Does Taking Nude Selfies Equate To Less Sex?

I don’t love the nude selfie movement, or bumfries (naked bum shots) – or even gratuitous bikini shots for that matter – on social media. J-Lo (pictured), Kim Kardashian, Miley and Gaga (pictured below), for starters, I’m looking at you!

I’ve got nothing against nudity, but continually posting nude shots of yourself on your Twitter and Instagram, hour after hour, day after day, just reeks of desperation to me.

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Of course, it’s every woman’s right (or man’s) to indulge in such practices – but, I for one, will be unfollowing you. For I’d much rather read, or see, clever insights into a person’s mind and real life – books, travels, babies – anything, something – other than someone’s naked groin/boob/bum shot.

And why the need to post 17386478634 naked pics of yourself? Are people that in need of public attention/applause and acclaim? Is it rampant narcissism, or is it art? I’d argue it’s much more the former – the egotistical preoccupation with self, that’s at the core of extreme narcissism. And for A-list celebrities, I guess that’s a job requirement.

But even if I had the legs of a gazelle (hello, Gisele Bundchen), the luscious arse of Kim Kardashian, or the abs of Rihanna, would I continually post nude selfies? Hell, no.
Take them for yourself or your loved ones, sure, just not for the entire world to see (iCloud fuck-ups and scandals notwithstanding).

nude selfies, narcissism, art, less sex

And, I have a strong, but unproven theory about people who continually post nude or bikini selfies – celebrities included – they’re getting less sex than the rest of us. Yep, if you’ve got hours and hours of time per day to oil yourself up, take 18737646 selfies before you get just the right, flattering nudie angle, then spend countless more time finding just the right filter, I’m going to come (pardon the pun) right out and say it: you’re not having sex. At least, not enough of it.

Confession: I take the odd selfie, I’m not immune to Instagram’s seductive pull, but they’re usually work-related. And my apologies to anyone who follows me (poor souls) for my gratuitous shoe addict shots and baby photos – but both are just so seriously gorgeous, who am to hide them?

But when it comes to nude selfies (nufies?) – I think people, especially A-list celebrities, might do well to remember that Narcissus drowned in his own reflection, as the Greek myth goes.

nude selfies, narcissism, art, less sex

What do you think?

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