Shamed Dancing Man Has The Last Laugh

In one of the most heart-warming campaigns to develop via social media, a man who was shamed online for dancing in public will be thrown the party of the year as thousands, including Moby and Pharrell rally behind him to show their support.

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The campaign kicked off after two photos of the man surfaced on the image-based website 4chan, with the caption: “Spotted this specimen trying to dance the other week. He stopped when he saw us laughing.”

Writer and LA based activist Cassandra Banks then took to Twitter to track down the bullied dancing man and offered her support by extending an invitation to dance with 1,727 “overly enthusiastic” young women from California.

“Anyone know this man or who posted this? There’s a huge group of ladies in LA who would like to do something special,” she tweeted.

Her post then went viral, with thousands of people sharing her open letter via social media with the hashtag #FindDancingMan. “A few members were concerned that the photo spreading further could cause embarrassment if the man had not already seen the post,” wrote Banks on Free Thought Project.

“Eventually, it was decided that it would be better to throw out our invite in hopes maybe someone would know him and happen to see it and we could bring some positivity to such an upsetting situation.”

And bring some positivity it did! The man, now known to be Sean, soon confirmed his identity and created a Twitter account as @Dancingmanfound. “Just woke up to be greeted with so many more kind words. Big thanks again and am sure the charity will appreciate it as well. Thanks again,” he wrote.

Crowd-sourced fundraising page GoFundMe has since raised over $35, 000 to fly him to LA where the party will take place, while Moby has offered to DJ. “I offer my dj services for free for… No one should ever be ashamed about dancing,” he said via Twitter.

LA Memorial Coliseum have also offered the “world’s greatest stadium” to host the party.

Thousands of kind words from around the world continue to pour in via social media, with a long list of celebrities also getting involved and RSVP’ing to the event. “Keep me posted about your dance party! Never be ashamed of yourself,” tweeted Pharell.

Susan Sarandon also wrote: “Hey @Dancingmanfound, dancing is a basic human right & I applaud your spirit. Dancing in my kitchen with you now. #DanceLikeNobodysWatching”

It seems that #DancingMan well and truly had the last laugh and is set to “out party us all.” Kick up your heels, dancing man! We can’t wait to see you bust some moves.

Image via The Daily Mail

March 10, 2015

Kutcher and Moore to play house?

Kutcher and Moore to play house?

Still over in the UK it has been reported in Hello! magazine that the 40-year-old actress and her 25-year-old toy boy have been out house hunting together in the US, setting their sights on Beverly Hills, CA. Wonder what ex-hubby Bruce Willis thinks of that? The media obsession with the 80?s film icon and her young spunk seems to be growing rather than abating although one can?t help but wonder why it is such a big deal. Older men have been running off with pretty young things since time began.

Diaz dishes the dirt on Charlie’s babes

At least one Angel doesn’t fear to tread on criticisms that Charlie?s Angel: Full Throttle lacks in the plot department. Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet asks Cameron Diaz about the plot of the chick-buddy action flick. “Seriously,” she says, laughing. “We’re talking about Charlie’s Angels. Who cares about the story?” Diaz then goes on to tackle the topics that people really cared about: “Doesn’t Demi (Moore) look unbelievably delicious?” she says. “Lucy (Liu) has wonderful boobs. They’re so firm. I wish I had Drew’s (Barrymore) body. It’s so even and firm and curvy.” Diaz admits that she’s happy with her own bod too, and goes on to say that women, as well as men, use their sexuality to get what they want. “We shouldn’t be ashamed because we’re sexy and use it to get what we want.” Asked to give an example, she replies, “If I smile at the guy that gets my car, he does his job faster.” Hmmm.

Moby says buyers beware

Buyers beware! This is a warning to any of you tempted to bid in an online auction of a sock supposedly worn by musician Moby. The shaved headed vegan claims the garment is not his. “I don’t believe that this is actually my sock,” the techno musician writes on his web site. “I bought one pair of socks four years ago, and I haven’t thrown them out yet. So I don’t think that it’s actually one of my socks. Not trying to inhibit the lawful exchange of goods and services via the interweb. Just saying that it’s not my sock.”

One pair in four years? How is it that Moby is the only person in the world whose socks don?t end up single in the wash?


July 15, 2003