Here’s What To Do With All Of Those Different Makeup Brushes

Stop guessing and start using your tools correctly.

May 18, 2017

15 Things Girls Who Don’t Understand Makeup Will Totally Relate To

For anyone who has no idea what they’re doing with makeup. 

August 24, 2016

How To Care For Your Makeup Brushes

Nurturing your skin is more than simply making a choice about the products you use. Glowing, gorgeous and professional makeup is just as much about the tools you use to apply it, but they must be cared for properly to ensure your skin is the best it can be.

Using makeup brushes day in and day out means the natural oils from your face, makeup residue and other dust and debris builds up, which is why cleaning your brushes on a regular basis is so important. To keep these nasty’s from being transferred onto your face, washing your brushes should become a regular part of your makeup routine. It will increase the longevity of your favorite makeup equipment too!

The good people at jane iredale have helped us out with a step-by-step routine for maintaining clean and healthy makeup brushes:

Warm wash

Run your brushes under warm water, rinsing out all of the residual makeup. Gently massage the bristles of the brush from the bottom up. Avoid getting water underneath the metal clasp of the handle as this can loosen over time.

Fill a shallow bowl with warm water and add jane iredale Truly Pure Shampoo & Conditioner. Softy swirl the bottom tip of your brush in the water. If the brush is particularly product heavy, add some more shampoo into the palm of your hand and lather gently into the bristles.

Remember it’s just as important to clean the handle of your brush; it can carry germs and bacteria if not sanitized properly, so don’t leave it out!

Rinse the brush tip and handle under running water once again. Repeat the shampooing process until the water runs clear from the brush when rinsing. Use a cloth to wipe your brush clean, reshaping the bristles as you go.


Once clean, lay your brushes flat on a cloth to dry. We recommend you do this process at night so the hair has enough time to dry out, ready for your morning makeup application.

Aim to dedicate ten minutes once a week to give your brushes a deep clean. It will make a huge difference to your makeup application and save your skin from pesky breakouts due to dirty brushes.

Professional tip for makeup artists

After each use, makeup artists should ALWAYS spritz their makeup brushes with a disinfectant spray before using the brush on their next client. Try jane iredale Botanical Brush Cleaner which effectively dissolves the buildup of grime, makeup and oil on both synthetic and natural hair brushes within seconds. A makeup brush sanitizer like no other, in a base of quick-drying alcohol and witch hazel, enhanced with grapefruit oil and seaweed extracts.

Are your brushes in desperate need of a scrub? You have no excuse now.

August 29, 2014

Eye Makeup Brush Cheat Sheet

Ever wondered why your eyeshadow won’t blend or even how your brows won’t hold their shape throughout the day? Using the correct makeup brushes will automatically transform your entire look, but will help makeup set naturally on the skin. Here are the essential brushes you will need to recreate any look and where to buy them from.

Brow brush

How could we forget our brows? Not only are these brushes easy to use if you’re just a beginner at filling in your eyebrows, but they are angled to achieve a natural finish. Just dip into a pressed powder and apply lightly to define brows.

We recommend: MAC Cosmetics 208 Angled Brow Brush, $39

Blending brush

This brush is mostly used to blend in any shadow across the entire eyelid. Bristles are usually quite long which help to cover a larger area across the eye. Don’t forgot to blend out your eyeshadow to achieve a natural makeup look.

We recommend: Sigma Tapered Blending Brush E40, $16

Angled eye brush

Angled brushes are used to apply gel eyeliner and define the eyes. Much easier to use than other straight brushes, since the angled bristles help to create a neat and precise line.

We recommend: Benefit Hard Angle Definer Brush, $28

Eyeshadow brush

An eyeshadow brush can be used to apply any type of shadow onto the base of the lid. The bristles are usually short and fat which easily helps to distribute product evenly. Make sure to have a few of these in your collection – some for light colours and some for dark.

We recommend: INIKA Shadow Brush, $29

Smudge brush

A smudge brush should definitely be on your radar if you want to recreate the classic smokey eye. The soft bristles help to gently create drama and blend colours from the bottom of the eyelid.

We recommend: e.l.f Essential Smudge Brush, $3

Shading brush

For a dramatic makeup look, try using a shading brush which helps to easily smooth out any harsh lines and create high-definition results. Made from synthetic bristles which are soft on the skin and won’t shed every time you use them.

We recommend: Real Techniques Shading Brush, $14

Image via Beauty Kink

July 24, 2014

5 Makeup Brushes You Need

Brushes are important for every woman’s makeup kit since they are essential in creating a simple or complex makeup look. Some products are best applied with hands, particularly eyeshadow primers, concealer and face primer. No need to splurge out on every new brush set out there on the market, there are only five brushes you need to create a basic makeup look.

Stippling brush

The stippling brush is used to apply foundation, blush and bronzer flawlessly onto the face. The stipple uses various dots and flicks to push the product into the skin, making it look ‘barely there.’ The brush basically has a flat tip, and works better than a paddle foundation brush which only places the makeup around the skin. Used best when product is transferred onto the hand, and the brush is lightly dipped into, then applied onto the face. Push the brush over trouble areas to make sure that the makeup has been applied flawlessly.

Blending eyeshadow brush

Eyeshadow can be very tricky to master if you don’t have the right technique, and especially the correct tools. An eyeshadow brush helps to apply the product and blend it flawlessly into the crease and remaining eyelid. Perfect for creamy or powdered eyeshadows that require a lot of attention, and if applied badly could ruin an entire makeup look. The fine bristles are arranged in an oval shape to ensure a professional application.

Contour brush

Looking for a way to inject a bit of warmth into your makeup look without over bronzing? The contour brush is an amazing tool that can define bone structure, add warmth to the face and give the illusion of amazing cheekbones. These brushes have very fine hair that is designed to pick up a small amount of bronzer or contouring powder, and won’t leave you looking super bronzed up.

Angled eyeliner brush

It all comes down to the correct brush and technique which is crucial for creating that seductive cat eye. An angled eyeliner brush is not only easy to use, but is available almost anywhere you can think of. Simply dip into a pot of eyeliner, and look straight into a mirror. Press the brush at the outside corner of the eye, and create a flick. Then simply line the rest of the eye back into the inner corner. This might take a while to master, but you will soon find a technique that works best for you. Thin brushes are easier to use and will give you a precise line if you’re a beginner.

Blush brush

Finally a pop of colour should never be forgotten, and this is best applied with a blush brush. Most of these brushes are angled, and help to contour the cheeks to complete the look. Apply the brush onto the cheeks, and don’t over-do it with the colour. Work with less product and build it up if you require a stronger look.

Image via Pincurl Mag

By Felicia Sapountzis

May 14, 2014

What Beauty Products You Should Be Splurging On

For those of you who, like me, aren’t aspiring makeup artists with more eye shadow palettes and lipsticks than you know what to do with, the department store makeup counters can be overwhelming. Should you be coughing up for a fabulous red lippie and picking up a no-name foundation? Or is it the other way around? Follow these makeup tips to find out the top 5 products to invest in:


If your skin looks flawless, everything else becomes obsolete. As the product that covers the largest area and provides the base for all your other bits and pieces, foundation is the number one product to splurge on.

It’s vital to have a foundation that perfectly matches you skin tone, so have the department store makeup consultant test it on your face before you purchase. A foundation match made in heaven is worth its weight in gold.

Eyelash Curler

This one might seem like an odd inclusion, but a good eyelash curler will last you the better part of a decade! I’m all for the gimmicky drugstore mascaras that promise you (unattainably) thick and luscious lashes, because there is little difference between the cheap and high-end mascaras. Instead, purchasing a high-end curler that has a more ergonomic design and won’t pinch your eyelids like the cheaper ones do is a solid investment. A better curler will require fewer squeezes, which means less likelihood of breaking or pulling our your eyelashes. The humble eyelash curler is a beauty must-have and my personal secret weapon.

Favourite high-end red lipstick

Red lipstick is an addiction. If you’re a chronic wearer, a quality red lipstick can be your style trademark. Regardless, at least one high-end lipstick should be in every woman’s beauty box. For fleeting colour trends, always buy cheaper brands, or for lip colours you are unfamiliar with.

Hot tip: MAC has the most beautifully pigmented lipsticks in a wide range of colours, and their Russian Red lipstick is pure perfection.

Makeup Brushes

Makeup artists have been telling us for years that good and hardy makeup brushes are a must. To have your makeup look professionally applied, you need to use professional makeup tools! Effective use of a makeup brush can make a cheaper foundation look far more polished and presentable. Make sure to buy super soft brushes and to clean them—they can last a decade if you take care of them properly.

Eye Shadow Primer and Eyeliner

Forget paying $40 for a single eye shadow by an expensive brand. Eye shadow primer is the product to spend big on. Regardless of how pigmented, crumbly or long lasting your eye shadows are, using a great primer beneath them will ensure the colour stays just as you applied it.

For regular eyeliner users, a quality product will make all the difference. If you love the pencils, the cheaper ones tend to smudge easily or fade, and the colour is never as powerful. There is a smaller difference in quality with liquid liners, but the high-end liners don’t dry out as quickly, and the finely pointed ones are less likely to fray and give you an even control.

The trick is to spend more on products that you wear everyday, instead of the other way around. Don’t waste $50 on a spectacular waterproof eyeliner if you only indulge for weddings and high school reunions. The same goes for foundations—if you rarely wear it, it might be best to splurge on a great concealer instead.

What is the product you can’t help but splurge on?

March 29, 2014