“Wanna f*ck?” The seventh episode in the second series of ‘Tales of A Fuckgirl’…
Oh yeah, she said it! This week wonderful women were tweeting about adulthood, recycling and the burdens of being both funny and hot. 
Oh yeah, she said it! This week you lovely ladies were tweeting about, sexting your Mom, internet boys and the struggles of adult life. 
Oh yeah, she said it. This week women were tweeting about boobs, boyfriends and bathrooms. 
Every single woman has played nice with a perve, just so he won’t get angry and hurt her. Republished from Whimn.com.au.
If it’s not okay in person, it’s not okay.
Getting ‘checked out’ just took on a whole new meaning.
“Hey, stranger” = “I just saw that selfie you posted, and despite ignoring you for five months, I’m bored and hoping you’ll have sex.”
We’re being polite and attentive because we’re paid to, not because we find you sexually attractive.
If he’s a Libra, you’ve probably struck gold. If he’s a Virgo though, watch out.
If you make me split the bill on a date with you, don’t expect me to go out with you again.
I’m sorry, but men, you make it criminally easy to play you.
“I think it feels like how your head feels when you’re sick. But your nose is a vagina.”
Baby, you turn my floppy disk into a hard drive.
And I definitely don’t want you to set me up with your friend.
Rage can be a defense against feeling needy or helpless in a society that shames men for showing emotional vulnerability.
Men, ask the women in your lives to honestly tell you how they feel meeting men for the first time. I did.
I’m beginning to think there’s not a woman alive who wants less sex than her partner… 
From Hollywood all the way to the White House, something is really wrong here.