Surprise! Ryan Gosling And Eva Mendes Have A New Baby!

This may just be the most stealth birth in celeb history.

May 10, 2016

5 Winter Baby Must-Haves

Caring for your toddler or newborn this winter is easier than ever with a number of skincare items available from the pharmacy to the supermarket. We have hand-picked some of our favourites to treat your baby’s skin and keep it hydrated over the next three months of winter weather.

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Milk Baby Shampoozle & Conditioner, $14.25

This is a very special cause as $1 from every 375ml bottle of Milk Baby Bath Time Wash and Milk Baby Shampoozle & Conditioner purchased at Coles and Woolworths nationally or online will be donated to Brainwave Australia for the month of June. Brainwave is the only online charity supporting the families of children with neurological conditions including cerebral palsy, epilepsy, tumours and acquired brain injuries.

5 Winter Baby Must-Haves

Gaia Skin Natural Baby Moisturiser, $10.99

Apply this lightweight and non-greasy moisturiser every morning and evening to ensure skin is hydrated during the winter. Use after a bath to lock-in moisture, or even for nappy rash.

5 Winter Baby Must-Haves

Little Innoscents Organic Baby Hair and Body Wash, $12.99

Treat your baby during bath time this luxurious 2-in-1 wash which is bursting with essential oils of spearmint, lavender and sweet orange.

5 Winter Baby Must-Haves

Jurlique Baby’s Soothing Bubble Bath, $25

Make bath time enjoyable with a soothing bubble bath that gently cleanses your baby’s delicate skin. The non-petrochemical formula comforts the skin without causing dry patches and is gently enough to use multiple times per week.

5 Winter Baby Must-Haves

MooGoo Scalp Cream, $17.95

If your baby suffers from cradle cap or extremely dry skin, use this on a daily basis to hydrate the area and to keep it from getting infected. It can also be used on skin which suffers from eczema, rosacea or sun-burn.

5 Winter Baby Must-Haves

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June 15, 2015

Introducing Your New Baby To Siblings

No matter how well you’ve prepared your older kids for the arrival of your new baby, you’re probably still nervous about the actual event. How are your older kids going to react? Will they like the baby? Will they know you still love them? If you’re wondering how to make this first encounter run smoothly, here are some things you can try.

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Prepare gifts

Encourage your children make some gifts for the baby before the birth. It will help them feel grown up and important, and ready for their new role as a big brother or sister. My children made a bead necklace for their new baby sister – not the most appropriate item for a new baby, but it was very cute and I still have it in my box where I keep precious memories. You can also prepare a gift from the baby to her older siblings.

Be available to greet your older children

Whether your children are coming to visit you at the hospital or you’re returning home with your new bundle, have your hands free to give cuddles and reassurance. Ask the person who’s bringing them to the hospital give you a call before they get there or have someone else carry the baby when you arrive home.

Get your older children involved

Let them hold the baby and bring you items you might need. Take lots of pictures with them and your new baby, but be careful that you have some pictures of just you and your newborn, too, or the baby might get upset once she grows up. We had to look through my daughter’s baby photos for a school project recently and she wanted a photo of the two of us together. No luck, she was either by herself in the picture or her older brother was always there!

Be prepared that your older children may get jealous and act out in the beginning, but they will soon come to accept and love their new baby brother or sister.

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March 16, 2015

Best Babymoon Destinations In Australia

The term ‘babymoon’ was first introduced a few years ago when travel agents started seeing an increase in couples who were getting away for some down time before their little ones arrived. Expectant couples who want one last child free holiday as well as those couples that want to reconnect, in order for them to become the best parents they can possibly be, are among the hundreds of people now taking a babymoon.

Whatever the reason is that you decide to take a babymoon, there are plenty of places that now cater for babymooners and even have package deals to suit. So, here are some of the best places in Australia to do it.

Peppers Guest House Hunter Valley

This stunning guest house is nestled in the Hunter Valley wine region, just a short two hours from Sydney and has recently been refurbished after being the first ever Peppers Retreat. Soak in the pool or spa then enjoy a calming massage at the De Vine Day Spa with massages especially suited to pregnant women. And although you may not be up to a game of tennis or bike riding you may instead enjoy a game of Boule on the grass or consider ordering a specially packed picnic hamper for your lunch.

The Byron at Byron Resort and Spa

This idyllic resort located next to Tallows Beach is set amongst tropical rainforest and offers a relaxed atmosphere, giving you and your partner the ideal place to unwind. The resort offers babymoon packages which include accommodation, breakfast, gift hampers and complimentary movies, not to mention the one hour massage for mum and dad and complimentary daily yoga.

Beach Club, Hamilton Island

This adult’s only oasis, located in the spectacular Whitsunday Islands is the perfect spot for your babymoon, should you have the budget to do it. The resorts sits on Catseye Beach and overlooks the Coral Sea in tranquil surroundings so you really can enjoy your last holiday completely child free. Relax in the infinity-edge pool, take that much needed snooze in a hammock on the private beach, or be pampered at the spa. If you feel like taking a light swim then make use of the complimentary snorkelling equipment or enjoy a secluded beachside dining experience for you and your partner.

Shanley’s Huon Valley, Tasmania

If you really want to get away from it all, then consider Shanley’s Huon Valley, a unique property located 50 minutes south of Hobart, built with romance and seclusion in mind. There is no pool, no health spa and no luxurious restaurant here, but there is an abundance of peace, tranquillity and panoramic views of the Tasmanian countryside. Within the mud-brick cottage you’ll find a sunken spa bath, wood heater, full kitchen, luxurious bath robes and the serenity to waste away your days.

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September 2, 2014

Fun Baby Announcement Ideas

For most people, when they find out they are expecting a child they can’t wait to shout it from the rooftops. Generally, there are numerous phone calls made and text messages sent to spread the happy news, but if you want to do something different and announce your pregnancy in a way that will be totally different from anyone else, consider these clever photo announcement ideas below. They’re sure to get a great reaction!

  • Quite simply place a bread roll in your oven and take a photo with it inside. Most people will understand the concept of ‘bun in the oven’.
  • If you already have a child and they are still in a cot, create a sign that reads: Eviction Notice – Please vacate within 27 weeks to make way for new tenant due in December 2014.  Stick the note to the side of the cot and include your toddler in the photo!
  • Tie a ribbon around your waist and belly then attach a tag to the ribbon that reads: Do not open until December 2014.
  • Take a photo of a pair of you and your partner’s shoes, along with a pair of baby booties.  Create a sign and sit it next to the shoes that reads: We are expanding our home by two feet.
  • Write ‘baby’ on your belly and write ‘beer’ on your partner’s belly.  Take a photo of the two of you standing side by side with your bellies out.
  • If you have a dog create a sign that reads: My mum and dad are getting me a human then sit it next to him or hang it around his neck.
  • Create a yellow diamond shaped road sign that reads: Bump Ahead and have your photo taken next to it.
  • Create a movie-style poster with a photo of you and your partner, your names at the top, the title ‘New Baby’ and then ‘Coming This December’ at the bottom of the poster.
  • If you already have a child, create a sign that reads: I’ve been promoted to big brother/big sister and take a photo of them with the sign.
  • Take a photo of you hanging some baby clothes on the washing line.
  • Have your partner pose on the floor as if he has fainted and put the positive pregnancy test near his hand.

How did you announce your news to your friends and family?  Share the ideas below!

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July 18, 2014

Introducing Your New Baby To Their Siblings

The arrival of a new baby can be one of the most exciting times in our lives, but for their siblings it can also be a time of uncertainty, jealousy and frustration.  The realisation that they won’t have your undivided attention anymore can be a hard concept to grasp for some children, especially if they are an only child and haven’t had to compete for attention in the past. So here are some tips to help make the transition a bit smoother.

Before the baby is born…

Organise sleeping arrangements prior to the birth

If your toddler is being moved to a bed so the new baby can sleep in the cot, make the transition as far in advance as possible so your toddler doesn’t feel as though they have been pushed out of their bed for the new baby.  It gives them time to adjust to the new sleeping arrangements before you also throw a new baby into the mix.

Take your children along to your appointments

Taking your children to see the baby on the ultrasound or hear their heartbeat can help your children to feel more included in the whole pregnancy experience.   You can try telling a child for hours about a new baby coming into your lives but until they actually see it for themselves on the scan it may not actually make sense to them.

Read books about new babies to your children

Books are a great way of explaining confusing situations to young children with simple words and pictures.  There are numerous children’s books which cover the topic of a new baby that can help your children to understand the situation a bit better.

Consider a new sibling class

A new sibling class can be a great way for your children to learn about the new baby that is soon to arrive and the impact it’s going to have on the family.   A lot of hospitals offer the class which teaches the children how to hold and care for a new baby as well as how to be a great big brother or sister.

Once the baby has arrived…

Offer gifts from the new baby

Arrange some small gifts from the new baby that can be given to your children.  Presents are generally well received by little ones so if you explain that the present is from the new baby it may help to ease the feelings of jealousy.  Your toddler might even like to buy something in return for the new baby.  Let them choose the gift and get them to wrap it up themselves.

Be prepared for tantrums

Once your new baby has arrived be prepared for your toddler to throw more tantrums than usual.  Having a newborn means you won’t be able to devote all of your time to the other children so it’s common for them to become frustrated.  You may also find that they are more demanding and they are clingier than usual.  These are all natural reactions to a new baby but they should slowly subside as your toddler adjusts to the new arrival.

Designate tasks to your children

Appointing your children to be in charge of certain things such as handing out the wipes at nappy change times, or choosing the baby’s clothes when it’s time to get changed makes them feel important and helps to ease the feelings of being left out.

But most of all, be patient.  A new arrival in the household can shake things up immensely and the time it takes to adjust to the changes is different for everyone. Good luck!

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By Karyn Miller

June 17, 2014