Are You Getting Away With Bad Driving Habits?

Each day an average of 4 people lose their lives and another 90 are seriously injured on Australian roads. Despite warnings about the dangers of driving under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs, using mobile phones or speeding, people still think they can get away with it when no-one is watching. Drivers need to be aware that it’s a recipe for disaster.

Take this scenario for example. You’re driving and hear the message tone go off on your mobile. Instead of ignoring it you glance over to it and read the text which says, ”we need milk”. Hey, we all get stuff like this so it’s not that much of stretch of the imagination. Out of nowhere a pedestrian or another car suddenly appears in front of you. Bang! You’ve been distracted by your “urgent” text message and never saw them coming.

Even though you had no time to break and your car collided with them at full speed, the individual or driver of the other car survives. You may have seriously injured yourself in the process. After weeks in hospital the other person is finally released with severe brain damage. They won’t recover and their family will need to provide special care for them for the rest of their lives. Ok, tell me, how do you live with that?

When people reach for their phones that’s exactly the risk they are taking. I know for a fact that I don’t want to live with those types of consequences hanging over me. No call or text is worth putting myself in that position. It’s not an accident either. Drivers intentionally distracted themselves and therefore it should be criminal negligence. Just like if they seriously injure or kill others whilst driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, excessive speed or turn public roads into personal playgrounds.

I’m not sorry if I sound harsh. Thousands of people still think they are perfectly justified doing this on our roads as long as they can get away with it. They need a reality check and walk into a rehabilitation center and see first-hand the impact these types of behaviors have had on other people. Many need to start from scratch learning how to walk and talk again. If people witnessed this reality they’d hopefully rethink just how much they have “gotten away with”!

I live in the country and I see these bad driving behaviors almost everyday. Heck, I even have family members who choose them. Drivers forget that fines, demerit points or loss of license aren’t the actual consequences they need to worry about! That’s insignificant compared with the real consequences of their behavior which might end up costing someone their life.

So next time you’re driving and hear your mobile phone ring, jump into the driver’s seat after too many drinks or just after that smoke you had, stop and think about the real consequences. Watch your speed, take a break when you’re tired and try to make our roads a safer place. By having no Police in sight you run an even greater risk of serious consequences and the chance of getting away with it!

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December 17, 2014

Men Choose To Talk But Women Prefer Text

The average male mobile user makes almost 60 per cent more phone calls in a week than the average woman—but she’ll send 10 more text messages, the latest research from Roy Morgan shows. Mobile phone users in Australia made an average of 27 calls and sent 43 text messages per week in 2013, but across all age groups, men out-call women and women out-text men.

The average man makes 12 more mobile calls a week than the average woman (33 to her 21) while she sends 48 texts to his 38. The biggest gap in mean phone call numbers is among mobile users aged 35-49, where men make 18 more than women per week. Meanwhile, the average female aged 14-17 sends 91 texts in a week (an average of 13 a day)—nearly twice as many as a male her age.

Texting is highest among 18-24 year-old women, who average 105 messages a week, or 15 a day. Women out-text men in all other age groups too, although the difference is narrower.

Tim Martin, general manager of media at Roy Morgan Research, says:

“Male and female mobile users are fairly equal with regard to their usage of mobiles for calling and texting overall, with men making a combined 71 calls or texts compared with 69 for women. But while texting is the more common communication method for both sexes, women of all ages display a much stronger preference for just sending a message.

“Around 70 per cent of women’s total mobile communications are by text (48 of the 69 total), compared with 54 per cent of men’s (38 of 71). Men aged 35-49, 50-64 and 65+ are all more likely to make a call than text; among women, only those over 65 are more inclined to ring than just send a message.”

May 19, 2014

Mobile New: Sony Ericsson T600

Sony Ericsson T600

The Sony Ericsson T600 is a tiny but mighty mobile phone that you’re bound to fall in love with. Its sleek, compact design easily fits in the palm of your hand and weighs in at a tiny 63 grams. But this is no lightweight phone, the T600 is packed with great features including an intuitive navigation system that’s super easy to use.On the fun side, the T600 lets you create messages with meaning by including a picture, sound effect or special ring tone. The games on this model are pretty impressive; there are five to choose from including an arcade style car racing game.Surf’s up. You can easily navigate the web with the T600’s WAP capabilities – check movie times, gig guides and more and the click of a button. And if you happen to head abroad, the triple band access will keep you connected in five different continents.

Looking pretty damn sexy in Moonlight Silver or Marine Blue, the T600 comes with carry strap so you’ll never be without your new pocket pal. The keypad lights up electric blue when you are using the phone, making it great for late night calls or low light conditions.

The T600 will have you chatting for hours – up to 5 if you’re lucky. You can also check how much talk time you’ve got left by flicking the volume button on the side of the hand set, a very handy feature indeed.

RRP $569. Available from all good mobile phone shops. For your nearest stockist call 1300 650 050.

March 10, 2003