Uncover What Your Nails Say About Your Health

Most of us ladies have our nails covered up with polish or acrylics, so we rarely see what our natural nails look like. Thank gosh, right? Besides, your natural nails aren’t half as pretty as your glittery, gel-covered nails, but it is important to check what your nails look like, because they often show signs of your health that you may not realise.

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The colour of your nails, or the condition that they are in can let you know of health issues that you might have no idea about. While you should regularly visit your doctor for a check up (prevention over cure people!), it’s important to recognise potential harms your body is suffering from.

Nails should be a healthy pink colour, indicating that blood supply is good and that your body is absorbing nutrients well. Nails that are whiter could mean poor circulation and a lack of iron, while dark red nails can mean a high absorption of fatty acids and cholesterols, which can cause damage to your liver and arteries. Purple on the other hand, indicates an upset digestive system that may be caused by an over consumption of sugar or pharmaceutical drugs. Yellow nails may indicate problems in the lungs, while brown nails may indicate problems with the thyroid.

The texture of your nails can also be an indicator of your internal health. Brittle nails can indicate liver congestion and a lack of nutrients in the body that can be sourced from vegetables and fish. Flakey nails also show that you’ve been eating too much sugar or too many additives, or it can be a side effect of the pharmaceutical tablets you’re taking.

The horizontal ridges that you get in your nails are due to stress, while the vertical ridges come from kidney, liver and digestive tract issues.

While nails of course are only one indicator that could mean many things, it’s a good idea to take off the polish and look at your natural nails to see what they might be telling you. See your doctor for any concerns.

Image via updatedtrends.com