‘You’re scaring me’. The ninth story in the ‘Tales Of A Fuckgirl’ series… 
Who knew crying in bed with chocolate would change my life?
My social worker tried to set me up on a blind date.
The gut-brain connection is real and I consider myself proof.
Demanding good vibes from all people at all times is doing more harm than good…
Dear Current Boss; I hope you’re not reading this.
Even though I know I have no business having a baby, it feels like a door closing on my fingers every time I see it happen to someone else.
“I ended up staying on antidepressants for over five years because each time I tried to wean off, I had the worst withdrawals…”
When depression has you in its grip, try these simple ways to feel better.
I am doing this at the risk of people who may criticize or question me, because at least some part of me knows: If I don’t, something worse will happen to me,...
We experience anxiety very differently, but we can help each other in a way I have never experienced before.
Content Notice: Self-Harm, Suicide
My attachment to him was so insecure, and I was so desperate for his attention, that I’d always give in to his demands.
   When you’re depressed and pregnant, the weight of that guilt is even heavier.
Ever feel confused about where you stand, or like you’re being taken advantage of? Read on.
If I were speaking to someone else who felt this way, I would say, “It’s okay.
Unless there is a reason to believe that someone is misusing their medication, we should be treated as patients, not addicts.