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November 19, 2015

Interview With Celebrity Makeup Artist Lilit Caradanian

Ever wanted some exclusive tips on how to create the perfect contour and highlight from a makeup artist to the stars?

SHESAID recently chatted with Los Angeles-based makeup artist Lilit Caradanian about all things beauty, her makeup master classes in Australia, and who she would love to give a makeover.

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How did you first get started as a makeup artist?

Good question! My mum has actually been a hair stylist for about 35 years now. So I decided to go to makeup school just for fun, help her out, and do some makeup and hair together.

So it started off as a hobby?

Definitely! It started off just for fun.

What is your favourite look to create on someone else?

I like the effortless glam. A beautiful face, flawless canvas, emphasis on the lashes, and gorgeous brows. Enhancing someone’s natural features is my favourite type of look.

What are some of the most common makeup mistakes you see other people make?

I would probably say that the most common mistake is not blending the contour enough! So you actually see the lines all around the face. Another thing would probably be not blending the eyeshadow enough either. I guess the key word there would be blending!

How long do you need to blend? I feel like many women have that problem.

Yeah, it’s a little tricky. If you blend too much, you can over-blend and get rid of everything you’ve done. So, try to blend until you don’t see anymore lines.

What are some of your favourite blending brushes to use?

I use brushes from every brand actually. I have a few different precision brushes from a variety of different brands that I cannot live without. There’s nothing specific or from one particular brand.

What are a few tips every girl needs to achieve the perfect cheek contour?

You definitely need a transitional colour, that is the key. I know that the average girl does not have the background knowledge of contouring, so they just take a dark colour and line it all over their face.

But you actually need a transitional colour because the dark colour needs a medium shade in order to blend into the skin. If you’re using contour powder, you also need to use a bronzer along with it.

Do you have any tips for girls with thin or over-plucked eyebrows?

There are actually some great products and pomades that are long-lasting, so your eyebrows aren’t melting off after a few hours on a hot day. Try to keep it very natural and very soft, it’s all about layering the product and not going too heavy with it.

Regardless if it’s a pencil, powder, or gel, you want to keep it subtle and make sure to layer the product.

How can you achieve a perfect highlight without looking too greasy?

There are actually very subtle highlighters instead of the shimmery ones, so you can use something like the MAC Cosmetics Mineralise Skinfinish ($47). They have a little bit of sheen and they give the cheek a subtle glow without all of the glitter.

Do you think it’s all about layering the product, as opposed to loading too much on the brush?

Yes, absolutely! It’s all about layering the product, and if you are going to use shimmer, then it has to be one that suits your skin type. If you have oily skin, you can’t go for a shimmery product all over the face because it will look very muddy.

You’re currently in Australia for a series of makeup master classes. How do you think this would help women with their makeup?

I think it will help them tremendously because all of the girls that are attending actually are makeup artists, and they’re all amazing! But there are little tips and tricks that will completely change the finished product. It’s not so much about what you’re using, but how you’re using it.

And finally, (past or present) who are some women you would love to makeover?

Absolutely, Kim Kardashian! She is the queen and the pioneer of the most trendiest makeup looks, and she has the perfect features for them. That is someone that I’ve always looked up to as a guru in the makeup world.

What about an icon from the past?

For me, the iconic beauty has always been Sophia Loren. She would be the ideal face for me.

Celebrity makeup artist, Lilit Caradanian is currently in Australia running an exclusive series of masterclasses for WeddedWonderland (, the country’s leading online wedding magazine.

March 13, 2015

Makeup Tips: Pretty Bridal Makeup

Yes, you can do your own bridal makeup! Bobbi Brown shares her favourite products and tips for looking beautiful and radiant all day and for the all-important wedding photos.

Wedding jitters keeping you up at night? We love Bobbi Brown’s Creamy Concealer Kit and Corrector to erase dark under-eye circles and help you look well-rested and bright-eyed on your big day.

After concealing, even out skin tone with Bobbi’s Foundation Stick. Bobbi’s best foundation tip? Flash photography emphasises pink tones, so use a yellow-toned foundation to balance it out.

Avoid looking shiny by setting concealer and foundation with Sheer Finish Pressed Powder. Not only does it extend the wear of your makeup, it ensures that skin looks polished in pictures.

Every bride looks extra radiant with a little bronzing powder, and Bobbi’s is one of our favourites. It’s a universally-flattering shade with zero orange. If your dress has an open neckline, be sure to warm up your neck and chest with a light dusting of Bronzing Powder.

To truly be that blushing bride, Bobbi suggests using two shades of blush. First, a neutral shade, with a brighter “pop” shade applied just on the apples of the cheeks.
Get the look: Desert Pink (neutral shade) and Pale Pink (“pop” shade) Blush look great on most complexions.

You’ll be kissing a lot on your wedding day. Make lipstick and lip gloss last longer by lining and filling in lips with before applying colour.
Get the look: Pink Mauve Lip Liner.

Neutral and pale lip colours might look good day-to-day, but they look washed out in photographs, so choose brighter shades of pink, rose and plum to brighten up your face.
Get the look: Rich Lip Color SPF in Bikini Pink

Finish with a complimentary gloss to catch the light, and don’t forget to take it with you for touch-ups.
Get the look: Pink Tulle High Shimmer Lip Gloss

Cream eye shadow is brilliant for long wear, and we’re obsessed with Bobbi Brown’s award-winning Long-Wear Cream Shadow. It stays colour-true and crease-free all day.
Get the look: Sand Dollar Long-Wear Cream Shadow

Don’t let raccoon eyes ruin your photos. Whether you want a classic eye liner or a sexy cat eye flick, Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner is your friend.
Get the look: Black Ink Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner

After applying all your eye makeup, finish with a light highlighter shade on the browbone to make eyes sparkle.
Get the look: Bone Eye Shadow

Don’t go overboard with mascara – 2-3 coats are all you need. Just make sure it’s waterproof and budge-proof.
Get the look: Black No Smudge Mascara

What’s your favourite bridal makeup look?


October 14, 2013