6 Tips for Creating a Sacred Space

If you like to meditate or would like to create a garden where you can be at one then a spiritual oasis is not that hard. You can even do it on your balcony if you don’t have a backyard. So follow these leads so your garden or balcony can become your sanctuary.

  1. Always find a focal point for the garden so that you can use it when you decide to meditate. It doesn’t matter what type of object you use. It just needs to be anything that has meaning to you. For example, a statue, a ball, a wind-chime.
  2. Every spiritual oasis needs a water feature to bring energy and sound together. Don’t panic, you can find a small fountain or a water garden with a few aquatic plants in it and this will work as well.
  3. Start a butterfly garden in a sunny and sheltered area. Butterflies are ancient symbols of the soul so the best plants to put here are cosmos or lilacs. Both of these attract butterflies.
  4. You will need a meditation path. But this doesn’t have to be done on a grandiose scale you can create a gravel path or a stepping stone walkway.
  5. Find an old second hand bench to put in your garden for moments of reflection.
  6. Make sure you choose plants that don’t need too much attention. Try to stick to muted colours such as greens, soft pastels and creams. If you use too many bright colours like reds, yellows and oranges it will be too empowering.

PS: Remember to study your space and budget before you begin and make a plan where you may want to put everything. If you do this on your balcony you may want to go without a meditation path, just have a bench, water feature and potted plants such as cosmos and lilacs.