Holy Grail Products For Sensitive Skin

Having sensitive skin doesn’t mean you should alter your entire skincare routine; stick to fragrance-free formulas, and try testers instead of buying full-sized products (just in case your skin has a bad reaction).

Invest in these luxe to less products which are gentle enough on sensitive skin, and won’t disrupt the delicate nature of your pH levels.

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Use a mild, fragrance-free cleanser which is gentle enough to use on an everyday basis. Try and avoid cleansers and exfoliating agents packed with mirco-beads which have the opposite effect on sensitive skin. Massage a few pumps of cleanser into your face and neck, and wash with tepid water. Pat dry with a towel or muslin cloth.

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Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser, $9.29


Rather than using an abrasive exfoliating solution, try a powder which won’t leave your skin red and puffy afterwards. Use 1 teaspoon and combine with water before gently applying onto wet skin. For a deep clean, let the solution set onto your skin for 3-5 minutes, then remove with tepid water.

Holy Grail Products For Sensitive Skin

Indeed Laboratories Facial Powdered Exfoliator, $34.99

Makeup Remover

Cleansing oils are gentle enough to help breakdown makeup and skincare products for sensitive and irritable skin. Rather than scrubbing your face with a wipe or exfoliating, gently rub the product onto dry skin, and carefully remove with a warm muslin cloth. For a deep-clean, focus over problem area such as the nose and forehead to diminish pores.

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Youth Boosting Cleansing Oil, $15.99

Eye Cream

Light eye creams are the best option for those suffering from sensitive skin and eyes. Use day and night under your moisturiser to de-puff the eyes, and help to replenish skin while you sleep.

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Burt’s Bees Sensitive Eye Cream, $20.95

Daily Moisturiser

Most people with sensitive skin share one common problem: redness. Use a daily moisturiser which is light and creamy, but also won’t clog your pores. Apply to problem areas such as cheeks, chin, and around the nose to diminish the appearance of redness and hyper-pigmentation.

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La Roche-Posay Rosaliac Ar Intense, $39.99

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The Look For Less: Best Makeup Dupes

Why spend more money on makeup when you just don’t need to! There are a variety of beauty and skincare related dupes out there, which will save you both time and money to track down.

Below are a few essential looks for less, which are just as good as the real thing (only kinder to your wallet).

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Splurge – Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation, $92

Steal – L’Oreal Paris True Match Foundation, $29.95

The Look For Less: Best Makeup Dupes


Splurge – Nars Blush in Super Orgasm, $39

Steal – Face of Australia Blush in O-Peachy, $9.45

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Setting Spray 

Splurge – Mac Prep + Prime Fix + $27

Spend – Nyx Setting Spray, $14.95

The Look For Less: Best Makeup Dupes


Splurge – Benefit They’re Real! Mascara, $38

Spend – Maybelline Volum’ Express The Falsies Mascara, $19.95

The Look For Less: Best Makeup Dupes


Splurge – Anastasia Tinted Brow Gel, $39

Spend – NYX Waterproof Eyebrow Gel, $14.95

The Look For Less: Best Makeup Dupes


Splurge – Yves Saint Laurent Touché Eclat Radiant Touch, $57

Spend – Essence Stay Natural Concealer, $3.50

The Look For Less: Best Makeup Dupes

Gel Eyeliner

Splurge – Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner, $35

Spend – Maybelline EyeStudio Lasting Drama Gel Pot Liner, $16.95

The Look For Less: Best Makeup Dupes

Translucent Loose Setting Powder

Splurge – Laura Mercier Loose Setting Powder, $58

Spend – Face of Australia Translucent Loose Powder, $11.95

The Look For Less: Best Makeup Dupes

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Your Ultimate Makeup Routine For Summer

A change of seasons calls for a new a wardrobe, skincare and even a makeup routine. Although the warmer weather is all about keeping makeup and skin looking fresh and clear, sometimes this no-makeup look takes a bit of time to create – especially if you’re faking that summer glow!

Try these tips and products if you want to look glowing and radiant by the time summer comes knocking at your door.

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A flawless makeup finish starts with a perfect base – and a foundation which is light and breathable is ideal for the summer. Who wants a formula that ends up creases or even transfers onto clothes? Nobody! Choose a foundation which suits your skin type, and most importantly won’t clog your pores in the warmer weather.

Apply the foundation with your fingers, then blend-out with a buffing brush for a flawless finish. If you only have a few minor imperfections, then pat the product onto the skin with clean fingers.

Your Ultimate Makeup Routine For SummerNars Sheer Glow Foundation, $59


The best product for creating that glow in your cheeks is a cream blush. But did you know that cream blushes can also be used as a lip-tint? These handy little products are quick and easy to apply – all you need to do is lightly draw a line over your cheek bones, and blend with your fingers.

Take any excess product and dab it lightly onto your lips for a subtle pop of colour. This will create a perfect finish that blends seamlessly into your skin.

Your Ultimate Makeup Routine For Summer

Modelco Cosmetics Cheek and Lips, $24


Who loves a little bronzed skin, especially during the summer? You’ve certainly come to the right place! Whether you choose to contour your face, highlight your cheekbones, or simply apply it all over – bronzer is a crucial part of any summer makeup routine.

Firstly, choose a product which is either matte or shimmery – this all comes down to your own personal preference. A matte formula makes the skin look like you’re rocking a real tan, whereas a shimmery formula is perfect for sculpting and adding a little definition to your face. Suck in your cheeks, then apply the bronzer directly into the hollow.

Make sure to blend it out really well if you want a natural glow. Then dab your fingers into the highlighter and carefully pat onto the tops of your cheekbones, over the brow bone, and on the cupids bow.

Your Ultimate Makeup Routine For SummerBecca Cosmetics Shadow and Light Perfector, $65


Give yourself a healthy, radiant glow with the help of a highlighting product. There are many different ways to apply this to get the best look possible, but if you’re new to the highlighting game, it’s best to stick with a liquid formula.

Carefully dab the product onto the cheeks for a healthy glow which is the epitome of summer makeup. You can also apply the product onto your brow bone and cupids bow for the illusion of a plumper lip.

Your Ultimate Makeup Routine For Summer

INIKA Light Reflect Highlighting Creme, $39


We definitely can’t forget the eyes, which are easily one of the best ways to transform your entire summer makeup look. Use shades which complement your eye colour – but you can always play it safe and use metallic or nude tones as well.

Blend over your eyelid to create definition and add so much more dimension to your entire look. Use a soft, tapered blending brush to soften those edges, and define the crease of your eyes with a slightly darker shade. Keep blending out the product until there are no harsh lines.

Your Ultimate Makeup Routine For SummerMAC Cosmetics Eye Shadow in Woodwinked, $33

What are some of your tips for a flawless summer makeup look?

Image via Makeup By Ania Milczarczyk

Common Beauty Mistakes

Have you ever wondered why you are not getting the results that you’d hoped for after buying new products or religiously sticking to your skincare regime? Funnily enough, it might be as easy as revamping your routine. Health and beauty expert Fiona Tuck, MD of Skinstitut Australia, and author of the Myth Minx gives her top 6 of the most common beauty mistakes that may be standing in the way of your skincare goals.

1. “I just feel so used”

Using the wrong products. It may sounds like I’m stating the obvious, but so many people are oblivious to what is actually suitable for their skin, skincare-wise. As a consequence, it can be very easy to misdiagnose skin conditions and subsequently use the incorrect products for a particular skin type. For example: Problem – Purple marks in the skin that are left behind after breakouts can often be a sign of poor wound healing and a lack of nutrients in the diet such as zinc. Product – Often skin lightening products may be used incorrectly to attempt to treat these marks. Which isn’t the correct product. So, it is little wonder that the condition does not improve. Correct diagnosis and recommendation is therefore essential to effectively treat the skin.

2. “Over before it’s begun”

Giving up too quickly on a new skincare regime It can take anywhere between 4-12 weeks (sometimes more) to see a dramatic improvement in skin health. In the cases of conditions such as acne, premature aging it can often take weeks to see a marked improvement; and the skin can even get worse before it improves as the unhealthy skin cells come to the surface. Dryness, flakiness and breakouts can often be interpreted incorrectly as a skin reaction to the products. It may in fact be a sign that the skin is improving. Cosmedical ingredients are designed to change and improve the way the skin functions, not hide it therefore it doesn’t happen overnight! Patience is the answer.

3. “Too much, too soon”

Too much of anything is never a good thing! Have you heard the saying, “Too much of anything is never a good thing”? Just as overdosing on prescription medication can be detrimental to health, the same can be said for overusing cosmedical skincare ingredients! Cosmedical ingredients to treat the skin need to be used sparingly to ensure only therapeutic levels are being used. Over zealous application of active ingredients can “overdose” the skin that then results in redness, stinging and irritation.

NOTE: If this occurs stop using the products until the irritation subsides, then slowly reintroduce using the recommended prescription dosage.

4. “You’re overdoing it”

Over-exfoliating? Gentle regular exfoliation can assist with skin clarity, brightness, smoothness and radiance. However, different skin conditions require differing types and amounts of exfoliation. Too much exfoliation on a fine or sensitive skin can impair the natural protective barrier of the skin resulting in tightness, sensitivity and possible breakouts! When in doubt, less is best.

5. “Natural beauty”

Natural is best. There is so much scaremongering on skincare ingredients within the beauty industry, that quite often, the general consumer is led to believe that only natural ingredients are good for the skin. This simply is not true! In fact some natural ingredients can be detrimental to the skin. Skincare ingredient results largely depend on the quality of ingredients used, the therapeutic threshold of percentage ingredient used, delivery systems for the penetration of active ingredients and the base formula. To simply look at a label and decide if a product is good or bad is ludicrous.

6. “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”

Stronger is better Strength of ingredients does equate to results. Ingredients work best and treat different conditions at different therapeutic levels and pHs. Just because a vitamin is used in a higher percentage does not make it more effective in fact a 20 per cent vitamin serum may be less effective than a stabilised 10 per cent vitamin C serum. Remember it all depends on the quality and stabilisation of the ingredients used. A 30% chemical peel may be more active than a 50 per cent chemical peel if it has a much lower pH. Do not be deceived by the %!

So there you have it! Now the next time you find yourself looking in the mirror, then back to your skincare routine or products and thinking, ‘Where am I going wrong?’ remember these tips and hopefully you’ll be on your way to avoiding the most common beauty mistakes that stand in the way of your dream skin.

The Key To Flawless Makeup Application

When it comes to perfecting your makeup look, having the right tools is imperative. We put so much thought into the actual cosmetic products that we often forget how we’re going to apply them. Simply put, brushes can make or break the entire makeup application process.

Just like how hairbrushes are specifically engineered to detangle hair, makeup brushes are designed to sweep makeup along the curves of our faces evenly and with precision for a flawless look. It’s not a matter of having hundreds of different brushes but simply a few key ones, that when used appropriately can really enhance your facial features.

So what are the essential makeup brushes you need for flawless application?

Powder brush

A powder brush is used to apply loose or pressed powder and bronzer. A relatively large brush with soft bristles is ideal for picking up the perfect amount of powder, for even application onto the face, to create a natural glow.

TIP: Swirl, buff or swipe across the desired area to create a sheer and even application. 

Cheek brush

When blush is applied incorrectly or too heavily, you lose that subtle flushed look. With the correct cheek brush you’ll be able to deposit cheek colour without streaks or harsh lines.

TIP: Gently tap the brush to dust off excess powder before applying to the face – rather apply more after than go too heavy all at once. 

Foundation brush

The perfect liquid foundation brush will allow for easy application, reduce product wastage and leave you with flawless-looking, dewy skin.

TIP: Try using the tip of the brush to apply a small amount of product to desired areas and then hold the brush at a 45 degree angle while blending.

Shading brush

A great shading brush is a must-have due to its versatility. Use it to highlight the brow bone area or use the brush to apply eye shadow along the eye creases to create depth.

TIP: The key to perfecting the eye shadow look is to blend. Blend the edges of the colours so that the shades transition seamlessly.

Slant Brush

An effective slant brush can be used to fill in eyebrows or to apply eye liner to the lash line. It can create thick or thin lines and will help with accuracy.

TIP: If using this as an eye liner brush, apply dark eye shadow as close as possible to the lash line and if desired, wet the brush for more intensity.

We recommend: Arbonne Cosmetics Brush Set, $47

Arbonne’s newly designed Cosmetics Brush Set features six must-have brush basics for face, cheeks and eyes, all of which are artfully designed and engineered to help you create natural, everyday makeup looks with ease.  Recreated with luxurious, soft angled bristles that are non-animal derived and with natural non-toxic wood handles, these brushes glide delicately against the skin to smooth out product for flawless-looking application.

makeup, beauty products, skincare, beauty, makeup products, Arbonne Cosmetics, cosmetics

Set includes:

  • Powder brush
  • Cheek brush
  • Liquid foundation brush
  • All-over eye brush
  • Shading brush
  • Slant brush

All Arbonne products can be purchased through Arbonne’s extensive network of Independent Consultants, 1800 650 760 or online at www.arbonneinternational.com.au

Makeup Tips: Pretty Bridal Makeup

Yes, you can do your own bridal makeup! Bobbi Brown shares her favourite products and tips for looking beautiful and radiant all day and for the all-important wedding photos.

Wedding jitters keeping you up at night? We love Bobbi Brown’s Creamy Concealer Kit and Corrector to erase dark under-eye circles and help you look well-rested and bright-eyed on your big day.

After concealing, even out skin tone with Bobbi’s Foundation Stick. Bobbi’s best foundation tip? Flash photography emphasises pink tones, so use a yellow-toned foundation to balance it out.

Avoid looking shiny by setting concealer and foundation with Sheer Finish Pressed Powder. Not only does it extend the wear of your makeup, it ensures that skin looks polished in pictures.

Every bride looks extra radiant with a little bronzing powder, and Bobbi’s is one of our favourites. It’s a universally-flattering shade with zero orange. If your dress has an open neckline, be sure to warm up your neck and chest with a light dusting of Bronzing Powder.

To truly be that blushing bride, Bobbi suggests using two shades of blush. First, a neutral shade, with a brighter “pop” shade applied just on the apples of the cheeks.
Get the look: Desert Pink (neutral shade) and Pale Pink (“pop” shade) Blush look great on most complexions.

You’ll be kissing a lot on your wedding day. Make lipstick and lip gloss last longer by lining and filling in lips with before applying colour.
Get the look: Pink Mauve Lip Liner.

Neutral and pale lip colours might look good day-to-day, but they look washed out in photographs, so choose brighter shades of pink, rose and plum to brighten up your face.
Get the look: Rich Lip Color SPF in Bikini Pink

Finish with a complimentary gloss to catch the light, and don’t forget to take it with you for touch-ups.
Get the look: Pink Tulle High Shimmer Lip Gloss

Cream eye shadow is brilliant for long wear, and we’re obsessed with Bobbi Brown’s award-winning Long-Wear Cream Shadow. It stays colour-true and crease-free all day.
Get the look: Sand Dollar Long-Wear Cream Shadow

Don’t let raccoon eyes ruin your photos. Whether you want a classic eye liner or a sexy cat eye flick, Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner is your friend.
Get the look: Black Ink Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner

After applying all your eye makeup, finish with a light highlighter shade on the browbone to make eyes sparkle.
Get the look: Bone Eye Shadow

Don’t go overboard with mascara – 2-3 coats are all you need. Just make sure it’s waterproof and budge-proof.
Get the look: Black No Smudge Mascara

What’s your favourite bridal makeup look?