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Maintaining a healthy sex life can be a challenge, with lifestyle factors generally determining when we’re in the mood to get down and dirty. Well, ladies, a new survey has revealed just how different our libidos are from the opposite sex, with men wanting sex for breakfast and women for dessert.

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According to the findings, a women’s libido peaks between 11pm-2pm, or 11:21pm to be exact, while a male is more inclined to feel sexy between 6am-9am, with 7.54am their ideal time to get hot and heavy.

Nearly two thirds of females and 50 per cent of men said they wanted sex just as much as their current partner, but surprisingly only 11 per cent of women said they wanted to rise and grind (pardon the pun), while a mere 16 per cent of males felt like getting frisky late at night. Talk about being at polar opposites of the sexy-time spectrum!

The Lovehoney study, which surveyed 2300 people, also looked at how couples’ sex drives varied throughout the week. Most men said their sexual desire was fairly constant, however 36 per cent of women said their moods affected when, and if, they were feeling turned on. There’s something to be said for a women’s hormones!

The only consistent finding amongst both sexes was that between 4 and 6pm, sex was far from mind, with an average of only 3.5 per cent admitting that they still wanted to be passionate.

Lovehoney co-owner Richard Longhurst told the Daily Mail: “This shows that there are big differences in sex o’clock between the sexes… What is encouraging is that most people tend to find sexual happiness in the end with a partner with similar needs.”

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