How to Love Your Work?

Get up in the morning with a spring in your step thanks to these tips.

What is love? Mmm… to some it is an uncontrollable feeling of ecstacy. To others is a feeling of deep contentment and certainty. What is it for you? What feeling are you looking for? How do you want to feel about your job? After you get clear on what being in love with your job again looks and feels like. It’s time to take responsibility and make the changes required to make it happen. You’ll be bounding out of bed excited about the work day ahead in no time!


Let’s look at what irritates you at work for example:



Phone calls

Report writing

My boss

My office space

Noise outside

No kitchen or showers

Boredom- nothing to do most of the time

Investigate exactly what it is. This may mean you need to monitor your days for a week and note exactly when you feel annoyed, bored, frustrated. Journal your days and at the end of the week notice what is exactly that irritates you.

The first step is clarity- finding the cause. Once this is identified it means looking at ways to change the situation.


So what needs changing?

List everything that needs changing – how to do it/who you need to speak with to make it happen. Whinging is boring and never gets you anywhere, so be the creator of your own world and make those changes happen.


Is falling in love a state of mind? To love unconditionally we accept another; flaws and all. It’s the same with your job – you have to love and accept it, flaws and all. Make a commitment to enjoy where you spend the majority of your time. Attitude is the key and remembering that you are in the control seat is the most important step to falling in love with your job again.

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December 1, 2001

How to Like Your Job?

Do you find that because of our slow economy, financial needs or just life situations (credit cards) we stay in jobs we really don’t love? You don’t mind your colleagues and you really don’t mind the work either. Don’t panic because it’s not a bad thing to feel ‘okay’ about your day job. In fact there are ways to feel positive and good about going to work.Accept the situation

One thing to remember is not to put your job before everything else in your life. Have key areas and determine your priorities. Some people put relationships, self, spouse, family and friends and then work. Of course you can’t be unrealistic and think that work will never get out of control on occasions, but, if you start prioritizing your life? work won’t get your down. Don’t apologise if your job is not on the top of your list.

Expand your outside life

If you have worked out your priorities you can now expand your life outside of the office. Make friends unrelated to your job; don’t get involved in activities that are glorified networking opportunities. Surround yourself with positive people that inspire you.

July 1, 2001