James Packer And Mariah Carey Step Out As A Couple

In an odd twist of fate it seems popstar Mariah Carey and Australian billionaire James Packer are an item!

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Stepping out together over the weekend, the couple was first spotted on Friday walking hand-in-hand through the streets of Italy, before hitting the waters of Capri in a speedboat.

James Packer And Mariah Carey Step Out As A Couple

Looking super smitten as they yachted around, the pair was also joined by a couple of their littlies, with Mariah spotted cuddling one of her twins while Packer’s daughter was seen enjoying a banana boat ride. If a family getaway isn’t official enough, the duo later posed for photos with Packer’s ex-wife, Jodie Meares, who then took to Instagram to share the snaps.

Meares, who has remained close friends with her billionaire ex, was also reportedly joined in Capri by her mum and her sister, suggesting that things between Mariah and Packer are heating up quick.

James Packer And Mariah Carey Step Out As A Couple

So with the family’s seal of approval and with Mariah known to head down the aisle in record time, could we be hearing the chime of wedding bells already?

Maybe so – but for the short-term, we agree with Cosmopolitan US: “It hasn’t been reported what they were doing but I imagine it was just having sex on piles of hundred dollar bills and then setting fire to them while eating struffoli and poor people. Living the dream!”

What do you think of their hot hook-up?

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June 22, 2015

Mariah Can’t Get No Satisfaction

Mariah can’t get no satisfaction

Mariah Carey has something new to complain about. The diva has recently been bitching that she hasn’t been doing the horizontal mambo since the departure of Mexican singer Luis Miguel two years ago. But never fear – Mariah doesn?t think it is due to her looks or her personality or even the size of her butt or bank balance. She believes ? get this ? it?s because she?s ?too famous?! Yeah Mariah, bet that?s it! Oh Phleease! To prove the point Carey told a German newspaper Stern, “Men think I’ll never be interested in them because I’m a star and can have whatever I want.” Maybe she should stop her singing career and concentrate on getting a boyfriend? Or is that too much to hope for?

How Halle really broke her arm

Hands up all those that remember back in May this year when Halle Berry broke her arm? The movie makers at Warner Bros. told reporters that she hurt it while performing one of the horror film’s “more physically demanding” scenes. In what was described as an on-set accident, the break forced Berry to miss quite a few weeks of filming as her arm was in a cast. Naturally, the public thought Berry may have been a little over exuberant during filming but now the truth has been revealed, by none other than Ms Berry herself. Recently, the actress has admitted that her co-star, Downey, was to blame for the break. According to Scotland’s Daily Record newspaper, Halle says, “It wasn’t like I was trying to fall 50 feet and fell wrong or did something crazy. I was doing a scene with Robert and he grabbed my arm the wrong way and broke it.” Gee whiz hope he said sorry!

Aaliyah negligence suit settled

Finally some good news for the parents of Aaliyah, the million-selling R & B singer turned movie star who died in a plane crash in 2001, aged 22. Lawyers for Aaliyah’s parents, Diane and Michael Haughton, advised in notices to the US federal court that the case had been settled with an agreement to always keep the details confidential. Aaliyah?s parents sued plane operator Blackhawk International Airways Corp for negligence over the death of their daughter. According to investigators, the plane operators did not have permission from the Bahamas to operate commercial flights. And in further reports, the Cessna 402B was allegedly overloaded by over 700 pounds, when it crashed soon after takeoff from Marsh Harbour in the Bahamas to the Miami suburb of Opalocka with Aaliyah and eight others on board.

September 16, 2003