How To Add Colour To Your Wardrobe

Creating a colour-filled wardrobe can feel more difficult than it seems; monochrome staples in grey, white, and black can match almost any outfit, but other bright colours are often more of a statement piece.

Rather than carving out a wardrobe consisting of different shades of black, follow our list to add some colour in your life.

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Wear White

If you’re used to a darker palette of clothing, then white might seem a little too much for you. Incorporating a few key white pieces into your wardrobe can help you get over this stigma, and enjoy the colour instead. Basic white t-shirts, blouses, skirts, and trousers are all great pieces to invest into since they can be worn both casually and on a night out.

How To Add Colour To Your Wardrobe


Sometimes avoiding basic black skinny jeans is the best way to make the transition into colour. Choose a light charcoal or navy blue to start off, and this will help to ease you into more colour. These jeans will act like a stand out piece of your outfit, especially when paired with other neutrals.

How To Add Colour To Your Wardrobe

Double denim

Once considered a bad faux pas, double denim has had a fashionable makeover in the last few years. It is such an easy way to inject a bit of colour into your everyday clothing, without feeling too much out of your comfort zone.

How To Add Colour To Your Wardrobe


Choose shirts and jackets which feature trendy patterns to subside any fears about wearing colour. Houndstooth, checkered, and geometric prints are all fashionable ways to wear almost any piece of clothing. Start with something simple like a scarf with a toned down outfit.

How To Add Colour To Your Wardrobe


Let your accessories do the talking, and pick up some statement pieces such as a necklace or dainty bracelet. You will get some much wear out of these pieces, and they won’t be restricted to just one type of dress code.

How To Add Colour To Your Wardrobe

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August 25, 2015

Olivia Palermo’s Braided Hair Tutorial

We all know that Olivia Palermo has some of the best hair in Hollywood, but her new style just in time for summer has us all swooning!

The classic French braid is perfect for those warm summer nights, a must-have for hiding greasy hair, and is ideal for windy weather. Use some of our favourite products below to create this easy look, just like Olivia.

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1. Comb through the hair, then run some hair mousse focusing on your roots. This is essential for taming any flyaways, and will keep the style in place all day long.

Olivia Palermo's Braided Hair Tutorial

Senscience Volume Boost Intensif Firm Hold Mousse, $32.95

2. If your hair is damp, use a light serum on the ends. Not only will it make them look super-shiny, but will actually be easier to braid.

Olivia Palermo's Braided Hair Tutorial

Moroccan Oil Original Treatment 125ml, $49.50

3. Start a braid at the very top of your scalp, but dividing hair into 3 even sections. As the braid gets bigger, you will need more hair to continue it down to the nape of the neck. If you need a little help with this step, use a small, hand-held mirror to see what you’re doing.

Olivia Palermo's Braided Hair Tutorial

Mia Smooth Elastic Blond, $9.85

4. Secure the braid with a thin elastic at the end. If you want more of a lived-in look, pull at the length of the braid. To create more drama at the roots, tease hair outwards, then mist with setting spray.

Olivia Palermo's Braided Hair Tutorial

L’Oreal Professional Tecni Art Pli, $20

Image via Zimbio

May 13, 2015

5 Stylish Haircuts For Thin Hair

Whether you’re losing some of your hair, or simply require a complete makeover for the new year, then our guide is a must-have.

You will learn to love your thin hair with these flattering hairstyles which are perfect for all faces, and are also really easy to maintain. All you need is a good set of curling irons, a few layers, and a bunch of dry shampoo!


Try to give your hair some body and bounce by incorporating a few curls. Even if hair is completely straight, create some much-needed texture with a curling wand, sea salt spray, and even leaving hair in a braid overnight. A side part keeps the entire hairstyle looking modern and fresh, whilst creating the illusion of thicker hair.

5 Stylish Haircuts For Thin Hair

Blunt ends

If you feel like your is thinning out, choose a short bob with a blunt cut. A hairstyle like this frames the face, and takes the focus away from thin ends. Use a dry shampoo on clean hair to create some volume around the crown and through your bangs.

5 Stylish Haircuts For Thin Hair

Long bob

Inspired by one of our favourite socialites, Olivia Palermo, the long bob ‘lob’ is ideal for women who want to flirt with the idea of a shorter hairstyle. Wispy layers make the hair appear thick and full, especially when combined with a subtle side fringe.



Add a few stylish highlights to thin hair which will contour your face. Work with your hairdresser to create the illusion of light and depth in long hair without going in for the chop! It’s all about tricking the eye, and chiseling the face through the use of strategic layers.

5 Stylish Haircuts For Thin Hair


A super-short hairstyle which is layered from top to bottom is another great alternative for thin hair. Pair with a wispy front fringe and this look perfect for any occasion!

5 Stylish Haircuts For Thin Hair

What are some of your favourite hairstyles for thin hair?

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January 21, 2015

Top 5 Celebrity Weddings of 2014

As we near the end of 2014, it is important to reflect on what we have learned, what has brought us joy… and which celebrity had the most outrageous nuptials! The celebrity wedding is an alien event that reminds us of our limited financial means, and that beautiful people marry other beautiful people – usually atop a European vineyard or Caribbean beach resort. I now pronounce this year’s top 5 celebrity weddings.

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Kaley Cuoco and Ryan Sweeting

Sure, this wasn’t the most anticipated union, but the hype arrived after the nuptials at the first glimpse of Cuoco’s pretty pink wedding dress! Non-traditional wedding gowns are hot right now, but this particular number fuelled the candy-colored dreams of girly-girls everywhere.

Kaley and Ryan

Olivia Palermo and Josef Huebl

The wedding of this sartorial queen was long-awaited by aspiring fashionistas, and Palermo delivered with an unexpected, but naturally gorgeous sweater and skirt combo! Equally surprising was her choice of hairstyle – a ponytail! This wedding gave new meaning to understated elegance. Oh, and for those who weren’t aware of Josef Huebl, you certainly are now.

Olivia and Josef

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

She is the face and booty of a reality TV empire. He the king of his own universe and once told a reporter his greatest pain in life was not being able to see himself perform live. They are both attractive, cashed-up… and suffering from an inflated sense of importance. So of course we couldn’t look away when they tied the knot in May. Well that, and their adorable (albeit oddly-named) child. This one is for you, North West!


Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt

Did you ever dream of running away and joining the Brady Bunch? I imagine this is how millenials feel about the Jolie-Pitt clan. This year, the most attractive and adored couple in tinsel town finally secured their family circle with a secret wedding in Southern France. Not only did Brad and Ange’s brood hand-decorate mum’s dress, they also had a hand at making the cake, writing the vows, and crafting the ring cushions. Naw!

Brad and Angelina

Amal Alamuddin and George Clooney

Remember the white pants? The large hat? The Oscar De La Renta gown? How could you forget the day Hollywood’s most notorious bachelor finally tied the knot with the world’s most beautiful and accomplished human rights goddess? We all stopped work to witness the four-day Venetian extravaganza, watching in awe of Amal’s exceedingly wonderful wardrobe, and waiting to see if George would flee at the altar. He didn’t.

George and Amal

Images via E Online, Daily Mail UK, beautyandweddingtips.com, thefashionisto.com, People

November 27, 2014

How To Style Leopard Print

While leopard print may be a no-go zone especially if you’re into the monochrome look, it’s actually really easy to incorporate into your own personal style if you want to embrace prints. We’re not suggesting that you have to coordinate your entire outfit with your shoes, bag, and even nails – but just one statement piece is enough to safely embrace this trend.

If you’re still curious, here are just a few simple ways to wear leopard print and still keep your own style.

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The best way to make your leopard print item pop is by pairing it with other basics. This look by Julia Restoin Roitfeld is perfect since all the other items are relatively subdued, and the dress is unique since it’s quite sheer.

A classic black, tailored blazer always brings a level of sophistication to a cheeky night-time ensemble.

How To Style Leopard Print


No one can carry off leopard print quite like Olivia Palermo, and this is a way to wear your item on a day-to-day basis. Pair with other basics such as a great fitting white or black shirt, denim cut-off’s and neutral flats for a stylish look.

How To Style Leopard Print


Spice up your look by choosing a pair of statement sneakers to wear on a casual basis. Make sure the fit is amazing, and take into consideration whether you want to wear socks with them, or go sock-less! Wear with denim jeans or leather pants for a classic model off-duty vibe.

How To Style Leopard Print


Wear a leopard print blouse with skinny black jeans or tucked into an A-line skirt for a glamourous look for day or night. Make sure the fit suits your body shape – and roll up your sleeves if you want to show some extra skin!

How To Style Leopard Print


Nothing beats a summer sandal, and leopard print is just magical when paired with a fresh summer glow. Accessorise your nail polish to suit with your sandals (black and white is always a winner), and keep your heels silky-soft by regularly exfoliating.

How To Style Leopard Print

How would you wear leopard print?

Images via Daily Mail, Smokey Eye, Tash Sefton, The Collective

November 12, 2014

Get The Look: Olivia Palermo’s Bouncy Locks

There’s no doubt that Olivia Palermo has one of the best hairstyles in Hollywood. Not only does hair her look amazing, but it probably feels smooth and shiny as well! One of her most popular hairstyles was definitely the lob (growing out a long bob), since her ends were slightly highlighted and beautifully framed her face.

So what are you waiting for? If you have hair just like Olivia’s and want to create a glossy hairstyle without making your hair look super-straight, follow these steps!

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1. Start with hair that has been freshly washed and air-dried. This will give you the ability to work with the natural texture of your own hair, and really tease-out those natural curls.

2. If your hair takes most of the morning to dry, use a hairdryer on a low temperature, and lightly work your way from root to tip.

3. By now your hair should be completely dry, and it’s time to tame those flyaways! Apply a pea-sized amount of any coconut oil to your problem areas. Melt the coconut oil between your fingers, then lightly apply it onto the outside of your hair.

4. To create those enviable bouncy locks that Olivia is well-known for having, concentrate a generous amount of KMS California HAIRPLAY Makeover Spray, ($28.95) to the very ends of your hair. Not only will this make your hair stay in place all day, but it will create lots of texture as well – and won’t leave hair looking or feeling dry.

Image via Pinterest

October 24, 2014

Wedding Dress Ideas For The Unconventional Bride

Do you really want to stand out on your wedding day? It seems as though many celebrities are choosing new and interesting ways to dress-up for their wedding day, with Olivia Palermo wearing a sweater and maxi skirt to her own New York City nuptials with model, Johannes Huebl.

If you’re in need for some severe wedding dress inspiration, then you’ve certainly come to the right place! Below are just a few ideas which you can incorporate into your own wedding day.

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Short and sweet 

One of Rozalia Russian’s reception dresses was this beautiful embroidered gown by J’Aton Couture which featured a button detailing at the back. Keep your guests in awe by straying from the norm, and showing up in a beautiful short gown – especially if long dresses simply aren’t your thing!

Wedding Dress Ideas For The Unconventional BrideCasual sophistication

Now we’re not suggesting you have to wear a sweater to your own wedding, but take a little bit of inspiration from Olivia Palermo and mix some high and low products. Although the sweater was casual, the tulle bridal skirt and blue Manolo Blahnik shoes (an ode to Carrie Bradshaw) helped to carry the entire outfit. Also how sweet that she matched with her groom?

Wedding Dress Ideas For The Unconventional BrideClassic robe

Although Stone Fox Bride was only launched this year, it is fast making headlines throughout the world. Their simple designs are what attracts brides from all corners of the globe to choose this as their ultimate wedding dress.

You can’t really go past a classic wrap robe which features lace detailing and deep v-neck line.

Wedding Dress Ideas For The Unconventional BrideBlack dress

Actress Shenae Grimes taught us all how to make it work in a black and dark grey tulle dress by Vera Wang for her wedding day. The reason this style works? The dress is a classic shape, and is fitted extremely well for her body – it also matches the grooms three-piece suit! Shenae accessoried the dramatic dress with a bouquet of red flowers and a messy bun.

Wedding Dress Ideas For The Unconventional BrideWhat is your favourite style?

Images via Olivia Palermo, Rozalia Russian, Stone Cold Fox, Us Magazine

October 9, 2014

The Best Casual Date Outfits

So you’re going on a date. You may be having a picnic, heading to the cinema, or maybe brunch, and you want to wear what you wear everyday, only better, right? Of course, you should always wear what you feel most comfortable in, but if you’d like to take a load off, we’ve got you covered with these stylish looks.

Blue jeans + white shirt

In my opinion, this is the best outfit for every casual occasion. Whether you’re going for a coffee or to meet his family – you can’t go wrong with a white shirt and some denim.

Style Icon: Olivia Palermo

Olivia Palermo

Shop: Blouse – Zara ($69.90); Jeans – Topshop ($85)

zara topshop

Girly + grunge

Team a flirty, feminine, floral dress or skirt, with a leather or denim jacket and some ankle boots for an edge.

Style Icon: Miranda Kerr (See image at top – she’s got you covered for every occasion!)

Miranda Kerr

Shop: Dress – ASOS ($104.74); Leather-look jacket – H&M ($59.95)


The button-up, shirt dress

If it’s a beautiful day and you’re spending it outdoors – go with an easy-going midi, tea-length or maxi dress to look like the goddess you are.

Style Icon: We Wore What

we wore whatProcessed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Shop: Pixie Market ($69); ASOS ($76.17)

pixie marketASOS4


Images via modeandprerogative.blogspot/dailymail.co.uk/mirandakerrfashionstyle.tumblr/weworewhat.com

September 17, 2014

How To Style Clashing Prints

Often considered a fashion faux pas, clashing prints have been made trendy by the likes of fashionistas including Olivia Palermo and Elena Perminova. The rules are often simple: if the prints clash, then you surely have a killer-outfit which is definitely street style worthy. Peek our favourite ways to style clashing prints below!

First date

Choose an outfit which expresses your style, but is still appropriate for the venue. With spring just around the corner, style a fun and flirty skater-style skirt with a fitted blazer and thick high heels. Make sure the outfit is flattering on your body shape, and you can’t go wrong.

How To Style Clashing Prints


Dress a little bit low-key by wearing a pair of cropped trousers and a statement blouse together. This look is sophisticated because of the length of the pants, and nature of the blouse which are both classic pieces. Keep accessories monochromatic – so they won’t disrupt the nature of the entire look.

How To Style Clashing Prints


A sea-side look is simple to style since almost anything goes! A one piece bikini looks great when paired with a printed beach-bag, and funky playsuit. Keep hair simple and fresh, while adding a touch of colour to your cheeks.

How To Style Clashing Prints

Girls night

A classic girls night out calls for a maxi dress which you can choose to pair with a printed pair of sky-high heeled sandals. A red lip even works with this outfit, since the dress is fun and flirty without going over the top. Make sure to choose clothes which flatter your shape, and aren’t too big or too small for your frame.

How To Style Clashing Prints

Images via K is For Kani, Camilla, Broadway World

August 11, 2014

How To Get Perfect Brows

We love strong, well groomed eyebrows.  The perfect brow should frame your face and become the windows to your eyes! Sound hard to achieve? It’s really not, with some simple steps and the best jane iredale products to match, you will have impeccable brows in no time. 


You’ve got to start somewhere, so keep your brows fabulous with regular grooming appointments. Waxing and threading are great ways to pick up stray hairs and ensure a great shape for your brows, keeping the rest of the day-to-day work to a minimum. Ever thought about giving your brows a treatment to help build volume and thickness? A single coat of PureLash Lash Extender & Conditioner before you go to bed will do the trick.

Brush, trim and pluck often

To keep your brows nice and neat in between those beauty appointments, brush upwards and trim any long hairs using the bone of your top-brow as a guide. Be sure to pluck any stray hairs as they pop through, but don’t go overboard.

Even them out

Pick up light and fine hairs using a natural brow tint.  Fill in your brows (ever so slightly) using a brow kit or gel, evening out gaps and helping to create a smooth shape. The famous and coveted jane iredale Bitty Brow Kit includes all you need with two brushes, a spoolie (brow groomer), clear brow wax and a pigmented brow powder.  It’s a great take-anywhere kit and it even fits perfectly into your handbag!

Need a quick fix? The Purebrow Brow Gel tints and sets your brows. This brow mascara is pigment and designed to hide greys too! Some even use the brunette or auburn shades to touch-up their roots between hair appointments.

Encourage them to stay fabulous all day

You’ve got your brows in tip-top shape, but want to make sure they stay that way? Lock hairs in place with a clear brow gel to set, hold and define so they look spectacular all day. Purebrow Brow Fix & Mascara clear gel from jane iredale lets you comb and set your brows in seconds. Viola! Now you’re ready to put your best brows forward!

These makeup tips are brought to you by jane iredale Australia. For more information and inspiration visit us at https://janeiredale.com/au/ on Facebook at Jane Iredale Australia and on Instagram @janeiredale_australia.

May 16, 2014

Olivia Palermo’s Celebrity Style

We have serious fashion envy every time we see Olivia Palermo hit the streets. And with New York Fashion Week just around the corner, we’ve decided to take a look at this uptown it-girl’s best celebrity style looks from classic skinny jeans and blazers, to – and how you can steal her style for less.   

Statement jewellery
Olivia is a huge fan of statement jewellery – famous for her chunky necklaces bringing attention to her beautiful neck. But make sure you balance the outfit – a statement necklace only works if you’re wearing a simple tee, jumper or dress underneath to make it pop. Luckily there is fantastic costume jewellery at Sportsgirl and Topshop that look just as glam as Olivia’s.


Tailored blazer
Olivia loves finishing off an outfit with a blazer, whether it’s a floral summer dress or skinny jeans and a tee. It gives all her outfits that elegant and classy finish. Look for a basic fitted tailored blazer in black or white for less at Zara or Mango.


Skinny jeans
Olivia wears skinny jeans to every occasion: a day in the city, fashion week, parties, or at nights out with her gorgeous German supermodel-fiancé Johannes Huebl. Look for a pair of skinny jeans that are not too low on the waist and comfortable. Jeggings are a great alternative too.


White shirt
Olivia has taken the classic white shirt and reimagined it – whether she’s wearing it with jeans, shorts, tucked into maxi skirts or with a knee-length skirt, it always looks fresh and feminine. Add some bright statement jewellery and a colourful bag to complete the look. We love white shirtswith a little lycra stretch for a great fit (check out Witchery and David Lawrence), or borrow you’re boyfriend’s.


The Little Black Dress is a wardrobe staple, and to get one in true Olivia-style, think Audrey Hepburn in Sabrina – elegant, chic and timeless. Accessorise with simple jewellery and your favourite heels. Portmans and Seduce are a great place to pick up an LBD without the designer price tag.


Olivia is tiny so is often in sky-high heels, but even fashionistas need to be comfortable every now and then. And who said you can’t look stylish in flats? Swap your everyday ballerinas for loafers, which look fab with jeans, a relaxed shirt and sunglasses.


Every it-girl knows sunglasses are your best friend when out and about. Olivia often steps out in big-oversizes sunglasses to frame her heart-shapred face. Splurge on Dior or Tom Ford sunglasses – Olivia’s favourite labels for shades – an investment you’ll wear for years.

Do you love Olivia Palermo’s style?

February 7, 2014