Throwback Thursday: Create A Killer Cleavage

 Feb 13, 2012Did you know you can use bronzer to create the illusion of super sexy cleavage? One of our favourite mineral makeup brands Nude by Nature shows us how to get the look in three easy steps.1. Apply Nude Mineral Bronzer down the middle of your chest between your breasts, blending upwards to create a V-shape along your natural curve.

2. Now brush a small quantity of the Nude luminous light-reflective Mineral Finishing Veil onto the top half of your breasts and blend. Blend thoroughly with your Kabuki brush.

3. Keep checking the mirror while you are applying to ensure even shading, add more to increase the contrast and definition to your ultimate cleavage. Make sure the colour is blended into your neck and shoulders so it looks natural.

How To Make the Switch to Natural Skincare

Thinking of ditching the nasties and switching to natural skincare? There are so many natural beauty products out there, it can often be intimidating finding the right natural and organic products for you. Irene Falcone, founder of toxin-free beauty site Nourished Life, shares her 5 natural beauty tips to have you glowing in no time.

 1. Start multi-tasking
Find one great, all natural multi-tasking product to replace 3-4 of your old products. I love the Egyptian Magic all-purpose skin cream, the 100% Pure Lip & Cheek tints and La Mav Organic SPF 15 BB Cream.  This is a great way to not only update your skincare routine, but it will also de-clutter your beauty drawer.


2. Choose products that keep working throughout the day
Look for skincare and makeup packed with natural antioxidants to help continually fight the free radicals we’re all constantly exposed to. The Luk Beautifood Lip Nourish range is packed with powerful antioxidants derived straight from fruit and vegetables (and is completely edible!).


3. Simplify your nighttime skincare routine
Switching to a potent natural facial oil. Pure but simple organic face oils such as Rosehip and Argan can literally transform your skin while you sleep. Good quality, natural rose hip oils contain a multitude of fatty acids and anti-oxidants which can improve the appearance of everything from wrinkles through to pigmentation (another great multi-tasking product) The Pai Organic Rosehip oil is like pure liquid gold.


4. Look for “100% Natural” or an Organic Certification logo
The great news here is that if a product carries an official certification logo, you know that it has been developed under strict guidelines and has undergone a high level of third party testing to ensure these guidelines are met. This is one of the easiest ways to filter out all those brands claiming to be natural with hidden nasties!

5. Hydrate your skin from the inside out by drinking lots of water
We hear it all the time, but this is one of the most cost-effective, simple ways to remove toxins, keep your complexion glowing and your body healthy.  If you find this hard to like me, invest in a beautiful glass water bottle with a built-in lemon reamer. The lemon juice makes the water easier to drink and adds an extra burst of real vitamin C.

Are you a fan of organic or natural skincare? Which products do you use? Tell us in the comments!

Beauty Tips for Women Who Can’t Be Bothered

I am not pretending I have better things to do with my time than pamper myself. I just don’t find a $200 intensive facial relaxing, because my mind drifts towards the money I would save if I had stayed home and picked my own pimples. I want to look gorgeous and do nothing about it, that’s all. When I meet women with beautiful skin, I ask them what their secret is and if it requires zero effort, I manage to integrate it into my bare-minimum beauty routine.

We spend most of our time over-washing our hair and it reacts by pumping out more oil, which is quickly stripped away by aggressive shampoos and skin cleansers. Do less. I haven’t washed my hair with shampoo for months. I rinse it with conditioner and it has never looked so good, but I have curly hair. Straight hair needs to be washed as the oil travels down the hair, but no more than once a week. Stop using flat-irons and don’t heat the curling wand so high it could brand cattle.

Don’t wash your face in the morning. Cleanse it at night and leave it alone in the morning. Your face might feel wonderful when it’s been scrubbed clean, but it damages the skin to strip it of natural oils twice a day. I got this piece of advice from Selma Hayek and she is not only smoking hot, but has access to better dermatologists than you or I do and better dermatologists give better advice.

Sleep on your back. You might rail against this one, ‘I can’t fall asleep on my back!’ Shut up. Rolling your body over is not that hard to do. If you sleep on your side, you might have noticed in the morning – wrinkles start on your face and travel all the way down to your décolletage. I met a woman who looked twenty years younger and she gave me this fantastic tip, requiring zero effort. You will get used to sleeping on your back. Tuck pillows under your knees if that is more comfortable.

Don’t drink too much alcohol. It really does hammer the skin.

The sun is not your friend. I remember watching a British comedy series when a character cried out, “I’m getting wrinkles around my eyes like an Australian woman!” Take Vitamin D, instead. Wear sunscreen and a hat. I wear a hat, scarf and driving gloves in the car. I have been told I look like a Korean Grandmother. I would wear a full face mask and body suit if I didn’t think it would scare people.

Try to drink at least a couple of glasses of water a day. If your urine looks like it has leaked from the rods of a nuclear reactor, you’re dehydrated. Drink herbal tea if water bores you too much.

Don’t pluck your eyebrows. Fashions will come and go, but eyebrows leave when they have been over-plucked and they don’t grow back. Trim them if you are worried you look mentally ill. Elderly women have to draw fake brows on and we think it’s something old people like to do. They do not. Imagine trying to hold your hand steady when you’ve got the shakes. They were gorgeous Mods once and over-plucked them. Eyebrows give your face youthfulness. If you have a monobrow, then you might want to pluck it but personally I think they look cool. Like Frida Kahlo.

Buy the softest toothbrush you can find. If you are too harsh on your gums, they get offended and recede. People don’t talk about their gum transplant and not because they don’t happen, but because they did it to themselves and the punishment was horrifying.

Black women age very well and the secret is they have been covered in butter and coconut-based moisturizers from the time they were born. Dry flakes of skin appear as an ash on their dark skin and hence, the constant moisturizing. Have you seen what Tina Turner looks like at 73? Moisturise.

Try to reduce sugar, pasta, bread and rice as much as you can. Just don’t tell anybody about it because no one wants to hear about what you’re not eating. Seriously, I’d rather listen to the dream you had last night.

The darker the vegetable – the better it is for you. Always reach for the darker vegetable when you’re shopping; the red onion; the cherry tomato; kale. Find a way to love the kale.

Put olive oil on anything you reasonably can. Occasionally, I’ll stop drizzling it on my salad and start drizzling it on my face and hair. Get into it. Wear a bib. The olive oil needs to be fresh and have a green tint. Preferably local, as olive oils from Italy and Spain vary so much in quality. You will know when you taste the real thing because it stings the back of your throat and makes you want to cough. A single cough olive oil is very good. A two-cough olive oil is even better.

And let me know what your beauty secrets are requiring zero effort. Because there is always room to add something new, when you’re putting zero effort in.

What are your beauty tips for real women? Tell us in the comments!

Vivienne Walshe is an Australian playwright and screenwriter. Her plays have been highly awarded and published by Currency Press. As an actress she appeared on The Secret Life of Us and many other television shows and performed in plays at the Melbourne Theatre company, Sydney Theatre company and Queensland Theatre company. 

Get The Look: Polished Natural Makeup at NYFW

One of our favourite makeup looks at New York Fashion Week is the glowing, natural makeup at BCBGMAXAZRIA, the perfect makeup for the office and days when you want to look polished but not overly made up.

Celebrity makeup artist Val Garland shares the products she used to create what she calls a “veil of perfection” with spotless, sunkissed skin and that your-lips-but-better nude finish on the lips.


Marc Jacobs Beauty Genius Gel Super-Charged Foundation
Marc Jacobs Beauty Perfection Powder Featherweight Foundation
Marc Jacobs Beauty O!Mega Bronze Perfect Tan in Tantric
Jose Maran Argan Illuminizer


Marc Jacobs Beauty O!Mega Bronze Perfect Tan in Tantric
tarte EmphasEYES Inner Rim Brightener
Buxom Sculpted Lash Mascara in True Black


Sephora Collection Retractable Waterproof Lip Liner in 01 Nude
Hourglass Femme Nude Lip Stylo in Nude No 5

What makeup products do you use to achieve that natural makeup look?

Natural Beauty Care

We all know the type. She could be your best friends older sister or maybe she?s the girl who lived next-door from you when you were a kid. She looks great first thing in the morning, still looks great at lunchtime and when she goes out at night, she positively glows in nothing but a pair of faded Earl jeans and a white T-shirt. It?s easy to dislike her. Her hair looks like she doesn?t dye it and her face? She doesn?t even look like she?s wearing any make-up. How can this be? Well look more closely because there is a trick to that. Here?s the how to on becoming an overnight natural beauty. Beware though? they might start to dislike you for it.Getting natural with it

  • Apply a creamy concealer like Bobby Brown in Ivory to the inner corner of the eye.
  • Puffy eyes? Dab Christian Dior La Touch Eclat to disguise puffiness or shadows.
  • Use light eye-shadow colours on the eyelids only. They serve to open out the eye area.
  • Define your eyelashes with a defining mascara. Go for a brown, it will look like you?re not wearing any and it widens the eyes.
  • Give definition to the eyebrows with eyebrow shadow and a brush rather than a pencil. Use a shade that matches your hair colour. A brush is better than a pencil because it gives a more natural finish.
  • Prescriptives face powder swept all-over the face will take away any shine and they can prescribe a colour just right for your skin.
  • Guerlain Terracotta Bronzer (our favourite product) both highlights and creates definition on the face. For extra colour, sweep something across the collarbone in summer.
  • Outline your lips in a bronze, brown colour. Try Aveda?s pencils. They are great for cheeks too. Use the same pencil for across the top of the eyelid.
  • Gloss. Pat some M.A.C lip-gloss in the middle of the bottom lip and press lips together. It will give the illusion of a) having bigger lips, and b) you?ll look like the annoying girl not wearing any make-up.
  • And most importantly. Keep all the colours you choose warm and earthy and avoid frosty, pastel or anything on the orange side of things. Go for deeper shades and remember, when going for a natural beauty look, less is definitely more.

    Hot Tip: A good way to enhance your natural make-up is to cover your body in an oil-based body lotion. Not only will you end up with extremely supple and well-moisturised skin, but also emanate that exotic urban chic hippy smell. The fact that you smell so natural will fool them. Aveda?s Motivation Body Lotion is our choice. Saturated in goodness with the scent of sandal wood creeping through. Try also Michael Kors Leg Shine if your legs are exposed for a heady hit of gardenias.One Black Dress

    Each season there?s always one that catches our eye. This season it is at Witchery. Spaghetti straps, lycra with rouched sides?need we say more? Dress it up with gold or silver stilettos or way way down with leather sandals, Dr Scholls or slides. ($159)