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Is Tracking Down A One Night Stand Via Viral Video Too Far?

Have you ever had a one night stand, only to regretfully never exchange, or lose the deets of, the person afterwards?

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Well, one women has gone to extreme lengths to track down the man she spent a “beautiful night with” – and who is now her baby daddy – by putting a callout video online. “Today I am making this video because I need your help,” she says in the one-minute clip posted to her Facebook wall.

“Three months ago I went to Mooloolaba, I had an amazing time… On the last night we had a party, we went to O’Malley’s,” she continues before revealing that she met a “really cute guy.”

“It was love at first sight,” she explained.

Call out video

The brunette, known as Natalie Amyot, then goes on to reveal that 6 weeks after returning from Australia to her hometown of Paris, she found out she was pregnant. Now she’s returned to the Sunshine Coast to find the father of her unborn baby and with who she has no contact details for after losing her phone.

Sounds like a man’s worst nightmare, right? Many are calling it a hoax, however plenty of people have reached out to the women to offer their support. All but her one night stand, that is. So this raises the question: did she go too far in her quest?

Understandably, she couldn’t have comprehended the reach her video would get; she even acknowledged this in a Facebook post: “Please. I didn’t think it would be on the news,” however, is airing someone else’s dirty laundry to the world a breach of privacy? Or should the man be made to take responsibility for his actions, even if that means possible public humiliation?

If the baby daddy does own up, there’s much to be said about his character and we applaud his courage. It’s one thing to be told that you’re going to be a father after a night of seemingly harmless fun, but to have the whole world awaiting your reaction or lack thereof is damn confronting for anyone.

Perhaps what makes the situation even worse is that the women insists that the reason she came back is because she has no family of her own. Clearly terrified of her situation, she wrote on Facebook after the video went viral: “I’m shaking now I’m… crying now…what if he doesn’t want to see me now, maybe he is shy…am so lonely right now.”

The beauty of social media these days is that you can track anyone down, but at what cost does it come to both them and yourself? We can only hope that Natalie’s story comes with a happy ending, but it serves as yet another warning as to the impact social media is having on our lives.

Remain Detached: One Night Stand Means One Night Only

I am, surprisingly, an advocate of the one night stand. The story is always titillating; you’re at a bar/club/party and you’ve ended up with THE MOST EXTRAORDINARY LOOKING guy. He’s nice, he’s funny and he’s clearly after one thing.

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Maybe you’ve just come out of a relationship, maybe you haven’t done the horizontal tango in a while, or maybe you’re just bored. Either way, you end up back at his/your place and magical, mind-blowing, monumental sex occurs. You’ve confirmed you’re happy for it to be a one-time thing. And you’ve definitely said, probably multiple times (along with multiple something else): “Whatever, it’s just sex!”

Sounds perfect, in theory. You’ll probably be fine the next day. However, soon you start to think about him more than necessary. You wonder why he hasn’t texted you or friend requested you. Then you do the internal Mexican hat dance of whether to text him or friend him or not because it was just sex, but what if he’s thinking about you so maybe you should text him or call him or stalk his mutual friends – and voila! You’ve become emotionally attached to something that should be emotionally detached. The worst part is he’s actually doing nothing wrong. You fully agreed to a one-time, one-hit wonder of an evening, so why does it hurt so much when he doesn’t call?

Ladies, it’s not, in fact, your fault, at least not consciously. The reason is purely chemical. During sex, the brain releases oxytocin, or the “cuddle hormone,” which lowers the defences and increases trust. It’s designed to make partners bond. However, women release higher levels, and oestrogen tends to enhance the effects.

On the flip side, men also release dopamine, the “pleasure hormone.” This is a single hit of good feels, which, along with testosterone, tends to mute the effects of oxytocin. Therefore, men are primed to spread their seed elsewhere and continue populating the planet. By contrast, women are primed to nurture and protect their partner and potential offspring, hence those annoying feelings of lovey-ness.

In terms of procreation, this is great. However, if you’re a single girl who wants to get laid, it sucks. But there are ways of wading through this sea of hormones. Here are a few tricks that, coupled with a little self-discipline, will help:

1. Avoid one-nighters if you don’t think you can handle them.

I’ve noticed that some women just don’t have the constitution to handle one night stands, especially women under 25. If this is you, kiss him goodnight and leave him at the front door; it’s not worth the angst.

2. Remember WHY you did it.

If those post-coitus butterflies are starting, swat them away by reminding yourself of the situation. He was hot, you were drunk, he got lucky. That’s usually it. Remember?

3. Replay it again and again and AGAIN in your head.

This sounds counter-productive, but it works. It doesn’t matter how good the sex was; if you think about it constantly it will get boring. It’s like watching an episode of Friends 56 times in a row…eventually you’ll want to watch the next one.

4. Think of reasons why he’s un-dateable.

Too short, too tall, too old, too young, too boring, too loud, too immature, too busy, too lazy, too fond of absinthe, anything you can think of. NO EXCUSES. It doesn’t matter how perfect he seems, there’s ALWAYS something wrong. Find it.

5. Acknowledge your biology.

If pesky hormones really won’t leave you alone, research every little thing that goes on in the female brain during sex in minute detail. You’ll soon convince yourself that you’re simply a slave to your biology.

No matter how extraordinary the sex, no matter how delightful the toy-boy, just remember this: a one night stand means one night only!

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Weekend Wit: The Walk Of Shame

The dreaded walk of shame. This person has just snuck out of someone’s home, at 6 am, riddled with self doubt, confusion; possibly a snippet of self loathing. They have a chronic hangover and have little recollection of the previous night. All they know is, when they awoke, they felt a sickening shock at realising they weren’t alone. Who the hell is that? Where did they meet? OMG, what’s their name?

Their only tangible thought is to get the hell out of wherever they are right that second. They would make a dash for the door if they weren’t completely naked. There’s a high possibility they’re about to take an underwear-free walk. What they really need is their phone. Like many humans, life without their phone is an existence just not worth considering.

There’s no way they want to interact with this nameless stranger. Maybe if they leave quick enough, the stranger won’t even recall they were there. Yes, sounds like a plan. They begin creeping around the house, trying to be as quite as taking a poop in a public toilet; but, of course, the quieter they try to be, the louder they are and cringe each time they make a sound.

Heading back to the bedroom, they discover both of their phones sticking out from under the stranger’s pillow. WTF? Oh, no. Is there a recording of this experience? Instantaneously, a whole new level of shame is realised. Contemplating how to retain their dignity, they stand over the stranger and gently attempt to pry the phones from under the pillow. Bit by bit, they get closer to their claim and, after a good five minutes, they finally have both. Phew!

Walking into another room, attempting the password on the stranger’s phone, they think to themselves ‘this could take forever’. Should they steal the stranger’s phone, just in case? Maybe they could take it, have it wiped it clean and mail it back. Oh decisions, decisions!

Determined to sustain at least some level of their previous self respect, they decide to leave the phone and make the getaway. Hopefully, there’s another reason why the phones were under the pillow.

Semi-dressed, they make their way to the door. As anticipated, it will be an underwear-free walk. Opening the door as quietly as possible, they step out and just as they begin to close it gently behind them, a gust of wind comes past and slams it shut, like a nail being belted into a coffin. BANG! Run is their first instinctive thought.

So, rapidly, the underwear-free walk of shame becomes a sprint, which carries on for a block. By then they are totally spent because of all the alcohol they consumed the night before. Additionally, they receive a text. It’s 6 am, who’s texting at this time of the morning? This can’t be good.

Looking down at the name of the sender, they think for themselves ‘I don’t know anyone named…’ Oh, yes, they do. Yep, just as they suspected, it’s not good. That’s why the phones were under the pillow. They’d swapped numbers. The now-named stranger sent a text: “You left your keys”.

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How’s your sex life?

Men dream about sex with their best mate?s girlfriend, girls about lesbian sex, both agree the opposite sex just don?t get it when it comes to foreplay. That?s the bottom line according to the results of the recent Durex Global Sex Survey. In its sixth year, the survey was completed by over 50,000 people around the world.Here?s what was revealed?

People around the world are enjoying a busy love life, having sex an average of 139 times a year. And some countries are racing way ahead ? the French are the most amorous having sex 167 times a year followed by the Dutch (158) and the Danes (152). Australians fared well having sex on average 144 times per year. Lovers in Singapore (110) and Thailand (112) have sex the least.

Almost a quarter of people globally (24%) declared they would have sex within a month, and 17% said on the first night. Half the people said they had a one-night stand and men are more likely than women to have a fling, but only just (54% compared to 42% of women).

Australian women revealed they wanted more foreplay (42%) and wanted their lovers to be creative, gentle and slow down when making love. Boys think women lack creativeness and also wanted more foreplay. 13% of men also revealed they wanted their partner to talk less in bed.

The car is still the most popular place to have public sex for Australians (68%) followed by the beach (44%), in the park (39%) and in the bush (36%). 10% said they had sex in a telephone booth.

Norwegians are more likely to have sex on the first night (32%) but it doesn?t always last with 72% admitting to a one-night stand.

The Durex Global Sex Survey revealed that more than two thirds (68%) would reveal their sexual fantasies to their partner but are less likely to own up to an affair (47%).

More than 40% of Australian men fantasised about having sex with a best mate?s partner while half the Australian women surveyed admitted to fantasising about sex with another woman. Globally, the most popular fantasy is sex with a celebrity with 65% of people admitting they?ve thought about it.