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Online Dating Vs Traditional Dating

History tells us, that for as long as romantic relationships have existed, people have sought help in finding them. From centuries old arranged marriages and matchmaking clubs through to personal ads and well-intentioned-friend-orchestrated blind dates.

And more recently, yet unsurprisingly, modern technology has been enlisted as the new cupid.

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But with the internet‘s irruption into modern relationships, you have to wonder: has the internet changed the way we date, and is online dating better than traditional dating?

The answer to the first part of the question is simple, and relationship experts agree – the way we date has changed. Dramatically. No longer are we confined to love matches being sought from within our existing social or professional networks. No longer are we bound by geography to find our perfect match. The internet crashes through these barriers and opens a deeper pool of potential partners.

Not only has the internet broadened the love pool, but it has also changed the way in which we seek a partner.  We no longer rely on those who intimately know us to help select our other half. Instead, we place our romantic fate in the hands of computer systems and algorithms designed to monitor our dating behaviour and preferences.

And to a certain degree, with online dating, we no longer ‘choose our chase’ based purely on the physical, as we would when spotting a love interest across the room. Instead, online dating offers a brief snapshot into the life of another in the form of a profile, which at least initially allows us to connect on a more cerebral rather than physical level.

But with the many (seemingly beneficial) changes brought about by the internet, is online dating actually better than traditional dating?

On this, the jury is out. And the debate centres around communication, chemistry and commitment.

Communicating online is not always as straightforward as it seems, and sometimes, through lengthy emails and texts, a false intimacy between strangers can develop, leading to unrealistic love expectations.  The only way for online daters to really know if they will be good together, is to meet on a traditional date, face-to-face.

Which brings us to chemistry. With a slew of profiles on offer, the catalogue style of online dating can create a ‘shop around’ mentality. Many online dating websites allow the user to specify height, body shape, hair and even the eye colour of their potential mate, and it becomes tempting to by-pass any profiles that don’t meet your criteria. But chemistry is more complex than physicality alone, and if you were to meet on a more traditional date, perhaps the charms of a person would give you reason to take a second look.

Which brings us to commitment. The act of browsing large numbers of profiles can lead online daters to view each other less as people and more as one opportunity amongst the many, which in turn can reduce their willingness to commit. Simply put, we no longer take the time to get to know one another, especially when our next date is only a few profiles away.

So while the debate of online dating vs traditional dating plays on in the background of life, I offer my opinion. In your search for the good life, do both – use online dating as part of your overall approach to love. But remember, no romantic pen-pals! The ultimate goal is to take your dating offline.

I did, and so far so good. So very, very good.

Image via Pixabay.com

Dating And Social Media: Have We Gone Too Far?

I like social media as much as the next person. However, a while ago I had a conversation about it with my father that proved more enlightening than I planned. I was texting this guy, but kept putting my iPhone down for 15 minutes between messages. Dad noticed, and asked me why.

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“I don’t want to seem too keen,” I replied, not taking my eyes off the clock.

“I don’t get it; you like him, why don’t you call him?” Dad continued.

“Because that’s weird,” I answered, still glued to the time. Only 5 minutes to go.

“How is it weird to talk to someone you like?” the wise man asked, genuinely puzzled.

“Dad, that’s just what Generation Y does. It’s why I didn’t accept his friend request for 24 hours.”

“Oh come on! Why does your generation play these games?”

“Because…because we have to!” It was out of my mouth before I could stop it; even for me, this was a peculiar answer.

“I still don’t understand,” Dad persisted.

I thought for a moment. “Dad,” I began, “when you were dating, you had one means of communication; the home phone. You either called a person, or they called you, and if neither did then that was it. You never had to see them again. Nowadays, we have about 15 ways of contacting each other. If you don’t have a system to wade through it, you’re not going to survive! If my generation didn’t play games, we’d drown.”

Dad paused for a second. “Well…that’s a shame for you guys, isn’t it?” was his eventual reply.

“Yeah, no shit!” I agreed. The 5 minutes were up; I went back to texting. However, Dad had me thinking. I went over the different ways my friends/romantic liaisons and I communicated…I came up with texting, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Dubsmash, Bebo, Myspace, Tumblr, Tindr, Happn, Grindr, FaceTime, Skype, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google+, email, and the rarely used phone call.


It gets worse. Each method of communication implies a different level of enthusiasm/intimacy. A Facebook message is more personal than a wall post which is less personal than a text message which is less flirtatious than Snapchat or Dubsmash which is more hip than Bebo or Myspace which are less risky than Tindr or Grindr or Happn although those are more interesting than Tumblr or Pintrest or Google+… Have I missed any?!

How are we supposed to communicate if there are this many walls to break down? How can we be honest with each other if we’re constantly wearing masks? How can we truly get to know someone when our heavily Instagrammed Facebook profile pictures are often the first thing they see? We’re done before we’ve even begun.

Also, think of the future. Have you seen Generation Z trying to talk face-to-face? It’s like watching two monkeys discuss who has the biggest banana, but less entertaining. Who can blame them? They’ve had smartphones since they were 10, they barely handwrite in class anymore and an extraordinary amount of their schoolwork is online. OF COURSE they are now a generation of cyber junkies. As for the next generation, there’s no telling how low they’ll sink.

Unfortunately, I actually don’t have an all-encompassing solution. Perhaps if we swap one text message for a phone call every day. Or eat our meals before they get cold while we’re figuring out the best angle to take that foodie photo from. Or actually make the trip to our friend’s midnight cabaret in Darlinghurst instead of watching it on YouTube three weeks later. Either way, we need to do something, or the droids will finally rise up and take over. That, or we’ll have a social media induced zombie apocalypse.

Image via Askmen.com

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