goos and chemically laden chocolate shakes. She had pictures on her desk of a slimmer, glowing self that exuded confidence and joy. I could see the pain she was in, hidden behind a sassy, bold facade. We did lots of work on developing her profesional skills at that time. She had motivation and ambition to burn. Yet, she was moody, self sabotaging and underneath it all, red raw and aching from the pain she was in. I eventually found out that she was raped.

It all made sense to me. The layers of fat kept her safe from straying male eyes. The additional chunkiness was there to snuggle into; to comfort her. To keep the pain stuffed down deep inside. Her moodiness was her true self’s tantrums at what she was doing to herself. She ached and hungered to become all that she could.  I never took the chance to work this through with Sarah. It wasn’t my role at the time. So this one’s for you Sarah.

The two ways to get the chunk off the body are without doubt:



We look at both of these sections from a new, empowering perspective, with execrsises that help address your attitude as well as the physical steps you can take to get the weight off. This is all done from a new and empowering perspective.

The most important bits to me; the bits that will make the skin shimmy with happiness, are the bits that KEEP the weight off and most importantly will hopefully bring you some joy.

This is what will help you:

Deal with any baggage and rot from the past.

Learn to accept, love and like dare I say it like yourself.

Live in the present moment every day.

Begin to live the life you are meant to.

Enough Already! How To Lose Weight Once and For All and Reclaim Your Life by Zali Nash is available at all on-line bookstores. Visit http://www.pathtocontentment.com/weightloss/ to find out more.

Cut Out The CRAP And Lose Weight

Personal trainer and founder of Enliven Fitness Studio Michael Wilson explains how cutting out the CRAP (carbs, refined sugar, alcohol and processed foods) is one of the best ways to lose weight fast. He shares his top tips on shedding kilos – and inches.

1. Cut out the CRAP – carbohydrates, refined sugar, alcohol and processed foods

A diet high in carbohydrate and sugar (eg bread, cakes, chocolates, chips, fast food and alcohol) actually encourages the body to store more fat and thus prevents you from losing weight. These types of food fail to satisfy hunger for very long, and soon enough you become hungry again and turn to CRAP to gain quick energy. This vicious cycle of eating leads to weight gain and can eventually result in diabetes.

Solution: Restrict or completely remove refined carbohydrates, sugar, alcohol, caffeine and processed foods.

Eat fresh, nutrient-dense whole foods (preferably organic and sustainable, that does not contain pesticides, preservatives and additives).

2. Stress

In our modern reality, stress is a common occurrence. Stress can have a damaging effect on the body, and could be the reason why you are having trouble losing weight or achieving your fitness goals. The body responds to stress of any kind by triggering its “fight or flight” response, which causes blood sugar alterations and hormonal shifts that can actually promote the storage of fat.

Solution: Minimise stress in your life. Think of solutions that you can lessen or remove these stressors. Perform regular relaxation and meditation. Go for regular walks in nature to help de-stress from these everyday pressures.

3 . Skipping Meals

Skipping even just one meal can cause a disruption to the balance of important hormones and enzymes within the body, resulting in an elevation of stress hormones. Skipping meals puts immense stress on the body by forcing it into a catabolic state. When this fasting state is broken your body responds by increasing fat stores to avoid the possibility of this stressful event occurring again.

Solution: Eat every 3-4 hours which will maintain stable blood sugar levels without causing a catabolic state.

4. Yo-Yo Dieting

These diets may initially promote weight loss however this is done in an unhealthy manner, and often have high fail rates with people quickly gaining the weight back. These diets will fail to give you the long-lasting results that you desire as they do not sustain a healthy metabolism.

Solution: Eat healthy fats in the form of meat from organic and pasture-fed animals, raw butter and dairy products, free-range eggs, avocadoes, raw nuts (soaked and dried), coconuts and seafood. These healthy fats will promote the healing and rebalancing of your hormonal system, will satisfy your hunger for longer and prevent you from overeating.