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The modern office bathroom has become a place for things to be said and done that would never be uttered beyond its walls.

21 Struggles Anyone Who’s Sat Through A BS Work Meeting Understands

Gouging my eyes out with ice picks is more appealing than another minute of this Powerpoint.

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3 Office-Friendly Hairstyles For Long Hair

Having long hair can be difficult to tame on the best of days, so creating a go-to hairstyle for work should be effective and time efficient. Put away hair straighteners, curlers and simply roll out of bed and try one of our top three hairstyles for long hair.

Donut bun

A more sophisticated way of wearing your hair in a high bun, without the fear that your hair will distract you or fall into your face during the day. The foundation of this hairstyle requires you to use a donut bun, or sock which is circular and hollow in the middle. This is a chic look for the office or a night out.

  1. Firstly brush your hair so it’s free from any knots, then put it all behind your shoulders. Tie into a low or high ponytail, depending on where you want the bun to sit, or where is most comfortable.
  2. Take the donut bun, and put it through your hair.
  3. Try to cover the donut bun with your hair, and then tuck it in so no strands are visible. Pin any loose strands of hair with bobby pins if they don’t fit into the donut bun.
  4. Remember to pick a bun which is the same shade as your hair, so it doesn’t stick out if your hair moves out of place during the day.

Side ponytail

A side swept low ponytail is perfect if you’re short on time. Simply let your layers or bangs out, tie hair loosely and position to your preferred side. This is a great look if you have naturally curly hair since it gives the hairstyle body. Some hairspray would be ideal to hold the entire look together all day long.

The pouf

If you choose to wear your hair down for the day, try incorporating the pouf to give the hair some amazing volume. This look only requires a few bobby pins, hair spray and playing around with the hair until you find what suits you.

  1. Take the top strands of your hair into a half-up, half-down hairstyle and spray with some sea salt.
  2. Pin back these strands of hair, and create volume by teasing at the roots if you have the extra time. If not, simply use hair spray for some faux volume and let your layers out at the sides for a fun look that works just as well for the office.

Image via Obiter-Dicta

By Felicia Sapountzis

How to Be a Master Mingler?

Does the thought of an evening stuck with some of your work mates leave you in a less-than-happy mood? Have no fear we have some tips to ease your pain:
When you arrive: scan the room for the party layout. That way, you can excuse yourself from the conversation (to refill a drink, use the bathrooms etc) without breaking eye contact. One of the best things an old boss told me was that “wandering eyes make someone feel you are bored.
“The best conversation is by starting it yourself. Even if you are nervous saying something will break the ice for both parties. Think about something you have read in the paper be interesting and well read.Keep the flirty tipsy boss at bay by locking your elbow when shaking hands. You’ll send him a polite but firm message about your personal space and let him know that he doesn’t need to plant a sloppy fat one on your pretty face.

Don’t feel bad about ending a conversation. The best way to do this is to say, “it’s been so much fun talking to you – but I don’t want to monopolise your time. Then Fa-la-la your way over to the bar to order a quick drink.

See, ya did it!

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