Silent Desires (contd)

“Couldn’t have that,” she murmured. She swung her arm around his neck, this time taking him in a kiss that she controlled. Her hands stroked his body, slipping under his T-shirt to stroke his chest, roaming around his back and then down to cup his ass. She was wild and determined and knew exactly what she wanted, and her touch turned Bryce on even more than he already was.

“Joan,” he said, the one word both a demand and a plea. He pressed her back against the pillar, his free hand groping on the counter for his wallet. He found it, then fumbled for a condom as she shifted against him, her soft movements as demanding as words. He slipped it on, then moved closer, lifting her skirt with one hand as he grabbed the band of her panties with the other. He started to tug them down, but she shook her head.

“Rip them, ” she demanded. And when he did, she arched her back, her nipples hard against the soft folds of her dress, her expression one of pure delight.

Right then, Bryce knew he couldn’t take it any more. He pushed closer, the top of his erection pressing against her and his hips moving in a sensual rhythm. But it wasn’t enough. And with one bold movement, he clutched her waist and lifter her, then pulled her down onto his rock-hard shaft.

She moaned, an erotic sound of pure pleasure and arched her back. With her legs, she grabbed hold, locking her ankles behind him as she clutched him around the neck.

Her eyes were closed while she rode him, but Bryce kept his eyes open, wanting to see her face, wanting to watch as her body took him in and as she pushed toward the edge.

He lifted her easily, thrusting her down in a practiced rhythm, impaling her on him, every motion designed to bring her – and him – right to the cusp and over. Her teeth grazed her lips, her eyes glazed with passion. And through it all, he watched her, the flush on her cheeks, the erotic curve of her neck, the delicate line of her collar. But there was nothing delicate about her movements. She matched him thrust for thrust, lifting her body and then slamming back down as the pressure built and built in both of them.

He was close, so very close, but he fought release, wanting to come with her, to feel her body tighten around him and milk him dry. He closed his eyes, fighting the sensations.

But then she gasped and that was all it took. He was lost, unable to hold back any longer. And when his release came, wave after wave of delirious pleasure, it was so strong it almost knocked him off his feet.4 Blaze titles are released every month and are available at retail stores, newsagents and selected bookstores. Each title retails for $6.95.