Interview: Fashion Blogger Miles Wharton

Since moving from the United Kingdom to Australia in 2010, fashion blogger Miles Wharton has come along way. Bringing with him his unique sense of style, last year he founded a made-to-measure suiting company called The Bespoke Corner and created a successful blog and Instagram account thereafter.

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SHESAID chatted to Miles just before MBFWA, and discussed his wardrobe essentials, inspirations, and what’s to come in 2015.

Could you share some of your fashion/style inspirations with us?

I have always been interested in dressing sharp from a young age. I believe that first impressions are incredibly important, and the way you dress portrays your personality.

I’d say my style is a mix of British tailoring and Italian flair. I always encourage people to start with the basics, then slowly add their own personality to the outfit. Just have fun with it!

In your opinion, what are 5 key pieces that all men should have in their wardrobe?

  1. Made-to-measure navy suit:Great for every occasion from work to weddings.
  2. Double breasted blazer:A bold statement piece every gent needs.
  3. Casual loafers (driving shoes): Comfortable, smart, casual everyday shoe.
  4. Bright pocket square: The best icebreaker.
  5. Fitted jeans: Everyone needs a pair of jeans.

What about something you would never wear yourself?

Personally, I would never wear skins to the gym. Some people can pull it off, I definately can’t!

We love how your blog incorporates both fashion and lifestyle. What are some of your favourite cafes or watering holes in Sydney?

Thats a tricky one. I love to try new places around Sydney. At the moment, my favourite brunch spot is The Grounds of Alexandria. As for bars, I’d have to say either The Barber Shop on York St or Cafe del Mar in Darling Harbour.

What are are some of favourite Instagram accounts or fashion bloggers?

I follow lots of different accounts for inspiration, but my favourites are: @jkplatinum, @danielre, @jwshua , @menwithclass and @blakescott_

Spill! What’s next on your fashion wishlist?

Im really into watches, so an Audemars Piguet is definitely next on the list!

Could you give some advice to aspiring bloggers who want to follow in your footsteps? 

Be yourself, trust yourself and always keep going at 100 miles-per-hour. People will constantly put you down so it’s imperative you learn to block it out. Keep a clear vision of what you set out to achieve and just go for it.

Top 7 Fashion Tips For Your Man

Some men are naturally gifted, knowing what to mix and match, appreciate investing in quality and know what to look for. Others are in need of guidance. Their foundation, wardrobe and fashion style is in need of improvement, a revolution of what and how to dress. Whether they want to impress in the workplace, at an event, wedding or going out, learning the art of style or discovering fashion means everyone benefits from mastering the basics.

These 7 fashion essentials will give every man a good foundation that will prepare them for whatever look is trying to be achieved, for whatever occasion.

1. Learn how to tie a tie

Wearing pants, a shirt or putting on a belt is a no brainer. A tie is different though. There are many occasions that call for a tie and knowing how to knot at least one knot perfectly is a must.

2. Keep well groomed

The appropriate hair cut, trimmed beard or shave will lift your look and impress. Find a style that suits your facial structure and stick with it.

3. Expose colour

Colour can be your best friend or worst enemy. While black and white is safe, colour adds personality to your look when done correctly. It’s important to know what colours complement and what colours clash.

4. Perfect, well-balanced attire

Firstly, you must know what to wear to each occasion. Once you know what to wear, it’s then all about how to wear it.

5. The best or nothing

Quality items are hard to come by. Look out for the finest fabrics, where it is made and how it was designed. Is it unique? A designer piece? A great wardrobe is one that screams welcome so invest, invest and invest.

6. Love a healthy body

A healthy body does wonders, both for your physical appearance and mental well-being. Treat it well and love your skin.

7. A designer and tailor

bespoke or custom made piece is the best option, especially where the designer and tailor work together to create your unique item. The next option, if you have a ready-to-wear piece, is to visit a tailor. Whether it’s a suit or shirt, you deserve a perfect fit.