The Dark Side: Top 5 Autumn/Winter Beauty Products

The big chill’s coming, baby, and with it a plethora of fab, new autumn/winter beauty products to love, on-counter now. It’s time to embrace your dark side with sexy, new, heavier fragrances and makeup in these gorgeous, darker hues. You’ll also need some TLC in the colder weather, so it’s an ideal time to invest in some lush body-care products. These are a few of my favourite things!

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Go for gold: Soccer star and doting dad, David Beckham, has never looked hotter. His secret? It’s allegedly Instinct Gold Edition, which was recently launched to celebrate 10 years of the sexy men’s fragrance. This limited-edition fragrance is said to capture “the elegance, style and modern masculinity that is synonymous with David himself,” according to the PR, so you might want to get it for your man, girlfriend!

The new fragrance is a classic fougère, blending an instant flash of freshness with a vibrant heart. Dynamic and masculine, Instinct Gold Edition has an invigorating blend of lemon and bergamot oil. David Beckham Instinct Gold Edition Eau de Toilette, 50ml, is $39 at leading department stores.

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Pure velvet: Rimmel has launched a new era of matte colour with the launch of Apocalips Matte Lip Velvet and Velvet Matte Nail Collection. This means ‘the London look’ just got sassier. The Apocalips Matte Lip Velvet, $15.95, has a new, mousse-like texture which is said to quickly set to a unique velvety matte finish with a flattering soft-focus effect. It comes in a powerful palette of four volcanic shades from rose through to a zesty orange.

beauty tips, make-up, autumn make-up trends

Meanwhile, the Velvet Matte Nail Collection, $8.95, has some of the most opulent jewel shades of the season. I love them! These fashion-forward nails are the business, ladies – no top coat needed. Choose from slate grey, purply red, dark cobalt or inky black. Put it in your diary, ladies: these babies will be on-counter from March.

beauty tips, make-up, autumn make-up trendsbeauty tips, make-up, autumn make-up trendsbeauty tips, make-up, autumn make-up trends

Killer moves: There’s not a pop star alive, at the top of her game, who doesn’t have her own fragrance. So, try Killer Queen’s Spring Reign by Katy Perry for something different this autumn. The fourth fragrance to join Katy Perry’s royal fragrance family, Spring Reign is a fresh and fruity floral featuring notes of pink freesia, may flower rose and violet petals. Housed in a pretty jewel-shaped bottle, Katy Perry Killer Queen’s Spring Reign Eau de Parfum, 100ml, is available for $69.

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Flower power: Waterlily Skin Body Spa, a new, luxury skin and body-care brand formulated with the purest botanical ingredients, will help save your skin this autumn. The Waterlily collection features a vast selection of daily cleansers, hydrating toners, smoothing exfoliants, rich mineral masques, performance serums, moisturisers, eye treatments and lip and blemish repair, all formulated with the highest quality aromaceutical essential oils and exotic infusions.

My top pick is the Pink Frangipani Collection, which has lashings of exotic frangipani absolute coupled with neroli blossom and sweet orange rind to promote beautifully rejuvenated skin. The Pink Frangipani Collection Body Wash is $37; Body polish is $50.50; Infused Salt Glow is $59; Body Balm is $53; and the Pink Frangipani and Pineapple Hand & Body Créme is $49.50.

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March 9, 2015

Beauty Etiquette 101: Make-up Application Dos and Don’ts

Should you pop a pimple on a train? Is it OK to re-apply make-up at work in full view of your colleagues? And what about applying a whole face of make-up on the bus?

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Beauty etiquette can be a minefield, especially given we’re all so time poor and rushing from one job to the next.
I myself am often guilty of hurriedly reapplying make-up in the car, while at a red-light, on the way to various tasks. Rush, rush, rush!
And, I have in the past, reapplied make-up at my desk many times without thinking it through as to whether it was offending anyone in my male-dominated workplace. So, should I have cared?
For expert beauty etiquette advice, I turned to Queensland’s etiquette queen, Jodie Bache-McLean. As Director of both June Dally-Watkins (JDW) and Dallys Model Management, Jodie (pictured) is well-schooled on good manners, deportment and grooming.

beauty etiquette, make-up advice, make-up at work

Here’s what she had to say on these beauty etiquette dilemmas:

Q: Is it OK to reapply make-up at work? Are there any exceptions?

Wearing make-up is a personal preference; however in my opinion a professional woman should wear at least a minimum of a lipstick that suits your complexion. Research has proven that an essential part of being a well-groomed professional is wearing a little make-up, which will add to a powerful first impression.

If you wear make-up, it does need to be re-applied throughout the day. Depending on where you are positioned in your work environment, common sense would dictate if it is appropriate to reapply. For example, if you are the face of the company – the receptionist – I think it would be inappropriate to apply make-up while sitting on front desk.

Alternatively, if you see clients in face-to-face interactions, a quick touch-up and mirror check would be very appropriate. Remember: 55 per cent of your first impression is based on your appearance.

Q: What is the appropriate etiquette surrounding applying make-up on public transport?

I personally would not reapply make-up on public transport, one of the main reasons being: the stop-start of traffic can lead to many a catastrophe when applying lipstick!

I think you need to be mindful and courteous of your audience: a quick make-up touch-up is fine, on say a bus or train, but if you have to spread your full make-up kit out on the poor person sitting next to you, you’ve gone too far.

beauty etiquette, make-up advice, make-up at work

Q: Why does applying make-up at work make some men feel uncomfortable and should businesswomen care?

I must admit I have never asked the question about whether or not men feel comfortable around a woman applying make-up in their presence. If we reversed the situation, how would we feel, if a man groomed his beard or shaved around us, what would our reaction be?

Make-up application is deemed a part of our overall grooming, however perhaps it is best saved for the privacy of our homes or the bathroom within our offices. I do feel a quick lipstick reapply at our desk is harmless and saves time, especially if we are running out the door to an appointment.

Q: Are there any strict beauty etiquette dos and don’ts you’d recommend?

Try to apply or reapply your make-up without an audience; pick your moment. I once witnessed a colleague reapply lipstick in a meeting: the implied message was that this person was disinterested in what was going on and was more focused on the lipstick being applied, and it did make a few of the gentlemen present uncomfortable.

I am an old-fashioned gal and believe that my grooming is my business, so I am happy to go to the bathroom or an area of privacy where I can touch up my make-up and then proceed to the meeting or the appointment feeling confident in my professional appearance.

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February 28, 2015

5 Tips To Get Ready in 5 Minutes

We are all guilty of working late and cramming way too much into one day. Only have 5 minutes to get ready before heading out the door? Leave the house feeling polished and get ready in a flash with beauty expert and Nad’s brand manager, Natalie Ismiel’s 5 tips to get ready in 5 minutes.

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Multi-tasking products

Get the most out of your beauty products and save time and money by opting for multi-tasking products. BB and CC creams are perfect time savers in the morning as they moisturise, even out your skin tone and protect your skin with SPF. Makeup tints that work on cheeks, lips and eyes are easy to use and also great for those short on time.

Time taken in the morning = 3 minutes

Say goodbye shaving and hello waxing

Don’t waste precious time in the morning with time consuming shaving. The quick and easy option for longer lasting, hair free skin is waxing. Unlike shaving, which leaves unsightly stubble, the hair regrowth from waxing is actually softer and finer with each waxing session as the hair is removed by the root. An added benefit is that the long term effect of  waxing is less hair growth overall. I recommend Nad’s Body Wax Strips (RRP $10.95) for those looking for an easy way to remove unwanted hair anytime and in just minutes. The specially crafted natural beeswax formula effectively removes hair gently and moulds to all your curves, making it easy to reach those tricky areas.

Time taken in the morning = 0 minutes (your legs are already silky smooth!)

Dry shampoo

Dry shampoo is a miracle product for when you are too busy to wash and style your hair. Not only is it great for soaking up excess oil, it can add volume, leave a nice fragrance in your hair and can lengthen the life of a blow dry.

Time taken in the morning = 1 minute

Red lipstick

Don’t have time for a full face of makeup? A simple slick of brightly coloured lipstick can instantly pull together your whole look and have you looking and feeling polished. Corals, pinks and reds freshen up your face and are on trend for Summer.

Time taken in the morning = 1 minute

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Organise the night before

Take 5 minutes out the night before to choose what you’re going to wear and store everything in an easy to reach place for the following morning. Organise your makeup and beauty products and streamline your routine so that you know where everything is and are not having to spend time trying to locate things in the morning.

Time taken in the morning = 0 minutes (it’s already done the night before)

Total Time Taken in the Morning = 5 minutes

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February 25, 2015

Top 5 New Summer Concealers

Want luminous, glowing skin this summer, with barely-there, understated make-up just like the latest runway beauty looks from New York Fashion Week? Honey, you’re going to need a good concealer. Being fair-skinned and prone to the dreaded dark circles, I can never leave the house without first applying concealer. Here are some of the latest and greatest ones to try, beauties. Shop to it!

Three times a lady: Brisbane-based natural cosmetics and mineral make-up brand, Bare Blossom, is a small but mighty one to watch. Formulated for use by most skin types (including allergy prone), this organic skincare and make-up range doesn’t contain any of the common “nasties” found in some big-name beauty brands. I’m a big fan of Bare Blossom’s Mineral Cream Concealers, $25 each, which you apply after foundation, to banish blemishes, spots and dark circles. Pictured here in natural beige, true tan and green, this hard-working trio will do the trick, trust me. I love the products’ creamy texture and good coverage. Natural beige is perfect for light skin tones, the darker true tan is good for covering pigmentation and the funky green one, believe it or not, corrects red blemishes including rosacea, pimples and acne (pictured below, left to right). Magic! To order, visit

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Animal instincts: Grrr like a tiger this spring/summer with this divine, new limited edition leopard-print Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat Collector, $57. This baby also comes in a bejewelled version, just to liven up your make-up kit. The original, and still arguably one of the best, high-end, luxury pen concealers, this moisturising and ultra-fluid emulsion promises to eliminate shadows from the side of the nose, the corners of the mouth and the hollow of the chin and expression lines. In just one click, it embellishes the eye area, making you look bright-eyed and bushy-tailed even if you’ve been up all night, dancing on tables until 3am (half your luck). Find it at leading department stores such as David Jones, visit

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Mineral magic: I’m a huge Issada fan and I adore the Brisbane beauty brand’s new Mineral Heal And Conceal Anti-Aging Skin Perfecting Concealer, $45. It’s a big product name with results to match – it’s like a secret weapon for a flawless complexion! This baby is the ultimate blemish-blitzing, scar-healing, redness-reducing, line-diffusing, eye-brightening skin treatment. It comes in a creamy, self-adjusting mineral pigment which easily melts into the skin. And there’s nothing better than a concealer that’s invisible. What’s more, it’s enriched with vitamin E, jojoba, rosemary, shea butter and more goodness. Use a lighter shade under eyes, a deeper shade for facial blemishes, and blend shades for in-between tans or on trans-seasonal skin tones. Find Issada at selected salons, spas and clinics and Issada Concept Stores. For stockists, phone (07) 3904 2288 or visit

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Walk the line: If you’re looking for good bang for your buck, and don’t like spending a fortune on make-up basics, the Clinique Line Smoothing Concealer, $36, is a good mid-budget option. This concealer minimises the look of fine lines and wrinkles, brightening the eye area, and can be used anywhere on the face that needs concealing: eyes, your outer lip line and spot areas on the face. A liquid concealer with moderate coverage, it can be used over or under make-up. I find this one is very effective on my dark circles and a little goes a long way. Find it at leading department stores such as David Jones, visit

make-up, make-up tips, beauty, beauty tips, concealer, summer

Make like a pro: The Lancome Le Eye Corrector Pro, $55, will conceal dark circles and dullness faster than the speed of light (OK, that’s a bit of an exaggeration). I like the professional feel of this concealer palette which brightens the eyes, leaving skin more supple and radiant. You can also use it to conceal all manner of skin imperfections such as my slight skin pigmentation which I’m still sporting thanks to my recent pregnancies (damn children). Find it at leading department stores such as David Jones, visit

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September 13, 2014

Brooke Shields Collaborates With MAC Cosmetics

Proud mum, television and movie actress, published author and former supermodel, Brooke Shields resonates the modern busy women to a tee, but it doesn’t stop there, Shields will release a make-up collection with cosmetic powerhouse MAC in October of this year. The pieces will be part of the ‘Iconic’ range consisting of fifteen items, with the largest celebrity shadow-palette MAC has ever produced.

There was no doubt Brooke Shields would make sure eyes and brows would be a big part of her collection and wanted to be certain her pieces could transfer from day to night easily:

“I could not decide between two different looks: One was a very fresh approach, and one was a much richer, sexier, moodier look. I said to M.A.C., ‘I had a hard time narrowing it down and couldn’t pick one or the other; you have to tell me what’s appropriate.’ I’ve always had that duality—the way I lived in the entertainment industry and went to school. I’ve always been operating in two worlds. M.A.C. said, ‘Well, why don’t we do both?’ It was amazing.”

This “serendipitous” relationship saw Shields having a significant input into the formation of the collection, after a 34 year career in the industry centered around beauty it seems only fitting this collaboration will be a creative success, “I’m so used to having my make-up done by someone else – this was really my first time to delve in personally, rather than it being a mask that’s put on for a certain photo shoot. And so many times you get asked to ‘create’ something but it ends up being ‘put your face on this,'” she told WWD.

The line is said to profit five million dollars, and to think the make-up product contract was first mentioned when Shields was fresh faced, grabbing a latte after her yoga class and bumped into a friend who happened to be with MAC Vice President James Gager at the time. After that initial coffee, and a few more meetings the collaboration was a done deal.

We love this all-American girl and can’t wait until October when we can finally perfect those famous Brooke Shield eyebrows.

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By Amy Miller

August 27, 2014

The Beauty Test (cont’d)

5. Lipstick
Staying Power:
You want lipstick to last and not crease, fade, or rub off. Quick test, run the tube across the back of your hand and see how it applies. Slippery? There’s a lot of wax in the lipstick and you’ve probably got a creamy texture which will crease in no time. Aim for a lipstick that has a silkier feel, with less slip.Have a matte lipstick and are afraid it will dry out your lips? If you have a hard time getting any colour to adhere on your hand during your test, you definitely have a dryer lipstick. A quick way to remedy is apply your chap stick or lip balm first. The moisture in the balm will let the lipstick glide on and last longer.

Colour pick:

We’re big fans of lipstick, being the number one cosmetic item that we’ll buy, even when our budget is low. And it’s also the number one item sitting in the back of your drawer as well. Why? The colour just doesn’t look right on.

How to tell before you purchase? Easy. Do the white paper test. Apply a streak to your white paper and look at the undertone. For example you’re looking at a pink lipstick. Your undertones would be any colour you see in the lipstick besides pink. Can’t see it? Apply two different pink lipsticks next to each other. You’ll really see it now. So why is it that some colours just don’t look right? Basically because there’s too much gray in the shade. Gray tones can make your skin look tired and can also change colour on your lips as well.

A few hours later, you could have sworn your now mauve lipstick was pink. See? Gray is the first colour to stay away from in makeup colours (unless you’re looking for gray eyeshadow….) and the first colour that you’ll find in makeup colours. No, you don’t need a new skincare routine, you just need to cut out all the gray tones in your cosmetics.

Lipstick undertones that will work?

Browns are warmer, softer than gray and works with a wider range of skintones. Yellow is also a great warming tone, but can look too yellow with skin tones that already have a lot of it. Red undertones are sharper, crisper, brighter, and blue is also more dramatic but can look dark after a while. White undertones brighten, makes skin tones look fresh and awake.

6. Pencils

The Test:

Okay, are we asking too much here? Pencils that go on, don’t run and smear and draw on easily without killing your eyelids. Is that possible?

I think pencils, for both lips and eyes are by far the hardest makeup item to find.


Quick test:- run the pencil between your thumb and forefinger. How it applies here will tell you how it will feel going across your eyelid. Hard, stiff pencils that don’t go on without a lot of effort will feel even more uncomfortable on your eyes. Does it bleed and smear too easily? It’ll smear super fast under your eyes. You want a pencil that will apply with the least amount of pressure smoothly.

7. Eye Shadow


The same tests for blush also apply to eyeshadow as well. But there’s an extra test for eyeshadow. The Crease Test. Rub eyeshadow between your finger tips and see how fast it disappears. The constant motion of your fingers mimics your eyes blinking. If it fades fast, your eye shadow will more than likely fade fast and/or crease as well.

8. Lipgloss

Staying Power:

Okay, we want lip gloss that looks great, stays on, isn’t gloppy, and doesn’t smear all over your mouth like a 2 year old. The test here is to find a lipgloss that’s slightly sticky, but not so sticky you feel like you’re applying taffy. The stiffer the lip gloss is, the longer it lasts, so avoid the ones that feel runny and watery. They disappear the quickest and the colour also tends to bleed easier with those types as well.


Lipglosses look great, but sometimes it feels like you’re wearing the world on your lips. Just too heavy feeling on. Quick test: Apply on the inside of your wrist. Can you feel it? Then it’ll bother you on your lips as well. If you can’t tell it’s on, you’ve got a great lip gloss.

9. Shimmer Powders

It’s Just Right:

Shimmering looks are hot and just a touch on the high points of the face and you’ll swear you look 10 years younger. A little hesitant? Try it out only at night time on that hot candlelight dinner date you have coming up. Watch out for shimmers though that have too much sparkle in them. It can make you look like you’re sweating. Not the look you’re going for. A quick test is to apply on the back of your hand and see how much shimmer you can see. If you have to move your hand in the light to catch a glow, then you have the right amount. If it looks like a light show going on, you have way too much frost.

About Elke

Elke Von Freudenberg is the Editor of The Beauty Newsletter ( and creator of The Makeup Video Collection ( Elke’s vast amount of beauty knowledge comes from her day job, as a top editorial makeup artist ( to such clients as Allure, Calvin Klein, Neue Magazine, Detour Magazine, FW magazine and many more.If you have any questions, send in to and Elke’s answers will be posted on the site in subsequent weeks.

March 8, 2002

Make-Up Palette- It is time to be Creative with a Colourful Paletette

Every once in a while, a product lands on our desks that we’re happy just to look at and not touch. To deface it with fingermarks would be a crime. It seems that the make-up palette is the new thing, they are coming in all shapes and sizes. They are all extremely versatile as well? either full of lip stains or eyeshadows. The great thing is they are so small they can slip into your little sequined bag. It is time to invest in a palette. Check out our faves. The best place to find these little jewels is at Mecca Cosmetica or David Jones.

  1. Laura Mercier Peinture des Levres
  2. Trish McEvoy Four Lipgloss Compact
  3. Stila 8-pan Deluxe
  4. Hard Candy Lip Sync Quartet

November 2, 2000

Substitute for Red Lipstick

While I love glamorous red lipstick looks on other people, no matter what shade I try, I somehow end up feeling like a porn star. As red is one of this season’s looks, this presents somewhat of a problem. So, I begged the experts for an appropriate substitute. M.A.C’s Gordon Espinet advises to go silvery-lavender with its Rockin’ Rudi lipstick. Prescriptives has come up with the ultimate crimson compromise: Starry, a lipstick with a glimmery pink shade on one side and an opalescent glaze on the other. It transforms any lip colour into a softer, more shimmery shade. Go to David Jones or Mecca Cosmetica in any capital city for these MUST HAVES!!!

July 1, 2000

Pink those cheeks!

Baby pink cheeks are bigger than ever so don’t mess with them too much. Learn how to wear your blush once and for all. The new look is part innocent, part sexy and part risque. Make-up artist Sue Devitt says they are sexy yet sweet. The trick to pink appeal is to look in your mirror and do the biggest smile you can. Grab some blush and rub it right on the apples of your cheeks. Use a powder formula if your skin is oily and a cream formula if your skin is dry. Okay, here are the favourites:

  • Blush and Lipstick in one from Sue Devitt: Available at the Sue Devitt counters at David Jones – this is a cream formula.
  • Estee Lauder Minute Blush in Minute Watermelon – this is a cream formula.
  • Cover Girl Cheekers in Plumberry Glow- powder formula.
May 3, 2000