Here’s Why Some Women Get Pre-Period Depression

Sufferers of PDD experience profound feelings of sadness before their period.

How Colours Influence Our Mood

What is your favourite colour? It’s one of my most dreaded questions as I find it hard to answer. My favourite colour depends on the context: Is it interior design? Fashion? Cars? It varies, and one explanation for this might be the fact that colours influence our mood up to the point of manipulation.

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Ever wondered why red is such a popular colour for kitchens and restaurants? The colour red is a stimulating colour, it can increase our heart rate and also our appetite. It is a bold colour that grabs our attention and is therefore one of the most popular colours in marketing. Just think of all the food brands that use red logos such as Coca Cola, KFC, Kellogs etc.

Colour Psychology is also very helpful when it comes to painting and decorating a room. Blue, for example, acts like the opposite to red. It has a calming effect, can bring down our heart rate and relax us. This is why blue is very popular in bedroom design as it can support a good night’s sleep.

We associate green with nature and health, which is why it can be found a lot in the health food aisle in supermarkets or on skincare products. It’s also a very balancing colour that’s said to make people feel at ease and create a harmonious atmosphere.

Yellow is the ‘happy colour’ and can lift our spirit and help with a positive attitude. We associate yellow with the sun and warmth, therefore it is well suited for small or dark rooms.

Orange is a colour that has a motivating and energy-boosting effect. The biggest proof of this is the fact that it is used so much in workout gear and active wear. Orange can also support creativity, which makes it a good colour choice for schools and offices.

Purple is considered a very rich, luxurious colour. It is associated with royalty and sophistication, especially the darker hues like eggplant.

With this bit of colour coding in mind you can make a more educated decision next time you want to decorate a room, choose between two products, or even manipulate your mood.

Image via empiricalzeal.com