I Used Hair Products Made With Beer And This Is What Happened

No hangover with these hops: just soft, shiny locks. 

Natural Beauty Care

We all know the type. She could be your best friends older sister or maybe she?s the girl who lived next-door from you when you were a kid. She looks great first thing in the morning, still looks great at lunchtime and when she goes out at night, she positively glows in nothing but a pair of faded Earl jeans and a white T-shirt. It?s easy to dislike her. Her hair looks like she doesn?t dye it and her face? She doesn?t even look like she?s wearing any make-up. How can this be? Well look more closely because there is a trick to that. Here?s the how to on becoming an overnight natural beauty. Beware though? they might start to dislike you for it.Getting natural with it

  • Apply a creamy concealer like Bobby Brown in Ivory to the inner corner of the eye.
  • Puffy eyes? Dab Christian Dior La Touch Eclat to disguise puffiness or shadows.
  • Use light eye-shadow colours on the eyelids only. They serve to open out the eye area.
  • Define your eyelashes with a defining mascara. Go for a brown, it will look like you?re not wearing any and it widens the eyes.
  • Give definition to the eyebrows with eyebrow shadow and a brush rather than a pencil. Use a shade that matches your hair colour. A brush is better than a pencil because it gives a more natural finish.
  • Prescriptives face powder swept all-over the face will take away any shine and they can prescribe a colour just right for your skin.
  • Guerlain Terracotta Bronzer (our favourite product) both highlights and creates definition on the face. For extra colour, sweep something across the collarbone in summer.
  • Outline your lips in a bronze, brown colour. Try Aveda?s pencils. They are great for cheeks too. Use the same pencil for across the top of the eyelid.
  • Gloss. Pat some M.A.C lip-gloss in the middle of the bottom lip and press lips together. It will give the illusion of a) having bigger lips, and b) you?ll look like the annoying girl not wearing any make-up.
  • And most importantly. Keep all the colours you choose warm and earthy and avoid frosty, pastel or anything on the orange side of things. Go for deeper shades and remember, when going for a natural beauty look, less is definitely more.

    Hot Tip: A good way to enhance your natural make-up is to cover your body in an oil-based body lotion. Not only will you end up with extremely supple and well-moisturised skin, but also emanate that exotic urban chic hippy smell. The fact that you smell so natural will fool them. Aveda?s Motivation Body Lotion is our choice. Saturated in goodness with the scent of sandal wood creeping through. Try also Michael Kors Leg Shine if your legs are exposed for a heady hit of gardenias.One Black Dress

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