Weekend Wit: Yet Another Single New Year?

As the countdown to the new year begins, everyone is planning where they will be and who they will be with when the clock strikes twelve. Plenty of couples stay home together New Years Eve. They’ve had their single fun and as the years pass by they begin falling asleep before midnight, ignoring the traditions and just pass it off as yet another night in as the rest of the world celebrates.

For singles, though it’s something very different. It’s a magical night filled with possibilities. Not many singles sit home on New Years Eve. It’s usually the biggest night of the year because they’re all out there celebrating the start of the new year and what it has to offer. Will it be a new romance, a new job or new life? The passing of one year to the next is an opportunity singles don’t want to miss out on.

They also have that traditional New Years kiss lingering in the back of their mind. Will they miss out or will they find someone to kiss as the clock strikes midnight? Who will it be? Will it be Mr or Mrs Right they meet and kiss on this magical evening?

In reality, those who do land a hot steamy kiss on New Years Eve are usually plucked out of the crowd when other singles see they have no-one to lock lips with. This only happens because everyone has had way too much to drink and inhibitions suddenly disappear because it’s New Years Eve and kissing is expected.

Regretfully, it probably won’t be the magical experience of two strangers meeting, embracing and living happily ever after. No. It will be more like being grabbed by an intoxicated stranger and having their tongue shoved down ya throat!

You know the kisses I mean? The ones that are all tongue and no lips. It’s almost like the lips don’t connect at all as the tongue takes centre stage. In reality, the stranger is probably only an hour off of passing out and it’s like they are trying to get all the tongue action they are going to get all year, in that one sloppy New Year kiss. I’m not too sure what’s so magical about that, but plenty of singles are out there New Years Eve and this is what a large majority experience.

When you stop and think about it, it’s a bizarre phenomenon, this New Years Eve kissing thing. As the clock strikes midnight, french kissing in public is the norm, not the exception. Society dictates that adults and teens for that matter, should have their tongue twisting around in someone else’s mouth. Seriously, it’s one of those traditions which makes me wonder where on earth did this come from?

Was it a shy single who wanted to take advantage of flowing booze and high spirits? Maybe they thought it was the only way they’d actually land a kiss during the year; right smack bang when it starts. Was it some intoxicated stranger who kissed another intoxicated stranger on New Years Eve and started this?

No. Apparently it was the Romans. How many centuries ago was that?! Now those people were known for avid promiscuity because they weren’t only partaking in public kissing! It was more like a New Years Eve orgy and everyone got in on the act. Ha-ha, we think our society is sex oriented. Those randy Romans really knew how to welcome in the New Year with a bang!

It’s quite amusing how their ummm tradition, has made its way into our century in a much tamer fashion and continues to engage singles year after year. Even though they aren’t publicly shagging their way into the New Year like the Romans; there remains a certain magic of New Years Eve for singles. So, if you’re single on New Years Eve, enjoy the freedom, land that kiss and thank heaven and hell you aren’t an ancient Roman!

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December 28, 2014

10 Women Share Their New Year’s Resolutions

On 1 January 2014, I promised myself I would become an expert yoga practitioner over the coming year (or several). I promptly enrolled in a yoga class and bought my very own mat, which I immediately put in my car so I would have it with me whenever I felt the need to zen out. Almost a year later, that mat is still on my backseat, rolled up in its original packaging.

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Yes, life happened, work happened, I got lazy, blah blah blah… But was it ever going to work? If I was actually resolved to become a yogi, wouldn’t I have made a Right Now Resolution? At the risk of sounding like my mother: why put off ’til tomorrow what you can do today? Perhaps this is why it’s December and I still can’t do a downward facing dog.

But in the spirit of this totally futile tradition, I will make a 2015 resolution just because I can. This time, I asked 10 women to share their New Year’s resolutions in hope of finding some inspiration to kick start my motivation.

“My new year resolution – aside from the usual get fit, eat healthy etc. – is to find balance. I want to spend more time being happy with the simple things. I need to stress less and invest in being calm and spiritual.” – Jessica

 “To eat an oyster.” – EJ

“This year I need to save money, stop swearing and be less judgemental. Oh, and lose weight.” – Emily M

 “Learn how to say more than ‘una manzana’ in Spanish, do more yoga, read a book before the movie is released and try to cut back on my 3pm Nutella time.” – Oleta

 “Remind myself how lucky I am, everyday.” – Elise

“I would like to work more structured hours, have better daily routines and try new things more often.” – Elizabeth

“Eat less Dominoes and try not to get so hangry.” – Rebecca
Note: Hangry=hungry+angry

“In 2015, I want to tick a few off my bucket list: See the Great Barrier Reef,  swim in the Mediterranean, go horse riding in Turkey.” – Jacqueline

“I’m going back to university, so I need to save money!” – Emily D

“Keep my indoor plant alive.” – Amy

What is your resolution for 2015? Tell us in the comment section, below. 

December 27, 2014