5 Reasons You Should Visit Stockholm

From the fashion bloggers to the food, nothing beats Sweden – especially during the springtime.

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Now is the best time to book your ticket to this Scandinavian country and indulge in all it has to offer, including style, design, and a relaxed way of life.


Where: Bageriet Bulleboden

Parmmatargatan 7, 11224 Stockholm

If you’re coming to Stockholm for the traditional Scandinavian food, then you will find many cafes scattered all over the city. Don’t miss Bageriet Bulleboden, which offers delicious pastries known as kanelbullar (cinnamon rolls), and freshly brewed coffee.



Where: Stockholm Market

Riddargatan 3, 11435 Stockholm

There’s a reason Swedish style is big all over the world, so much so that a street style blog created by Caroline Blomst has put it on the map. Popular fashion labels include Acne Studios, Filippa K, and Nelly just to name a few, but the best place to grab a deal on a bespoke item is at the market. Pick up a beautiful souvenir for a family member or friends as you’re leaving and catch the exclusive pieces from some of Sweden’s up-and-coming designers.


Interior design

Where: E. Torndahl

Vasterlanggatan 63, S-11129 Stockholm

Scandinavian design is renowned all over the world for its approach to clean, sophisticated lines and timeless techniques. Rather than going to one of their many Ikea stores (there are more than 20 in Sweden alone), the smaller more independent sellers are where you’ll find some of the most original pieces. While they might come with a heftier price tag, you will keep them for years to come as a memory of your travels.



Where: Stromma

Sodra Blasieholmshammen 35, Stockholm

If you’re visiting between October – February, why not take a boat tour which takes you across the entire archipelago. The tour comes with a bowl of traditional Swedish tomato soup or pea soup (it’s your choice), and a glass of arrack to keep you warm. Tours can run anywhere between 1.5-3 hours.



Where: Nada Bar

Asogatan 140, Stockholm

Sweden might have a strict view on alcohol (drinks are heavily taxed), but the nightlife is nothing but booming. There is a plethora of small bars and venues which offer a modern take on traditional cocktails and a few bites on the side to keep you full for your next travels. If you’re not into the nightlife or alcoholic beverages, look out for a fika cafe, which is usually located in a beautiful garden.


Images via Lost in Stockholm, Fotografi, Stromma, Madame Figaro Japan, W Magazine, Visit Sweden

April 9, 2015

Interior Inspiration: Minimalist Trends For Your Home

Want to give your home a subtle facelift? Scandinavian style isn’t just reserved for the streets, with many people choosing a simple colour palette to decorate their home or office. The objective is simple – invest in chic and easy designs which will last forever.

If you’re not looking to convert your entire home into an Ikea catalogue, there are some simple ways to include this style into your home without the cost of endless renovations.

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DO: Invest in simple designs

While patterns are very tempting, it’s sometimes best to go the simple route and opt for a traditional design instead. Think colours such as white, black, grey, and even wood which are all shades that won’t be going out of style anytime soon.

DON’T: Clash prints

The secret to Scandinavian style is to keep it simple. Avoid spending huge sums of money on prints or temporary designs which are trendy right now – if you’re unsure of how you want to design your home, a bunch of conflicting prints isn’t going to help. Stick with neutral tones, then invest in some interesting bed linen or art works to make the house warm and friendly.

DO: Buy wall hangings

If you’re keeping the rest of the home relatively subdued, it’s great to invest in art or wall hangings to liven up a room. Not only is art a reflection of who you are, it’s also a great conversation starter and will last you for years to come. Get creative and frame some of your own art, such as designer bags and even drawings by the kids!

DON’T: Go all out

If you want to incorporate this trend into your own home, it’s important to do it one step at a time. Getting rid of all your furniture shouldn’t be at the top of your agenda – instead invest in some timeless pieces, and use what you have to create an atmosphere which is truly a reflection of who you are.

DO: Play with texture

While some minimalist homes are often in the same colour palette, this trend allows you to play with texture instead. Decorate the living room with funky pillows, throws and shags which create a cosy base for yourself and your visitors. A sheepskin rug is also a great option for the winter time, since it’s practical and extremely appropriate for the season!

Image via Crazy Office Design Ideas

October 5, 2014