Are you thinking about separating from your spouse? Before you do, make sure you’ve thought things through – emotionally and practically. Hickman Family Lawyers have put together a list of questions you need...
Rituals strengthen your bond: steal one of these ideas, or get inspired to think up your own.
I hate not being able to contribute. Republished from
When the threesome finally did happen, the sex was secondary.
Could our obsession with finding the perfect match be totally wrong-headed?
Have you ever sent a drunk text that you REALLY regret? The fifth (and funniest) story in the ‘Tales of a Fuckgirl’ series…
“Ahead is a time of anguish, growth, loneliness, excitement and transition…” Republished from
Everything revolved around that dress. Until it didn’t.   I unzipped the Bergdorf Goodman garment bag I’d been avoiding since the day I moved out.The sleek white silk wedding dress hung lifelessly. It didn’t take up...
I broke free, and now I brag about it.
You aren’t here and you aren’t with me. And I was an utter fool for you.
No, it’s not beyond repair; if you’re willing to put in the work.
I never thought my husband and I would be connected by a word like rape, yet here I am.
It was his fault. Not theirs. He didn’t deserve me and I should have left years before.
Marriage should be about love and partnership, not politics and servitude.
The best relationship advice can’t always prepare you for holy matrimony.
It’s a cheap, temporary ego boost. 
For those going through a divorce; you didn’t ‘fail’ as a couple, you were set up to fail by society’s unrealistic expectations.