Best Gifts For A Baby Shower

Buying a gift for a newborn child isn’t always as simple as you think. The most common gifts include onesies, rattles, stuffed toys and bedding all of which the impending parents-to-be have already taken care of themselves. But exactly what else is there? Below are some not-so-common gift ideas which won’t be re-gifted or left sitting at the back of the closet.

HALO Sleepsack Swaddle, $28.95

Made from 100% cotton, these innovative gifts are available in a variety of colours and styles which will suit your baby regardless of their age. The SleepSack Swaddle aims to replace blankets, and is designed to keep your baby tucked in and comfortable throughout their naps without fear of preventing the startle reflex.

Winnie The Pooh Starry Night Universal Change Pad, $29.99

This foam change pad is a great gift for parents since it fits into a variety of change tables. Easy to wash and equipped with a vinyl cover you can throw into the washing machine, it is a cheap and cheerful gift which is practical and will be used every single day.

Childcare 4 in 1 Travel Cot, $159.99

Perfect to use for a newborn from the moment they’re back home from the hospital, the easy to assemble cot is convenient to use if you’re constantly on the go or choose to have the baby by your side. Featuring a bassinet changer, wheels for easy movement and pockets for storage, it is a great gift if you’re looking to splurge.

Philips AVENT Microwave Steriliser, $55.99

Holds up to four bottles and provides easy sterilisation for up to 24 hours. Compact enough to pop into a bag if you’re travelling, and comes with a lid for easy storage.

Choose gifts which can be used immediately after coming home from the hospital, and communicate with parents to find gifts which are suitable to buy for newborns. Bibs, bottles and face washers are also fantastic gifts which make the transition for parents with newborns much easier to deal with.

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By Felicia Sapountzis


June 18, 2014

Your Newborn Checklist – Do You Have Everything You Need?

If you’re in the last weeks of pregnancy, you probably already have your hospital bag packed and ready to grab when you go into labour, but what about the things you’ll need when you bring the little one home? It’s easy to forget some of the new-baby essentials, so here’s our checklist of the most important newborn necessities.


What you’ll need depends on the season, because if you buy baby a sweater in the summer, it will be outgrown by the time cold weather comes around! There are certain items of clothing that all babies need, like undershirts and onesies. Have plenty of these, because you’re going to need them.

Baby will also need a few nightgowns and stretchy sleepers, preferably ones with zippers. You’ll also want to stock up on pants, hats and socks or booties. A newborn also needs a couple of pairs of “scratch mittens” to keep him from scratching his face with his tiny nails.

For a winter baby, you’ll need cold weather gear like sweaters or jackets, a bunting bag or snowsuit. Be sure to stock up on laundry detergent that’s safe for infants, because you’ll be using a lot of it. Dress-up outfits are optional, but they’re so cute you probably can’t resist buying a few!


These take a beating, so have at least three large cotton blankets on hand. You’ll also need about eight receiving blankets that can double as burp clothes.


If you’re going to use disposable nappies, you should have two boxes in the newborn size. Don’t buy too many at once, just in case the baby is born too large for that size or outgrows them quickly. Other items you’ll need are a nappy pail, changing pad, ointment or cream for nappy rash and washcloths or disposable wipes.

If you’re going with reusable cloth diapers, buy at least four or five dozen, plus a few waterproof covers and snaps or safety pins to keep the nappies in place. You’ll also need the pail, pad, etc., mentioned above.

Bath and bedtime

For bathing baby, you’ll need an infant tub, washcloths, baby soap, a baby hairbrush and several hooded bath towels. For baby’s crib and mattress, get a few fitted crib sheets, waterproof mattress covers and light blankets.

Don’t forget these!

Two of the biggest newborn must-have items for your checklist are an approved car safety seat and a stroller. Other useful things to have are baby nail scissors, a bulb syringe, a thermometer and an eyedropper. You’ll also need a diaper bag to carry all of your baby stuff around in!

There are other things you can pick up after baby arrives, but as long as you have everything on the newborn checklist, you and baby should be all set for his first few weeks at home! Relax knowing you have everything you need for newborns—at least for now.

August 2, 2013