Napoleon Perdis ‘Next Gen’ Makeup Masterclass

Want to know the difference between your highlighter from your illuminator? Australia’s makeup maestro Napoleon Perdis is running his very first set of exclusive ‘Next Gen’ Makeup Masterclasses at MYER this weekend. Napoleon will be accompanied by the next generation of his empire which includes his wife Soula-Marie and daughters Lianna, Athina, Alexi, and Angelene.

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SHESAID was lucky enough to chat with Napoleon Perdis about his favourite products from the collection, his ultimate makeup faux-pas and the skills guests would learn from the masterclass.

What type of skills will guests have the opportunity to learn at the masterclass? 

My customers will learn a full everyday makeup routine, plus two trending colour stories. I’ll take my guests through cleansing, priming, brows, reflective contouring and base, plus an easy every day eye, a smoky eye, blush and a bold lip.

How important is it to possess some basic makeup skills? 

For a woman in control, it’s a must. From a tinted moisturiser, brow and gloss to a full routine, makeup will allow you to look polished and perfected however you choose to take on the day.

Do you have any favourite makeup looks at the moment? 

I’m loving a natural contour (no more chocolate bar contours!), a strong blush to awaken the complexion and nude in all its extremes.  Nude doesn’t have to mean naked, it’s just all about neutral tones.

Could you name the number one product from Napoleon Perdis which every girl should have in her kit? 

Remember, ‘Not to Prime is a Crime!’ My Auto Pilot Pre-Foundation Skin Primer makes your foundation last longer, look smoother and help you to achieve that fresh foundation finish.

Napoleon Perdis Auto Pilot Pre-Foundation Primer, $59.90
Napoleon Perdis Auto Pilot Pre-Foundation Primer, $59.90

What are some makeup mistakes you see other women make? 

Mask-like foundation! Your foundation should accentuate your complexion, not hide it. Blocky brows are another mistake I see so often – it doesn’t flatter the face or create a natural finish. Instead keep the perimeter of the brow soft and natural for a more modern, feminine finish.

Are there any ways to take your makeup look from day to night? 

So many ways! First touch up your base, brows and mascara. From here, sweep a warm, medium shade shadow or contour colour through the socket of the eye and lower lash line and press a neutral metallic shadow onto the centre of the lid. If your eye requires more definition, run a black liner along the upper and lower water lines and gently squint your eyes together to blend. Next, touch up your blush and highlighter and finish with a lipstick or gloss to suit your colour story. It’s all about adding a little more intensity to your look.

What is your favourite part about running the masterclass with Myer?

This is my first workshop with MYER, so I’m excited to meet my customers and discover more about her. I’m also excited that my family will be joining me and I want my consumer to feel a part of it all. It’s the next generation of Napoleon Perdis and I can’t wait!

To secure your position at the ‘Next Gen’ Makeup Masterclass, purchase the tickets online at MYER or at the counter on the day. Tickets are $149 and redeemable on Napoleon Perdis products on the day.


Date: Friday, 7th August

Location: MYER Melbourne City

Time: 5:30pm – 7:30pm


Date: Saturday 8th August

Location: MYER Liverpoool

Time: 1pm – 3pm

Our Napoleon Perdis Masterclass Winner Tells All

“If a woman needs to get something done – red lipstick will give her the confidence she needs 100 per cent of the time.” This is one of the many makeup tips provided to our recent winner of the Napoleon Perdis Everlasting Elegance Masterclass, which was hosted by international makeup artist Perdis himself. We caught up with the lucky lady, Victoria Heenan to find out all the goss!

What was it like when you arrived at the event?

When I got to David Jones the four most gorgeous men I think I have ever seen in my life greeted me. They were spray-painted silver and had so much glitter on their bodies it was as if I had picked them out of a magazine during a ‘Build-a-Husband’ arts and crafts workshop. I almost missed Napoleon’s entrance because I was busy convincing myself that the silver men were in fact winking at me and not just trying to subtly blink some glitter out of their eyes.

Napoleon Perdis, Masterclass, Everlasting Elegance Masterclass, Beauty, Tips and Tricks

Describe the moment you got to meet Napoleon Perdis…

Napoleon was wearing an orange and blue checked suit that only he could pull off with gold shoes. Everyone in the room lost it. Flashes were going off, madame beyond mascara was streaming down a few cheeks when the girls cried with joy. It was the best atmosphere. Napolean greeted every single person who came out to see him, took a photo with absolutely everyone and gave us all two kisses each. It was as if meeting us meant more to him than it did to us.

What were some of the highlights of the class?

After a glass of champagne, Napolean started his Everlasting Elegance Master class and showed us all that beauty is not something that women only experience in their youth. The class was very personal for him as he used both his wife and his mother as his models. He told us intimate stories about his family, growing up, he showed us family videos and shared how he is truly inspired by the women in his life. I thought it was really amazing that he wanted to learn the name of every person that spoke to him. I can officially say that Napolean Perdis and I are on a first name basis now.

Napoleon Perdis, Masterclass, Everlasting Elegance Masterclass, Beauty, Tips and Tricks

Can you reveal any top tips that you learnt?

I feel as if I learnt a lot at this Master class; and the most important being if a woman needs to get something done – red lipstick will give her the confidence she needs 100 per cent of the time.

Did you get to take home any goodies?

As he promised, Napolean did not send us home empty handed. We each received over $100 worth of makeup products including his famous China Doll eye liner and the most incredible eye shadow which is so beautiful, on a scale of one to ten, I jump from a high five to a five hundred in a matter of seconds.

Was there anything you were disappointed with?

The only disappointment I felt after my fabulous day was that the spray painted men did not get to see me with my new favorite eye shadow on, because I guarantee, I looked like a treat. I am very grateful to have had this opportunity and appreciated it greatly.

Napoleon Perdis, Masterclass, Everlasting Elegance Masterclass, Beauty, Tips and Tricks

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