Famous Interior Designers: Nate Berkus Style

Looking to give your home a makeover? We’re taking inspiration from one of the world’s most famous interior designers, Nate Berkus (yep, you’ll remember him from Oprah!). Here are five easy ways to incorporate his stunning style into your own home.

Bring the outdoors in
Nate often juxtapose organic and geometric forms, especially with actual plants. No matter the season, you can bring fresh flowers, dried leaves, driftwood decor elements, or other outdoor items into a room and give it new life. Use them as focal points or simply to break up a space. This is also an opportunity to incorporate colour and texture in fresh, exciting ways.


Play with pattern
Some design rules are meant to be broken. Nate believes the rule about not mixing patterns is one of them! Picking a few small pillows with different designs adds visual interest, even when combined with a larger patterned piece like a rug. Just make sure the colours don’t clash, the patterns are not all similar in size, and the total amount of patterns in one room is not excessive. The idea is to mix a few patterns in a fun way, not to overrun the space with paisley, dots, and checks.


Make colour count
Begin with a restricted palette consisting mainly of neutrals. Utilise several shades of the same neutral; for example, try placing beige and tan pillows on a russet or sepia lounge. Add in one or two bright accent pieces for a pop of colour. This also makes it easy to do seasonal changes in your decor simply by switching out those colourful accessories – think bright yellows and oranges for summer, cool blues and greys for winter. 


Mix textures and fabrics
Nate prefers to make rooms interesting by drawing the eye to different surfaces with varying fabrics, finishes, and textures. Looking at his rooms you’ll often find chrome fixtures, a deep pile rug, both finished and unfinished wood furniture, leather pillows, and crisp linen curtains. Throw blankets and runners are a quick and simple way to add a little variety to a lounge room or bedroom. 


Show off your books
According to Nate, a room should reflect the people who live in it and use it each day. An easy way to do this is with books. Whether placed neatly on open shelves, arranged between book ends, or stacked beneath an eye-catching paperweight, there are many options besides tucking books behind closed doors or just leaving them strewn about the room. Some books are beautiful or interesting enough to display as art in their own right, but you can just as easily show off a small collection of cookbooks or vintage books.

What are your favourite home decorating tips?

5 Famous Interior Designers Share Their Best Design Tips

Looking for interior decorating inspiration? We checked in with five famous interior designers to steal their secrets on creating a spectacular space.

1. Add life to a room
Mario Buatta knows the value of adding life to any type of room, so she opts for specific objects like live plants, books, baskets, and even quilts. Combine both vintage and modern pieces for an intriguing way of giving the room personality.


2. Use what speaks to you
Designer Nate Berkus recommends using objects in your home that speak to you, instead of just copying someone else’s style. It doesn’t have to be an heirloom or trendy accessory, but can simply be an item that you enjoy. He suggests trawling through flea markets and antique stores for one-of-a-kind finds. Also look for special pieces on your next holiday.


3. Use a grid
A grid can add a bold look to a room with artwork that hangs on the walls. “I like to hang multiple images in a tight grid, just shy of the length of the sofa, with equal margins at the top of the sofa and bottom of the ceiling moulding,” says designer Tom Stringer. This will add a eye-catching detail as well as balance to any room.


4. Add a decorative chair to each room
Designer Mariette Himes Gomez believes “every room needs at least one character chair for personality.” This offers a focal point to the space and can also make the room look more expensive.


5. Decorate with dimensional pillows
Jan Showers is known for her impeccable taste in mixing neutrals and colours in the chic homes that she designs. She recommends adding dimension to any couch or chair with pillows that pop and have interesting details.

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5 Famous Interior Designers to Follow on Instagram

Instagram is the perfect way to get inspiration from your favourite famous interior designers. Whether giving a sneak peak into their design process or sharing glimpses into their everyday lives, these Instagram accounts provide endless hours of inspiration and ideas to all their followers. Here are the five Instagram accounts every home design lover should follow.

Jonathan Adler
Jonathan Adler’s Instagram feed (above) is brilliant eye candy. He posts so many gorgeous, inspiring shots that will surely inspire your inner designer. His Instagram is focused on decor: full rooms, individual pieces of furniture, colour swatches and unique accessories. He also shares glimpses of what’s going on in his fabulous stores (and let’s you know about sales too!).


Nate Berkus
Scrolling through Nate Berkus’ Instagram feed will leave you feeling like he’s a worldly, stylish long-lost friend. It has a very personal and relaxed vibe. Along with his design picks, you’ll enjoy seeing the world through Nate’s eyes as he hangs with his family and the fabulously famous.


Eddie Ross
The ever-charming Eddie Ross has an Instagram feed that is full of stunningly gorgeous photos and design ideas, along with a splash of personal photos that he’s happy to share with his followers. Describing himself as a “hoarder of beautiful things”, design aficionados will adore seeing what goes on behind-the-scenes on his design shoots; prop lovers, get ready to geek out.


Aimee Song
The creative mind behind popular design and fashion blog Song of Style, Aimee Song shares her polished and unique design sensibility with her 1.2 million+ Instagram followers. Her feed is a delightful combination of fashion, interior design and lifestyle photos. She shares a lot of personal photos, letting viewers into her carefree, sun-drenched daily life.


Genevieve Gorder
Fans of Genevieve Gorder’s design shows on HGTV will love to follow along with her on Instagram. She shares plenty of personal photos of her family and friends, along with lovely shots of the everyday items she encounters that will undoubtedly provide inspiration for her next design. And since we all love a good selfie, there are plenty of those too!

Who’s your favourite interior designer?