Catwalk-Inspired Styles For Short Hair

Are you contemplating the major chop? Not only is short hair easier to maintain during the warmer months, but there are also a number of easy hairstyles that come along with the territory.

This week, we were inspired by the Spring 2015 hairstyles from Paris and New York for you to try out at home. Don’t forget to share some of your own favourites in the comments below.

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Messy bun

Where: Paul & Joe

A distressed bun is the best choice for second or third day-old hair which just needs a little extra TLC.

Spritz your roots with a gentle dry shampoo, and create a messy bun at the nape of the neck. Tease out some shorter layers at the front of your face to frame the entire look.

Soft curls

Where: Burberry Prorsum

Nothing beats soft curls, and shorter hair takes no more than 10 minutes to completely style. Use flat irons to create flattering curls for your face (remember to curl away from the face), then simply comb-through for a relaxed look.


Top knot

Where: Chromat

The top knot is a permanent hairstyle which is perfect for keeping hair flawless in extreme humidity. Pin away any stray hairs, and remember to set with finishing spray before heading out the door. Bring a few extra bobby pins in your bag in case of strays.


Where: Versace

Slicked-back hair has returned for another season, and is perfect for girls with super-short hair. Use a gel or mousse formula and carefully comb your hair back behind your ears. The wet-look is sure to stay in place all day, but for good measure, spritz with some extra-hold hairspray.


Images via Harpers Bazaar, Getty Images, Cosmopolitan, Instagram

January 12, 2015

Winter Wedding Hairstyles

Planning a white winter wedding and want to nail your signature look? A hairstyle is often the second best accessory on your wedding (next to your shoes, of course), since it has to look amazing, last all day long and feature in all your photo albums. Peek at our top hairstyle picks for that perfect winter-wonderland wedding.

Braided beauty

Winter Wedding Hairstyles

Nothing beats classic soft curls, but teamed with a messy braid can take your look from good to great. Keep hair simple by curling it away from the face, and plait two braids which will eventually join at the back of your head. Secure it down well, and spritz some finishing spray to keep it all in place.


Winter Wedding Hairstyles

Taking a note from the 1920s, why not keep your hair in a sophisticated low-bun which is sure to look amazing. You can make this look feel really romantic by leaving some loose strands of hair our, and also clipping some crystal encrusted accessories into the bun.

Slicked back

Winter Wedding Hairstyles

Wear your hair parted down the middle, then slicked back into a bun to keep the look very minimal. You can now accessorise with a classic tiara which is timeless (especially if you’re looking back at your wedding photos). A sultry red lip is a must-have since it adds some drama to this very minimal hairstyle.

Images via Conde Nast, Wedding Party App, Homy Fashion

September 3, 2014

7 Hairstyles Ideal For Extensions

Dealing with extensions is often a love/hate relationship which seemingly never ends. While extensions can often give hair body and bounce, there is nothing worse than seeing your tracks or clip-ins exposed on the scalp. If you love the benefits of long hair but don’t quite know how to style it, then the following hairstyles might be of inspiration to you.

1. Half up, half down

This classic hairstyle is perfect for girls with any type of extensions in their hair. Simply comb through the hair and tie a thin band over the top half. You can also experiment and with bobby pins for a low-key look or even braids or a messy bun which takes the focus off the rest of the hair.

2. Simple braid

One simple braid starting from the nape of the neck is perfect to keep extensions tangle-free all day. Brush through the hair, and start a neat braid ensuring that clip-ins, weaves or bonds aren’t peeking through. Use a light spritz of hair spray or texturising cream to keep flyaways in place.

3. Messy bun

A low, loose bun is another great way to style your extensions without ruining the texture of your hair. This hairstyle is elegant and is a safe choice if you have a formal event coming up, or even something you can wear to work.

4. Voluminous curls

This style will work best on hair which isn’t freshly washed, so spritz your ends with a light sea-salt spray for some texture. Then curl the ends with a curling wand with a 30′ barrel. This will result in bigger, bouncier curls. A headband will hide any exposed tracks, and blend the natural hair and extensions together.

5. Side pony

A classic side ponytail is super easy to wear, and perfect for girls who wear clip-in extensions. Simply pull all the hair to one side and fasten with a hair tie. Just make sure that the clip-in’s are well blended into the natural hairline.

6. Milkmaid braids

A hairstyle which is perfect for the warmer months, this works best with extensions which are naturally curly (since they don’t require additional heat). Start by creating two braids behind the ears, then interlock them across the hairline. Bobby pins will secure the entire look into place.

7. Accessorise

Switch up your look by using various hair accessories if you’re worried about any extensions being exposed throughout the day or night. Thin wrap scarves are perfect since they will instantly give your hairstyle a modern bohemian look, but also conceal any problem areas.

Image via Free People

July 17, 2014