Couple Dressing – Faux Pas or Fashion Trend

Justin and Britney, Olivia and Johannes, now even Kim and Kanye are known for their over-the-top style, but also their ability to match each other’s outfits. Is couple dressing a faux pas, or simply a way to accessorise your clothes – with each other? Below are a few tips if you want to embrace the trend with your own partner.

DON’T: Wear the exact same item

Make sure that the piece of clothing you’re wearing is fitted to suit your own body type. Sometimes wearing a unisex piece of clothing can often be unflattering, especially since it does nothing to flatter a woman’s figure. Avoid buying clothes like this online if you are unsure about your size. Try not to lose yourself in someone else’s vision – be firm on your decisions and experiment on your style until something works.

Couple Dressing: Faux Pas or Fashion Trend?

DO: Accessorise 

There’s nothing wrong with a little bit of accessorising! Fashionable couple Olivia Palermo and Johannes Huebl may share the same stylist, but they certainly don’t share the same clothes. Instead, stick to structured pieces such as a pair of brogues or a structured blazer which complements your partners look.

Couple Dressing: Faux Pas or Fashion Trend?

DON’T: Go over-the-top

Otherwise you’ll resemble B1 and B2 – allow your own personal style to shine through your clothing. If you do want to match a little with your partner, do it in a subtle way, which is also appropriate for the evening or event you’re attending.

Couple Dressing: Faux Pas or Fashion Trend?

DO: Make your voice heard

Be sure to wear the clothing you want, and don’t take fashion too seriously. Have fun with your own style, and don’t be scared to voice your own opinion if you aren’t happy with your own wardrobe. Start off by investing in classic monochrome pieces which flatter your body, and are made of high-quality materials.

Couple Dressing: Faux Pas or Fashion Trend?

Do you and your partner dress alike?

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