Footwear You Need This Summer

Although we really don’t need another excuse to buy more shoes, summer is the perfect reason to stock-up on a variety of footwear for the new season. But with so much variety out there on the market, where do we start?

Use the following footwear options as a sartorial guide for shoes that you need to survive the warmer season.

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Wedges are an incredible shoe for the summer, since they are still very dressy but comfortable at the same time. To show off your killer-tan, choose a colour such as brown or black (since this can also go with almost any outfit).

If you plan on wearing wedges for a long time, choose a pair which has a tiny platform – this will keep your feet happy all night long!

Footwear You Need This Summer

BETTS Toni, $99.99


There’s no doubt about it that espadrilles are definitely staying in trend for summer. They come in a variety of different shapes, sizes and styles, all of which are flattering on every foot!

If your outfits are mostly monochrome, choose a fun pattern which will remain as the focal point of your entire outfit.

Footwear You Need This Summer

Missoni For Target Women’s Espadrilles, $40

Block heels

Every girl needs a pair of thick heels in their life – they’re easy to walk in, flatter the foot, and are appropriate for almost any time of formal event. Choose between gold and silver hardware if you shoes have an ankle strap, and make sure to match it with your other accessories.

Footwear You Need This Summer

ZU Shoes Cayman Nude Platform Sandal with Electroplated Ankle Strap, $130

Lace-up sandals

Whether you prefer a flat or heeled sandal, there is no denying that lace-up straps are a big trend this season. Wrap them around your ankle and make sure to tie with a double knot so they don’t come tumbling down!

Footwear You Need For SummerSenso Rhiannon I, $275

Footwear You Need This Summer…Just Because Ishka, $48.96


Last and not least have to be mules. Love it or leave it, but this trend has been resurrected from the late 90s, and it’s not going back anytime soon! Not only are mules extremely versatile, but they are a subtle and secure way to dress up your outfit without going over the top.

Footwear You Need This SummerTony Bianco Mary Heels, $118.96

Image via J Rebecca Style

5 Shoes Making A Trendy Comeback

Ever noticed that your old cringe-worthy heels made popular in the mid-2000s have recently been re-vamped and sold in stores with a heftier price tag? If you’ve still got these shoes somewhere in your closet, they’re probably considered outdated to some and completely on-trend to others. Below are our top four picks which are making a full-force comeback into fashion.


Sold almost everywhere from designer labels all the way to your local Zara, mules are a summer sandal which expose the heel and have no strap. Often dubbed as one of the most ‘ugliest’ shoes, they were made popular by Carrie Bradshaw, and she can’t get it wrong, can she? Basically, you can think of these shoes as high-heeled slippers, which often expose the toes. Black is best if you are stuck between which colour to buy, and a thicker heel will surely give you more support and stability while you’re strutting around town.

We recommend: River Island Womens Black Black Chunky Strap Mules, $50


Slip-ons are closed flat shoes which don’t require any shoe laces, and are usually 3-4cms high. Very comfortable, but not exactly everyone’s cup of tea, they are best styled with distressed denim and a comfy jumper for a laid-back look. Designer Phoebe Philo was responsible for bring back this trend, when she designed a similar shoe for her label, Celine.

We recommend: Vans Classic Slip On, $89.95


Pointed-heel shoes have made a steady comeback over the last few years, even replacing round-toe shoes which have been a massive trend over the last few years. Not only are these heels incredibly versatile, but they also elongate the leg and can be worn for a variety of occasions. If you’re worried about your foot slipping out, simply invest in pair which ties around the ankle. These will secure the foot in place, and create the illusion of a slimmer ankle.

We recommend: ASOS Spring Break Pointed High Heels, $49.02


What is there to say about Birkenstocks? You either love them, or you hate them – there is no in-between! These comfy sandals have been associated with the tourists for many years, but maybe they’re onto something? Available with a white or black strap, or even completely matte-black leather (if you’re lucky enough to get your hands on them), these are a massive trend which both men and women can enjoy.

We recommend: Birkenstock Arizona, $97.94

Jelly sandals

Yes, jelly sandals are definitely back, and not just for kids this time! These sandals are cheap, come in a variety of colours and fold up right into your handbag. Wear them casually with jeans and a simple t-shirt, or style them up for warmer weather with a flowy mini-dress.

We recommend: Jelly Beans Sandal, $34.99

Image via The Fashion Medley