10 Runway Trends You Need To Try

Get inspired by New York, Milan and Paris fashion week and try some new fashion, hair and beauty trends from all the latest shows.

Since collections mostly focused on autumn and winter weather, we are now in the perfect climate to leave that summer wardrobe behind and try something a little more darker for the cold weather ahead.

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All white

Where: H&M

Who cares about #allblackeverything, this season it’s all about the matching white ensemble. We can call it our winter whites, but make sure to you have a stain remover on hand!

10 Runway Trends You Need To Try

Graphic liner

Where: Rochas

The makeup artists at Rochas stepped up their game this season with oddly wearable, graphic eyeliner. A little more Edie Sedgwick (who couldn’t resist a slightly 60s reference), worn with a clean face and unkempt brows.

10 Runway Trends You Need To Try


Where: Dries Van Noten

It looks like Amal Clooney single handedly brought back the high-glove trend, and we’re definitely sitting on the fence with this one. But who could resist the bourdeaux-coloured pair making their way down the catwalk at Dries?

10 Runway Trends You Need To Try

Front fringe

Where: Giorgio Armani

The front fringe was definitely a central theme (no pun intended) at Giorgio Armani’s show over the past week. If you do get remorse from the chop, simply divide your fringe in half and grow it out!

10 Runway Trends You Need To Try


Where: Dsquared

The bigger the better, right? Keep warm this winter by wearing thin layers that work well together. It might just give you the perfect excuse to rock those stiletto sandals even though the temperate is getting frosty.

10 Runway Trends You Need To Try

Big belts

Where: Versace

It was all about the big, statement belts at Versace, which are perfect for cinching the waist and creating an hourglass figure.

10 Runway Trends You Need To Try


Where: Bally

Usually one to stick to neutral colour palettes, Bally showed a different side to their collection with fun, bold pieces. Although the silhouettes remained quite classic, the rest of the outfit really did the talking.

10 Runway Trends You Need To Try

Statement brows

Where: Jil Sander

Big, bushy brows aren’t going away anytime soon, and the makeup artists at Jil Sander made sure of it. Use a pencil to fill in any gaps and set with a clear gel to tame any flyaways.

10 Runway Trends You Need To Try


Where: Rodarte

Classic tweed blazers made a comeback at Rodarte this season which help to refine any type of outfit. Of course elbow pads are optional.

10 Runway Trends You Need To Try

Lip gloss

Where: Burberry Prorsum

Who could forget their first lip gloss? That sweet-smelling formula which stuck to almost anything and was so difficult to remove! Finish off your look with a touch of lip gloss (the formulas have changed, we promise), and dab some highlighter on your cupids bow to give the illusion of bigger lips.

10 Runway Trends You Need To Try

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6 Beauty Trends From Milan Fashion Week

Since we’re finally in the last leg of fashion week, what better time to talk about the beauty trends from the Milanese catwalks.

Showcasing a stark difference to London and New York, Milan actually embraced more colour, bronzed skin, and wearable fashion trends than the other fashion weeks.

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Statement eyes

Where: Versace

Models at the house of Versace were treated to a smouldering statement eye which is sure to make your entire outfit pop.

While the rest of the face makeup was relatively toned down, black kohl was used to line the top and bottom waterline, not to mention the numerous lashings of mascara for a truly sultry look.

Beauty Trends From Milan Fashion Week

Strong brows

Where: Missoni

Don’t forget your brows, ladies! The look at Missoni was definitely all about the eyebrows, making them look full and sculpted with a bit of power.

Use a fine angled brush to create subtle hairlines, and brush upwards with a clear gel.

Beauty Trends From Milan Fashion Week

Matte lips

Where: Emilio Pucci

Matte lips were definitely trending this season, with models at Pucci sporting soft pink and corals.

Not only are they easy to apply (just dab onto your lips and you’re done), but they won’t leave an harsh lines after a long night of dinner and drinks.

Beauty Trends From Milan Fashion Week

Graphic liner

Where: Fendi

Never too scared to shy away from making a statement, the models at Fendi were given a cat eye with a twist.

The wing was linked into an outline of a smokey eye, which took the place of a standard eyeshadow. Definitely a trend we’ll be trying once the colder weather hits – or simply if we don’t have an eyeshadow palette at hand!

Beauty Trends From Milan Fashion Week

Dewy skin

Where: Gucci

Wow. If there is ever a time and place for dewy skin, then Gucci definitely nailed this look for their autumn/winter show.

Apply a sheer, lightweight tinted moisturiser, and allow your natural oils to shine through.

Beauty Trends From Milan Fashion Week

Red lips

Where: Dolce and Gabbana

It’s become tradition that Dolce and Gabbana are known for their wine-stained lips, and this season didn’t disappoint. Apply your lip stain with a pencil, then dab off any excess with a tissue, no need to set with a gloss!

Beauty Trends From Milan Fashion Week

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90’s Makeup Trends Making A Comeback

This autumn/winter season designers were taking inspiration from the nineties to create those bold, sultry looks which pop on the catwalk.

Big brows, kohl-rimmed eyes and lined lips were just some of the trends making it big in 2015. What are the rest? Find out below!

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Dark eyeshadow

Where: Christian Dior

Blending out the eyeshadow at Christian Dior was overrated this season, with makeup artists choosing to create a dark, statement eye.

Start with a beige shade to cover the entire lid, then layer on each shadow before finishing up with a shimmery metallic (best for photos).

90's Makeup Trends Making A Comeback

Lip liner

Where: Saint Laurent

Hedi Slimane didn’t disappoint this season in the makeup department by pairing a bold eye and a dark lip. Use a lip liner to carefully highlight the shape and size of your lips, then colour the rest in with a glossy formula. Re-apply as needed.

90's Makeup Trends Making A Comeback

Grunge eyes

Where: Diane von Furstenberg

The grunge look was back better than ever at DVF with models sporting one earring to match.

A blending brush will be your best friend for this look, to perfectly create a subtle smudge on the inner corner of your eyes. Use with cream eyeshadow since it’s so easy to blend and creates a lived-in look à la Kate Moss!

90's Makeup Trends Making A Comeback

Purple lips

Where: Marc Jacobs

Create the perfect lip stain by applying just one coat of your lipstick, then blotting it with a tissue. Not only does it help the colour settle into your lip lines, but it also enables it to last longer without a touch-up.

90's Makeup Trends Making A Comeback

Dark brows

Where: Isabel Marant

Keeping with the 90’s theme, brows where filled in at Isabel Marant this season. The natural look was embraced with hardly any maintenance, and who really cares if they don’t match your hair colour, right?

90's Makeup Trends Making A Comeback


Where: Rodarte

Remember those old glitter stick-on’s you would place strategically around the eye and lash-line? Rodarte created a similar look this season to really make the entire look sparkle on the catwalk.

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Milan Fashion Week Trend Report

We’re more than halfway through fashion week madness with New York, London, and now Milan Fashion Week behind us. Milan is infamous for some of the most impressive fashion shows with iconic labels such as Versace, Dolce & Gabbana and Pucci showing their collections in Italy’s most grand and luxurious locations.

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The fashion in Milan is usually feminine and a little bit sexy, always reflecting ‘la dolce vita’ – the sweet life. A little Italian infusion to our wardrobe would undoubtedly be good for all of us, so let’s take note from Milan’s runways and get inspired by the trends for next season:

1. Check mate:

milan fashion show_A2X0273

How to make black and white more interesting? By adding a checkered print. Squares in all sizes could be seen on dresses and coats in Milan. See it as a more sophisticated upgrade from navy stripes.

2. Grass green:


It’s bright and it definitely won’t get you unnoticed. Bright green is the new black. Both Emilio Pucci and Versace had their models walk down the runway in green dresses. Quick tip: Keep the rest of your outfit black when opting for this colour.

3. Culottes:


Culottes are experiencing a major revival at the moment and apparently they’re here to stay. The wide pants ending between the knee and ankle are such a great alternative to skirts and belong in every woman’s work wardrobe!

4. Metallic:


Forget sequins! A metallic mini dress will be your go-to item for a night out next season. Take a hint from clothing label, Blumarine and wear it with black boots for a bit of rock’n’roll attitude.

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5 Unique Makeup Looks For Your Wedding

Tired of all the mainstream makeup looks that brides are constantly using for their wedding day? What a coincidence, so are we! Rather than wearing the same-old glossy lip and dewy skin combination, we have pulled some inspiration from the recent shows at New York, Milan and Paris fashion week which are also appropriate for any bridal look!

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Dewy skin

Where: Valentino Spring 2015 Ready-to-Wear

Well, maybe we love dewy skin a little bit too much to let this one go! For this look you don’t need to venture out and create a large contouring spectacle of yourself. Keep it simple and use a foundation which is almost identical to your natural skin tone. The only way to make this look natural is by buffing the product really well into the skin – by using a Beauty Blender.

Lightly run some cold water over the sponge, squeeze out the excess water, then dab the foundation into the skin. Make sure to moisturise well before applying any makeup, since this is a foolproof way to avoid any dry patches.

5 Unique Makeup Looks For Your WeddingBronze cheeks

Where: Balmain Spring 2015 Ready-to-Wear

If your skin needs a little vitamin D before the big day, don’t fret! Bronzer can be your best friend if applied correctly, and more importantly – blended out really well. Bring a little life to your skin tone by concentrating the product onto the apples of your cheeks, and blending it out into the hairline.

Dip the blush brush lightly into a cream or powder, tap it against the lid to remove any excess product, then apply onto the cheeks. It’s always easier to add more product, since this look can be extremely sun-kissed if used incorrectly – less is more.

5 Unique Makeup Looks For Your WeddingLip stain

Where: Dolce and Gabbana Spring 2015 Ready-to-Wear

Too scared to go for a bold-lip on your wedding day? Choose the second best option and try and lip stain instead. You can still use your desired lipstick, but there’s a slightly different process to mastering this look. Firstly, you need to exfoliate your lips really well – a few days before the wedding at least.

Take a clean toothbrush and run it across both your top and bottom lips to remove any dry patches or excess skin. Then apply a hydrating moisturiser and let your lips soak in the product before applying the lipstick. We have a step-by-step tutorial on how to apply a lip stain, which will tell you everything you need to know.

5 Unique Makeup Looks For Your WeddingCat-eye flick

Where: Emilio Pucci Spring 2015 Ready-to-Wear

Did you think we forgot one of our all-time favourite looks, the cat-eye? Give this classic flick a bit of a modern twist by drawing the flick just above your lash line. If you suffer from oily eyelids, you might want to avoid this – since it probably won’t last very long without smudging.

The best way to master this look for all eyes is to keep the flick small and close to the lash line as possible, especially if you have hooded eyes. Use an eye primer before starting, and dab it into the eyelid until it’s completely set.

5 Unique Makeup Looks For Your WeddingStrong brows

Where: Boss Spring 2015 Read-to-Wear

Regardless of your makeup look for the big day, you cannot forget to fill in your brows… ever. Depending on the shade of your brows, you might need to use 2 different shades to achieve a natural look. Take turns between applying the product and using a brush to make it look like it’s your own – this is the best way to achieving flawless brows each and every time.

If your brows are a bit unruly, run a little eyebrow gel into the arch to keep it from smudging throughout the festivities.

5 Unique Makeup Looks For Your Wedding

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Beauty Trends From London and Milan Fashion Week

While the shows in London and Milan sadly come to a close and the models move to Paris in the last leg of fashion month, we can’t help but gush over the beauty trends for Spring 2015. From dewy complexions to bleached-out brows, here are just a few major trends straight off the runway.

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Pink lip stains 

Where: Dolce and Gabbana

Lip stains are a major trend every year, but Dolce and Gabbana certainly know how to work this easy look for every skin tone. Girls were sent down the runway with carefully sculpted brows, fresh skin, and a touch of pink glow on their lips.

Beauty Trends From London and Milan Fashion WeekConcentrate the lip stain in the centre of the lips, and work outwards to achieve a subtle pink glow.

Smokey eye 

Where: Roberto Cavalli

Roberto Cavalli brought back the sultry smokey eye, using an earthy-toned colour palette which is perfect for both day and night wear. Makeup artists created this look using a crayon pencil on the base of the eyelid, and blending out extremely well with a fluffy brush.

Beauty Trends From London and Milan Fashion WeekThe rest of the makeup was minimal, and lips were kept natural with a tiny bit of gloss, instead of a bold lipstick.

Bold lip

Where: Burberry Prorsum 

All models accessorised their trenchcoats with relaxed hair and a bold red lip at the Burberry Prorsum Spring 2015 show. The best way to achieve this look at home is by lining the lips, and then blending out any harsh lines before applying a red lip colour to the centre.

Beauty Trends From London and Milan Fashion WeekCreate the illusion of bigger lips by concentrating a highlighting powder in the centre, before applying a gloss to complete the look.

Dewy skin

Where: Versace

Radiant skin was the word at Versace, where models embraced the natural look paired with rosy cheeks. Use a cream illuminator on the forehead, cheeks, and chin to create a subtle hint of shine for a chic daytime look.

Beauty Trends From London and Milan Fashion Week

Natural brows

Where: Missoni

This was definitely a no-pluck zone, where Missoni models were made to embrace the natural texture of their brows. Powder was keep to a minimum, used only to fill out any gaps since the overall look was very minimalist-chic.

Beauty Trends From London and Milan Fashion Week

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Top Shopping Destinations In The World

Is your money burning a hole in your pocket and Australia’s shopping scene isn’t quite cutting it? If so, check out these three top shopping destinations in the world then book your ticket and go!

New York

New York has endless shopping possibilities for all budgets, from the cheaper department stores right through to high end fashion shops, so the only problem you’ll have is deciding where to start.  Some of the most popular shopping districts in New York are SoHo, Nolita (North of Little Italy), Lower Manhattan, Fifth Avenue, Madison Avenue and the Upper West Side. One of the most well-known department stores is Macy’s, located in Herald Square, with eleven floors of stores. And you haven’t been shopping in New York if you haven’t experienced the rush of a Sample Sale. During these sales you can save huge amounts on designer labels for a limited time, but to get to them you’ll probably have to fend off hundreds of other bargain hunters too. Sometimes they start very early in the morning so get there early to get a good spot in line.


Because it gets so hot in Dubai most of the shops can be found in cool, air conditioned malls, but shops aren’t the only things you’ll find inside.  With art galleries, child care centres, beauty salons and even ski slopes, you can spend days perusing the malls in Dubai. One of the most opulent malls in Dubai is Mall of the Emirates and it’s also one of the largest in the city. It is home to chic boutiques and exclusive designer stores as well as the Kempinski Hotel. A major shopping event not to be missed is the Dubai Shopping Festival, held in January and February each year which boasts city wide sales, huge promotions, live entertainment, street fairs and fireworks.  Because it’s held in winter it’s much more bearable to stroll along outside in the streets.


Japanese people love the latest trends, the latest fashion and they love to shop, so where better to spend your money than in this world renowned shopping paradise? If you’re looking for clothes, accessories or electronics, you’ll find everything you’re looking for and more in Tokyo. Ginza is one of the most popular shopping districts in Tokyo which is home to high end boutiques and sophisticated restaurants such as the Gucci Café and Armani restaurant, so you can rest your weary feet after hours of shopping. Other popular shopping areas are Harajuku, Omotesando and Shinjuku – a huge entertainment and shopping district and home to the world’s busiest train station, seeing over two million passengers a day.  Shibuya is for the younger crowd and that’s where you’ll find a number of department stores and specialty shops. If you’re after a bargain consider travelling when the Japan Shopping Festival is in full swing, twice a year in the summer and winter. During this time discounts of up to 70% apply to participating stores.


Milan is world renowned for being one of the most popular destinations for shopping and high end fashion and is home to the twice-annual fashion week, where designers put their new collections on show. It’s not uncommon to see people walking the streets in the same weird and wonderful garments that graced the stages at fashion week, but be warned, the clothing in Milan comes with a hefty price tag, unless you’re prepared to do the hard yards and really shop around. One good thing about the fashion in Milan is that it goes out of fashion very quickly so you can find great clothes at discounted prices at a number of outlet stores and malls, including the II Salvagente, an outlet mall with three floors of men and women’s designer clothing. If you’re really looking for the high end fashion, look no further than Quadrilatero d’Oro, a high class shopping district in the centre of Milan where you will find all of the big names such as Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Fendi, Dolce and Gabbana and Prada.  You might even be entitled to a tax refund on some items so keep your receipts and lodge them at the airport before you depart.

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Get The Look: Bombshell Hair

The hair look at the DSquared2 Spring/Summer 2014 show at Milan Fashion Week was a modern interpretation of 1950’s Americana, reminiscent of the tropical enclaves of Miami, Las Vegas, Havana and Hawaii.

“The Dsquared2 designers always favour a glamorous ‘bombshell’ look, and this season the collection has a tropical, sexy ‘50s feeling to it, so I created super volume and a slightly bouffant hair look to support this” said Sam McKnight, Global Ambassador for Pantene.

The resulting ‘retro poolside chic’ look is resonant of a bygone era where manicured looks and perfected style were de riguer at the poolside, and is the perfect summer hairstyle for medium to long hair, whether your hair is straight, wavy or thick. It’s also a fun bridal hairstyle to match with bright lips and a va-va-voom dress.


1.       Always start with freshly washed and conditioned hair. Pantene Ice Shine Shampoo and Conditioner provides the perfect base for this look.

2.       Apply  Pantene Styling Treatment Foam Soft Curls to damp hair and blow dry the hair section by section using a round brush to create volume, taking the hair up and away from the face.

3.       Then, using a medium –large barrelled tong (depending on length of hair), set the hair (section by section), clip in place and leave to set – for as long as you can.

4.       Remove clips and brush out the hair with a soft bristle brush.

5.       Take the crown section of hair and gently tease (back-comb) the crown area with a tail comb.

6.       Using a very soft brush, brush back the hair over the teased section and brush through the lengths.

7.       Finish with Pantene Stay Smooth Hairspray and apply Pantene All Day Smooth Leave in Crème to smooth the ends.

What do you think of this sexy 50’s hairstyle?

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