The date went so well. So, what went wrong? I had to find out.
“I sat in his car while he spent an hour crying.”
Many men have the mentality of “I Fuck Her Until I Am Motivated To Commit To Her.” 
One involves licking the side of a stranger’s face in public.  
I’m over all of those situationships and almost relationships…
Dating translated… it’s a tough world out there.
Excuse me, but when did dating get this bad?
Today, our relationships are defined as legitimate when we become “Facebook official.”
So-called male ‘pickup artists’ have been doing it for decades now. So, why couldn’t I?
If you make me split the bill on a date with you, don’t expect me to go out with you again.
I’m sorry, but men, you make it criminally easy to play you.
Let’s not kid ourselves. It doesn’t take that long to reply to a text.
I desperately want someone kind, yet seem to be drawn to dudes who turn out to be the devil incarnate.
“I wish I could build a time machine to go back to when you were hot.”
I’ve been told to dumb myself down and even dress dowdy so as not to scare guys off.
I pride myself on my self-confidence. Except when it comes to men. 
And I definitely don’t want you to set me up with your friend.
It’s called “BATNA”, and it’s why I love being single now.