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April 1, 2016

Retro Resurgence: Why Vintage And Rockabilly Are So Hot Right Now

Kitsch is positively cool again and retro, vintage and rockabilly have made a huge comeback if popular, new free events like Queensland’s Kitsch in the Swich 2015 are anything to go by.

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Thousands of people from all over Australia are expected to flock to this year’s third annual vintage festival at the Ipswich Mall on Saturday, September 26 from 2-7pm. Ipswich is an urban centre in south-east Queensland, about 40km west of the Brisbane CBD.

Picture more than 250 cars lining the CBD, a traditional 1950’s beach, pinup parades, live rockabilly music, the Prom King and Queen Pageant, vintage and retro markets, swing dancing and bombshell babes galore and you get a good idea of what’s in store for this year’s Kitsch audience.

The one-day fiesta, part of the Ipswich Fashion Festival, will see thousands flock to the mall for a day of fashion and fun, with special guests including West Texas Crude, Miss Chrissy from the Lindy Charm School, Swing a Billy Ray, the Eastside Belles, Bonnie Rose Burlesque and Miss Katrina Lee all hitting the stage with live music, swing dancing and more.

retro, vintage, rockabilly

Local pinup babes and cool cats are invited to strut their stuff in the Prom King and Queen Pageant, where the winners of each category will win a vintage fashion shoot and the chance to appear in all Kitsch 2016 advertising and media. The Pinup Parades will feature retro, vintage and rockabilly fashions from local and visiting fashion specialists and designers, while the Pamper Parlour will be open all day to give visitors a touch of vintage va va voom with free make-up touch-ups throughout the event.

And this year’s Kitsch will also feature two new attractions: vintage photo booth Mavis the Caravan, via, will be on-site for free photos and the Brighton Beach ’53 pop-up will feature all of the traditional 1950s seaside treats – seaside donkey rides, a Punch and Judy puppet show, canvas deck chairs for visitors to relax in and a sand area.

Kitsch in the Swich 2015 is a huge national draw-card due to the fact that the whole retro, vintage and rockabilly market is exploding, says event organiser, Ipswich City Square marketing executive Rachel Vickary (pictured).

retro, vintage, rockabilly

“There are so many avid followers now and they all seem to travel big distances to attend various vintage events like ours,” Rachel says. “They also all seem to know each other and will see each other at different events.  There are even lifestyle vintage gurus who make a full-time living doing pinup shoots, workshops, hen’s parties, swing dancing nights and more. And there’s also been a resurgence of burlesque, with women of all ages, shapes and sizes learning the old art.

“I think all this is partly due to the fact that 1940s/50s fashion was all about curves and the female shape. Back then, the women were most universally agreed to be the sexiest – Marilyn Monroe, Betty Grable, Jane Russell – were all voluptuous ladies with big busts, butts and curves. I think part of the attraction to the retro and rockabilly lifestyle is that women don’t feel as pressured to be thin in retro wear as they do in modern designs where you need to be a size 6 to wear the clothes. With retro and rockabilly, it’s possible for plus-size women to feel really sexy and pretty without the whole fat-shame thing.

“That time was also strongly influenced by music and a big step away from modern electronic music and metal. There’s been a big resurgence in swing dance music, blue grass and traditional rock in recent years, all of which have strong ties to classic car culture – think T-Birds from Grease. I’m constantly fascinated by this whole sub-culture.”

retro, vintage, rockabilly

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September 22, 2015

Why Women Should Embrace Their Inner Selfishness

“I’m selfish, impatient and a little insecure. I make mistakes. I am out of control and at times hard to handle. But if you can’t handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don’t deserve me at my best.” – Marilyn Monroe

There’s that word – selfish. It’s every woman’s worst nightmare to be called selfish, right? Well, I’ve decided to beat people to it and label myself as society’s perfect example of ‘a selfish woman.’ So, why am I selfish?

I dream of travel, not kids

Fast-forward five years and I’m not dreaming of walking down the aisle in a big, puffy white dress and sailing off into the sunset with the future father of my children. Instead, when I fantastise, I’m discovering grand castles in Prague and enjoying the amazing street art in Malta.

I’m not content with settling

Given my almost complete lack of responsibility (no partner, no kids, no mortgage), my soul rejoices in knowing that I can leave any situation that doesn’t serve me. Forget about gritting my teeth through that 9am to 5pm job I loathe or playing nice with a boss who respects no one. It’s quite liberating to know you can pull the plug on most situations at any moment.

I have made decisions that impact those around me

I see life as a wonderful cycle of highs and lows. Sometimes, experiences place us in a position that means we have to make difficult decisions that we know will have a negative impact on those around us. You know the kind of choices I’m talking about… the ones that have you tossing and turning at night. The decisions that give you belly rumblings. While I’m not advocating you go out of your way to hurt or impact others, sometimes, we owe it to ourselves to be honest, whatever that honesty entails. Otherwise, we’re doing nothing but lying to ourselves.

I say no to regrets

Anyone who’s lived long enough will be able to pinpoint situations where they could’ve (and probably should’ve) acted differently. However, I promised myself a long time ago that I would make decisions based on how I felt and what I knew at the time: not what surfaces with the benefit of hindsight. I don’t want to look back at my life when I’m 50 and think to myself, ‘I never made anything of myself because I was scared of hurting others’ or, ‘I didn’t believe in myself enough and now, I’m completely empty.’

Sure, these are the kind of things most of us associate with selfishness but here’s my question to you: am I selfish or am I just living my life, my way?

By Sarah Cannata

July 10, 2015